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Chapter 442: Retaliation

In the morning, the Imperial City’s streets were crowded with people. No matter if it was out of curiosity, pity, or any other reasons, all of them rushed to the execution ground.

There were many imperial guards dressed in tight armor surrounding the execution ground.

Before Rong Jiu was even brought over, the surroundings were already filled with people and bustling noises.

“Pfft, didn’t this Third Prince earn many accolades a few years ago with the Northwest Army? His future was so bright! Who would’ve thought that he would suddenly become a criminal in the blink of an eye?”

“Accolades… He didn’t even leave the Imperial City in the past few months. Isn’t it obvious what the one above is thinking? I think the conviction is fake, but the execution is real!”

“But out of the remaining princes, the Third Prince is most suited to be the Crown Prince. Won’t it be too cruel to do this…?”

“What do we know about the things in the palace? Anyway, that person is still in his prime; he can afford to wait a few years. Also, the princes below will grow up, right?”

“It’s a pity that the Third Prince’s birth mother has already passed away and that he doesn’t have a good background. At this time, he doesn’t even have someone that can help him…”

The crowd was discussing eagerly, and they all held different views.

Everyone knew that everything was final at this point.

Time trickled past as the sun gradually rose in the sky.

Suddenly, the bustling crowd was silenced. The crowd dispersed toward two sides, leaving a path in the middle.

Everyone predicted something and looked over in unison.

A group of people on horses came toward here. The person right in front was the Si family head, Si Ye; he was clearly in charge of the execution today.

Compared to the past, Si Ye looked much more frail than before as his cheeks were deeply sunken, and his eyes were bloodshot. It was obvious that the recent happenings had taken a huge toll on him. After all, the Empress—Si Huijing—was his biological sister…

Just as he finished the Empress’s funeral, he had to come here. He didn’t even have any time to rest.

Si Ye walked forward step by step. He could clearly feel all sorts of strange gazes landing on him.

In actual fact, his body was also numb. Originally, he didn’t want to come, but His Majesty had given his orders. Thus, he had to obey.

A convict carriage slowly followed behind him.

Inside the metal cage was an unkempt man wearing convict clothes with his hands locked. That person was the Third Prince, Rong Jiu!

He was forced to kneel there as he hung his head low. His messy hair covered more than half of his face, but the crowd could still see his expression at this point.

Rong Jiu looked nonchalant and cold. There was even a strong aura around his body, which came from experiencing life and death on the battlefield.

In other words, they couldn’t see any hint of panic or disappointment.

Imperial guards tightly followed the convict carriage, but even with all those people added up, they didn’t have an aura that was comparable to Rong Jiu alone.

Probably influenced by some feelings, the places that the convict carriage passed by became quieter than ever.

The people standing in front had even instinctively taken a step back. For some reason, this Third Prince is pretty scary…

At the execution ground, Si Ye raised his hand, and the convict carriage stopped.

“Bring him over.”

With his command, the neighboring imperial guards immediately went forward and brought Rong Jiu out of the metal cage.

Two sharp swords were placed beside Rong Jiu’s neck as they forced him to walk toward the stage in the execution ground.

From start to end, Rong Jiu’s expression did not change. But when he stood still in the execution ground, he suddenly looked up and glanced at the palace. Mockery flashed across his eyes.

It looks like Father won’t change his mind. He’s determined to kill me today! Rong Jiu retracted his gaze, looked down, and hid the murderous intent in his eyes.

Actually, he didn’t want to do this, but he had no choice. However… he had experienced so many battles and life-and-death scenarios in exchange for such an outcome…

Anyone would be devastated at this point.

“Hurry up and kneel down!” yelled someone behind Rong Jiu in frustration as he kicked Rong Jiu’s knees.

However, Rong Jiu did not kneel down. His physical body was like a metal board.

Seeing that Rong Jiu did not kneel down as he wished, the man who kicked him was shocked.

Rong Jiu slowly turned around and glanced at him.

That man suddenly felt guilty and afraid for some reason. Then, he knitted his brows and hollered, “What are you looking at? Do you think you’re the high and mighty Third Prince?!”

You’re just a convict that’s on the deathbed! How dare you be so arrogant?

“Kneel down!” That man gave the person beside him a look as both of them used strength.

The two longswords instantly cut through Rong Jiu’s skin and flesh, causing red blood to ooze out slowly.

The last bit of hesitation in Rong Jiu’s heart disappeared. He bent his knees slightly and looked like he was really going to kneel.

But the next moment, he suddenly jumped out and kicked at the two people closest to him.

As he acted too quickly, the duo didn’t even have time to react as they flew backward from Rong Jiu’s kick.

Si Ye suddenly realized something and hollered, “Catch him!”

Rong Jiu actually wants to escape!

At this point, the surrounding crowd reacted and collectively rushed forward!

A large figure suddenly appeared above Rong Jiu’s head.

Si Ye looked over and was stunned. It’s actually a fourth-grade fiend—white yam falcon!


The white yam falcon suddenly spread its wings.

Rong Jiu turned around and jumped on it. “Let’s go!”

Following the clear command, the white yam falcon abruptly flapped its wings and flew to the sky.

At this point, the crowd finally recovered their senses and realized that it was Rong Jiu’s fiend.

When he was locked in the jail, he had nothing else other than his convict clothes. However, they had actually forgotten that he had his own fiend.

Rong Jiu had been very low-key in the Imperial City these few months, so they forgot that he actually had such a trump card.

Even though this white yam falcon was a fourth-grade fiend, it was very ferocious and strong. It was almost one of the top few amongst the fourth-grade fiends.

The man and fiend’s figures quickly disappeared.

Si Ye immediately yelled, “Prepare the arrows!”

The numerous imperial guards immediately took out their arrows and aimed at the midair Rong Jiu.

But at this point, countless figures suddenly rushed out from the crowd and went for the imperial guards.

Choo choo!

The sounds pierced through the air, and all the arrows had been deflected, not even being able to touch the edge of the white yam falcon’s wings.

Si Ye looked at the few people that rushed over with shock and anger as he suddenly widened his eyes. They stepped up and executed killer moves! They came prepared!

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