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Chapter 402: Danger!

After the first crack appeared, the remaining things progressed much more smoothly.

With the transparent karmic fire burning, the surrounding barrier—which was glowing gold—quickly melted like ice.

The fire landed and instantly ignited the golden walls.


With this sound, the transparent fire started spreading. At the same time, the entire golden castle was wrapped within the transparent fire.

Chu Liuyue could clearly see that the heptagonal crystals accumulated on the surface area had gradually become sand again.

Slowly, the same thing happened to the other golden walls.

Chu Liuyue felt like she was surrounded by the endless fire. She was lucky that she didn’t feel much of a burn. Perhaps it was because the Heavenly Square Cauldron had already recognized her as its owner.

However, Tuan Zi really couldn’t take it toward the end, and it hid back inside again.

When the first golden wall thoroughly disappeared and became sand, Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a strange strength—which followed the transparent fire and entered her body.

She blinked her eyes in shock. This is…

“The golden crystals have very rich strength. If you use the karmic fire to burn the crystals, it’s equivalent to squeezing all the strength out of them.” The legendary three-eyed eagle suddenly spoke, and its tone was as nonchalant as usual. But if one listened closely, they would feel a sense of indignance.

I have only followed Chu Liuyue for a while, and I’ve already witnessed her having so much good fortune! Her luck is heaven-defying! Even I can’t help but feel tempted. I’ve lived for so long, but I’ve never seen someone luckier than Chu Liuyue!

Normally, people thought that cultivators had to have talent first and diligence next. But in actual fact, the most important thing was luck!

And Chu Liuyue had all three of them!

Now, it started to understand why the Heavenly Square Cauldron chose Chu Liuyue as its owner.

The legendary three-eyed eagle even started to think that it wasn’t as ridiculous as it once seemed when Chu Liuyue agreed to help it recover its physical body.

If this continued, Chu Liuyue might really become the person at the top!

However, Chu Liuyue didn’t know that the legendary three-eyed eagle had thought of so many things within such a short period of time. She reacted and asked with uncertainty, “Are you saying that… this is equivalent to me cultivating?”

The legendary three-eyed eagle sneered. “Are you so efficient when you cultivate?”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Is it praising me for having good luck, or is it saying that I cultivate slowly? However, all of this doesn’t matter. What matters is that there are more than a few hundred golden walls here. If I burn all of them, won’t my capabilities be greatly enhanced?

Her uptight feelings—which appeared ever since she entered the imperial mausoleum—finally relaxed a little.

Chu Liuyue clenched her fists and felt the rich force flowing in her body. She couldn’t help but smile. I didn’t expect to meet such a good thing accidentally! I will definitely break through if I absorb all of this strength! Thinking of this, I should thank Mu Qinghe.

Oh, yeah. Where is he? Chu Liuyue’s gaze darkened.

The duo fell from the circular plate at the same time, but she hadn’t seen Mu Qinghe’s figure until now.

Did he meet with trouble? This idea momentarily flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind before she quickly placed it at the back of her mind. Even if Mu Qinghe has ended up in a perilous situation, it isn’t up to me to worry about him. With his abilities, he should be more than capable enough to handle the troubles in the imperial mausoleum.

Chu Liuyue shook her head and flung her unnecessary thoughts away as she swiftly sat down on the throne, gathered her focus, and started to cultivate.

She closed her eyes and placed her hands on her knees.

The Heavenly Square Cauldron returned to her dantian again.

Chu Liuyue thought of something and abruptly raised her hand.

Transparent karmic fire flew out.

The thick force kept flowing in from the surroundings and entered Chu Liuyue’s body continuously.

Her entire body seemed to be soaked in a sauna—warm and comforting.

The strength followed her limbs and entered her dantian, finally gathering in the water droplet.

It looked like a small water droplet, but it was like a black hole that kept silently swallowing all the strength flowing into it.

Gradually, a pattern appeared on the water droplet.

Chu Liuyue thought of something, used more force to burn the fire even more intensely, and absorbed the strength.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but she vaguely felt that the fire in the Heavenly Square Cauldron was burning even more intensely than before.

This feeling was strange, but Chu Liuyue quickly confirmed her thoughts. The Heavenly Square Cauldron did absorb the golden walls’ strength.

Its overall aura clearly seemed to have enhanced, and even the legendary three-eyed eagle was shocked. “Why did this… The Heavenly Square Cauldron is actually absorbing the strength here?”

Chu Liuyue wasn’t sure, but it knew. The Heavenly Square Cauldron was a distinguished treasure, and it wouldn’t touch ordinary Heaven and Earth Force. Therefore, even though it had been suppressed for thousands of years and was greatly damaged, the Heavenly Square Cauldron never moved much.

Other than a type of power!

But… Why would there be such a thing here?

Chu Liuyue didn’t know what the legendary three-eyed eagle was thinking of and just thought that it was surprised by this scene.

There was a strange connection between her and the Heavenly Square Cauldron, so she knew clearly that, although the Heavenly Square Cauldron looked perfectly fine, it wasn’t so.

Doing this was akin to repairing its body itself.

This was naturally a good thing for Chu Liuyue.

After confirming this, Chu Liuyue quickly gathered her thoughts and focused on her cultivation.

The surrounding golden walls kept melting as the transparent karmic fire burned.

Piles of golden sand appeared on the floor as Chu Liuyue’s aura kept strengthening.

After some time, Chu Liuyue suddenly realized that she had touched a barrier that she couldn’t see.

Her heart beat wildly. This is the sign of breaking through to become a stage-three warrior!

At this point, the second line appeared on the water droplet in the dantian.

Chu Liuyue became increasingly calm at this point.

She continued to absorb the strength at a regular pace.

She knew that she was different from other cultivators. With the restriction from the water droplet, she had to spend much more effort than others to break through and become a stage-three warrior.

However, Chu Liuyue gradually discovered another problem—the Yuan meridian in her body seemed unable to tolerate the impact from so much strength, and it started to hurt faintly.

In the beginning, it was just a slight, sharp pain. However, it quickly became an excruciating pain in her entire body.

That terrifying strength kept rushing to her Yuan meridian, almost as if it wanted to break it.

Chu Liuyue tried to reduce the amount of strength flowing in, but she shockingly discovered that she couldn’t stop.

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