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Chapter 441: Ten Years to Mold a Sword

Chu Liuyue naturally didn’t know what Rong Xiu was thinking.

His hot breath on her neck and behind her ears made her ticklish.

The gentle breeze blew over, and the leaves rustled.

Chu Liuyue instantly became alert. It’s no wonder Rong Xiu kept looking at the military distribution in the Imperial City. He was preparing for this day! Rong Jiu has stayed in the Imperial City for many months and didn’t even go out of the city. Now that he suddenly decided to start a revolt, there was clearly someone instigating him in the dark. This person was Rong Xiu!

Chu Liuyue could not help but ask, “Your Highness, since… When did you start planning all of this?”

Rong Xiu’s low voice sounded beside her ear. “Um, pretty early on… When did Third Brother go to the Northwest Army?”

His tone was slow and nonchalant as if it was just a minor matter. However, Chu Liuyue was shocked as she suddenly pushed him.

She looked back, and her pair of black, gem-like eyes stared at Rong Xiu in disbelief. “You mean… He didn’t voluntarily go there in the first place—”

Chu Liuyue’s words suddenly cut off. A ridiculous thought surfaced in her mind.

A smile flashed across Rong Xiu’s face when he saw her rarely seen shocked expression. It’s really not easy to see her have such an expression…

Looking at his expression, Chu Liuyue widened her mouth, but nothing came out. What else is there to say? This is a tacit acceptance! All these years, Rong Jiu’s every move was all under Rong Xiu’s control!

No matter if it was when the Empress and the Crown Prince decided to bully him and force him to enlist, when he achieved so many accolades and shocked everyone, or to him being driven to the corner… All of this was clearly part of Rong Xiu’s plan!

However… it is dangerous to raise a tiger!

Now, Rong Jiu had to deal with Emperor Jiawen, but it would be Rong Xiu in the end!

Chu Liuyue’s heart was in turmoil as she couldn’t help but ask, “You’re the one who told His Majesty that the Third Prince wants to start a revolt…?”

Rong Xiu’s expression changed. “You’ve underestimated Father. Since Third Brother did this, how can Father not know? I don’t have too much of a relation to this.”

Who will believe your words? Chu Liuyue silently cursed to herself. Perhaps Rong Xiu had even pushed for Rong Jiu to instigate his army.

“The Third Prince doesn’t know about this?”

Rong Xiu raised his saber-like eyebrows. “What do you think, Yue’er?”

Chu Liuyue made a ‘si’ sound and slapped her forehead. My brain had a short-circuit. If Rong Jiu knew, how could it end up like this today?

“The 5,000 elites from the Northwest Army are going to reach the Imperial City soon.” Rong Xiu gently touched Chu Liuyue’s soft waist and nonchalantly said, “As for when they’re going to fight… We’ll have to watch Father and Third Brother.”

According to Rong Jiu’s personality, it won’t take too long. Besides, Father will punish Rong Jiu within these few days.

Chu Liuyue put her hand down and looked at him with her eyes wide open. “Isn’t all of this according to your wishes?”

At this point in time, everything was controlled by Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu softly laughed. “If I didn’t hear wrongly, you’re praising me?”

Chu Liuyue: “…”

Whether it’s praise or not, how can it be more important than the matter itself? Country Yao Chen is about to change!

But looking at Rong Xiu, he actually didn’t seem to care.

Looking at her face filled with confusion and shock, Rong Xiu smiled and finally said, “Don’t worry. Lord Chu Ning will bring a group of people and leave the Imperial City to check on something. When the imperial guards and the Northwest Army fight, Lord Chu Ning will not be implicated.”

Because of me, he purposely sent Father away? Afterhearing Rong Xiu’s words that held too much pleasure, Chu Liuyue’s thoughts flew everywhere, and she didn’t know what to say.

She gave Rong Xiu a complicated look. This man is very handsome and super outstanding, and he’s terrifying in terms of tactics. But… toward me, he’s so honest and sincere, to the point where I don’t know how to face him. He has planned and executed this for so many years and laid such a big trap, yet he told me about this so easily.

“Your Highness… Aren’t you worried that I’ll tell someone else about this?” asked Chu Liuyue as she knitted her brows.

Rong Xiu looked at her rather strangely as if she asked a very stupid question. “Which woman in this world would push the man she deeply loves to danger?”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. There seems to be nothing wrong with his words, but why does it sound so weird?

“You… I—” Chu Liuyue stuttered, and her usually sharp tongue seemed to be tangled.

After some time, she finally decided to give up and stop harping on the matter. However, she still had a question that was the weirdest and the most important. “Your Highness, why are you doing this?”

One was his father, and the other was his brother. They shared the same blood flowing through their bodies.

Rong Xiu’s actions were akin to stirring up a conflict between Emperor Jiawen and Rong Jiu.

A war was about to break out. No matter who won or lost, what did it mean to Rong Xiu?

Rong Xiu thought for a while and chuckled. “Oh, I just thought it was rather troublesome to fight, so I found someone to do it for me.”

Chu Liuyue’s eyes widened, and her mouth was agape. D-do it for him? He’s talking about fighting for the throne, right? How can someone do it for him? Besides, the most important thing is… If Rong Xiu really wants that throne, why does he need to pretend to be frail for so many years?

According to how highly Emperor Jiawen sees him and how much he dotes on him… As long as Rong Xiu showed off his true abilities or even a portion of them, Emperor Jiawen would definitely make him the Crown Prince.

Chu Liuyue actually wanted to ask about it, but for some reason, she had a strong instinct that told her not to.

Rong Xiu must have his reasons for doing so. After reacting for a while, Chu Liuyue finally found her own voice. “In this way, won’t the position be the Third Prince’s?”

An extremely light smile flashed across Rong Xiu’s eyes, and they were filled with an indescribable suppression as he slowly said, “Yue’er, who do you think formed the connection between Third Brother and the Northwest Army and also gave him the final confidence to make his decision?”

“Naturally… It’s my subordinate.”

Emperor Jiawen gathered the officials as they discussed how to deal with Rong Jiu.

After some intense debate, they finally came to a conclusion: Third Prince Rong Jiu is unfilial and harmed the Empress when Emperor Jiawen entrusted him with taking care of her. He even tried to burn her body to get rid of the evidence. His actions aw immoral and cannot be tolerated. Hence, he will be punished.

He will be executed in the afternoon!

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