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Chapter 401: Break

“You can come out; he’s already gone,” said Situ Xingchen softly.

Some movements happened in the empty space not far behind her. Then, an elder came out from the middle.

It was Elder Lian Ning.

“I really don’t know how Rong Jin managed to stably stay as the Crown Prince for so long.” Elder Lian Ning used a mocking tone. “Does he think that he can really enter the imperial mausoleum with his abilities and take what he wants?”

“After all, he’s Heaven’s Chosen Son, so he must be different from the rest,” said Situ Xingchen nonchalantly.

Elder Lian Ning glanced at her and laughed. “You seem like you don’t really care about this identity of Rong Jin’s.”

“Of course not. I simply just look down on Rong Jin.”

So what if he’s Heaven’s Chosen Son? Rong Jin might not have enough luck to succeed!

Elder Lian Ning turned around and looked in the direction where Rong Jin disappeared to as he said thoughtfully, “You’re right. I really don’t know why a person like Rong Jin is Heaven’s Chosen Son.”

Situ Xingchen’s lips curved up coldly. If she didn’t personally hear the Empress say those words and witnessed what happened in Heptagon Alley, she wouldn’t have believed it either.

“Even though Rong Jin is useless… am I not here already?” Situ Xingchen brushed her loose strands of hair behind her ear, and her usually watery eyes suddenly looked cold. “With my help, he naturally doesn’t need to fret about it.”

Elder Lian Ning nodded. “Your Highness, what should we do now? Should we quietly observe what happens, or…”

“Let’s go to the imperial mausoleum,” said Situ Xingchen swiftly.

Elder Lian Ning acknowledged it, and he whipped his sleeves as a white mist spread out, enveloping the duo.

Immediately after, the duo’s figures disappeared on the spot.

On the other end, Rong Jin went to Golden Inheritance Peak alone.

When he was near it, he quickly discovered that the guards here were even stricter than usual.

I wonder what exactly happened in the imperial mausoleum… Rong Jin carefully trod forward as he thought to himself.

His surroundings were deadly quiet. The further he walked, the clearer he could hear his own heartbeat.

Situ Xingchen’s words kept replaying in his mind.

“…Inside the imperial mausoleum is a precious treasure that has been passed down for thousands of years. Rumor has it that the treasure was unwittingly obtained by Country Yao Chen’s ancestor, but he didn’t completely solve the treasure’s secret in the end. Hence, nobody else knew that he had such an item with him. In the end, he brought it into the imperial mausoleum.”

“Only Country Yao Chen’s emperors have the right to know about this. Originally, Her Majesty also didn’t know about this until she saw some godly signs when they paid respects at Golden Inheritance Peak once. She then confirmed that you, the Crown Prince, were Heaven’s Chosen Son. You’re destined to enter the imperial mausoleum one day and obtain the treasure, becoming its new owner.”

“Once you obtain that treasure and solve its secret, you will have the ability to access the heavens.”

Rong Jin swallowed his saliva as he looked at Golden Inheritance Peak with unconcealable desire and excitement.

Access the heavens—these words alone were enough to excite anyone!

Even though he had heard this quite a while back, Rong Jin still felt crazily elated every time he thought of it.

He had lived for more than 20 years, but he never knew he had such a destiny lying ahead of him.

Why did Mother hide it from me for so long? If I knew about it earlier, I would’ve come here a long time ago. Previously, Rong Jin encountered continuous setbacks and almost thought that he had no chance of making a comeback. Who would’ve thought that he had such a trump card?

Thinking of this, Rong Jin felt upset with his mother. Since I’m Heaven’s Chosen Son, why didn’t Mother tell me early on? She was only willing to speak about it now, when I’ve landed in a perilous situation void of hope.

Coincidentally, something happened to the imperial mausoleum, so it was even more inconvenient for him to enter the place silently.

“Go over there and look! The rest, follow me!” Suddenly, a group of people on horses came over.

Rong Jin immediately hid his figure and aura carefully.

At this point, he heard the cries of the crane in the sky.

Rong Jiu knitted his brows. Father is already here?! This will spell more trouble… If Situ Xingchen came with me, she might be able to distract these people…

But he only thought of it. If he had another chance, he would still leave Situ Xingchen there.

He was always a suspicious person. Now that the incident implicated something so serious, he would never be assured enough to let her follow him.

After waiting for a while at the same spot and confirming that the guards on patrol had left, he carefully walked forward.

Just like that, even though the entire way was dangerous, Rong Jin still managed to reach the foot of Golden Inheritance Peak successfully.

While looking at the barrier in front and facing the tremendous suppression coming from it, Rong Jin’s throat felt dry. He couldn’t help but lick his lips nervously.

Then, he took out a box and whispered, “Mother, you must help me this time…”

After that, he carefully opened the box.

An engraved jade pendant lay in there quietly.

Rong Jin picked the pendant up and slowly injected his force.

Stars gradually glowed on the pendant, forming a strange pattern in the end.

If Emperor Jiawen was here, he would know that the pattern on it was exactly the same as the key to Golden Inheritance Peak’s barrier in his hands.

The box that the Empress so meticulously hid only had this one thing! This was the thing she spent so much effort to secretly take from Emperor Jiawen and replicate in private.

She hid it for so many years, just for this day!


Ripples suddenly appeared on the barrier. Then, an entrance appeared in front of Rong Jin.

His heart beat crazily, and it almost jumped out of his mouth. Then, his figure disappeared as he entered the barrier.

However, he didn’t see that the barrier didn’t immediately close after he entered. Instead, a strange ripple pattern appeared—it was as if some wind moved in.

After a while, a faint light appeared on the barrier, and it closed once again.

Everything returned to normal.

At this point, a group of men coincidentally walked past the area. When they saw that the barrier was unharmed, they didn’t stop and proceeded forward.

In the imperial mausoleum, Chu Liuyue sat on the throne.

The golden walls had already been built high in all directions. They stopped when it was about to reach the river.

The entire space seemed to have frozen, and only the barrier surrounding Chu Liuyue was burning crazily.

Chu Liuyue estimated that 15 minutes had passed, but this barrier was too strong, so progress was very slow.

After a long while, a crack finally appeared in the barrier in front of her.


The barrier cracked!

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