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Chapter 342: Refining Pill

Mu Hongyu acknowledged it and immediately walked toward Chu Liuyue; she didn’t even glance at Jian Fengchi.

Jian Fengchi was speechless. What is with this feeling of being ignored by everyone?

He looked down at the handkerchief and silently held it. He then turned around, and his expression returned to normal.

The few of them had walked out, leaving Ji Chang inside.

“Little Princess, the Princess Consort is weak. I’ll stay here to take care of her,” said Ji Chang to Mu Hongyu.

Mu Hongyu thought for a while and was about to agree, but Chu Liuyue suddenly squeezed her hand.

Mu Hongyu’s mind whirred, and she suddenly realized something as she changed her words. “Um… You must be tired from taking care of Mother all this while. You should get some rest first.”

Ji Chang was dazed. “Little Princess, you don’t have to worry. I’m very healthy, but the Princess Consort… The Prince trusted Wu Shan and me with everything, so we naturally can’t relax on the job. What if—”

“With Lieutenant Mu and Young Master Jian here, there’s no need to worry about our safety. Even if something happens to the Princess Consort, they can deal with it immediately. Senior Ji Chang, you don’t have to be overly worried.” Chu Liuyue chuckled.


“Could it be that you don’t trust the two of them?” said Chu Liuyue in a seemingly joking manner, but her gaze was filled with a questioning look.

“…I don’t dare to.” Ji Chang lowered his voice. “T-then, I’ll rest first. If anything happens, I’ll rush over immediately. Little Princess, don’t be too worried.”

Mu Hongyu nodded. “Go ahead; there’s us here.”

Ji Chang was helpless and could only turn to leave. Due to Mu Qinghe and Jian Fengchi’s suppression, he didn’t even turn around.

When his figure finally disappeared from their field of vision, Mu Hongyu couldn’t help but look at Chu Liuyue. “Liuyue, you… purposely sent Grandpa Ji Chang away just now?”

Chu Liuyue asked her back, “Did you not feel anything amiss just now?”

Mu Hongyu thought about it in detail and muttered with uncertainty, “I don’t think so… But it seems like he really didn’t want to leave… Liuyue, you might not know, but Grandpa Wu Shan and Grandpa Ji Chang have been following my father since a very long time ago. All these years, they were the ones who secretly protected Mother and me, so I think he’s just worried…”

Chu Liuyue looked at her quietly.

Mu Hongyu’s voice became gradually softer, and she looked uncertain.

“Hongyu, don’t tell me you didn’t find it weird,” said Chu Liuyue calmly.

Mu Hongyu was straightforward and didn’t have many qualms, but it did not mean that she was dumb. On the contrary, she was very intelligent. However, as she was too close to Ji Chang and trusted him too much, she couldn’t see it clearly.

Mu Hongyu knitted her brows. Of course, I can tell that there’s something wrong. Grandpa Ji Chang seems to be extra careful when he takes care of Mother. At first, he didn’t want to let Chu Liuyue take her pulse, and he didn’t want to leave later…

The more important thing is that he wasn’t as happy as I expected him to be when he heard that Mother could fully recover. He has followed Father and Mother for so many years and has spent a lot of effort to find a cure for Mother. Now that there’s hope, his reaction is indeed strange.

“You’re saying…” Mu Hongyu looked at Chu Liuyue with uncertainty.

Chu Liuyue smiled. “We’ll continue observing, but you must remember that even the closest of friends and the people you trust the most can betray you. By then, you won’t even know how you died.”

Mu Qinghe’s body suddenly froze.

Jian Fengchi glanced at Chu Liuyue. How interesting… She could let anyone hear this, but it had to be Mu Qinghe. If I weren’t sure that Chu Liuyue didn’t go for plastic surgery, I might really suspect that she purposely said it for Mu Qinghe.

“That’s true.” Jian Fengchi clapped as if in awe. “You know the person, but you might not know the person’s heart. You can’t see much from the surface, and you might even cause some misunderstandings. Ms. Mu, do you agree?”

Mu Hongyu blinked and suddenly reacted—This Jian Fengchi seems to be talking about me?

She coughed and felt embarrassed for her slow brain. “Ahem, that’s true… Thank you, Liuyue and Young Master Jian. I’ll take note of this in the future…”

Chu Liuyue glanced at Jian Fengchi and looked normal. “Young Master Jian, may I know how you are going to treat the Princess Consort? We’ll definitely find all the herbs and ingredients you need.”

Jian Fengchi said slowly, “Her body has quite a few poisons, so it’s impossible to clear all of them in one go. Besides, her body can’t withstand the effects of all the herbs. We have to make it into medicinal soup and let her drink it before she takes the antidote.”

“May I know how long this will take?”

Jian Fengchi put up one finger. “A day would suffice.”

Mu Hongyu was shocked. “Just one day?”

“By ‘one day,’ I mean that I need one day to prepare all the medicinal soup and pills, not that she will recover in a day. After she uses all of them, she still needs to drink medicinal soup for a month before she can completely remove the remaining poisons. However, that’s pretty simple because you just need to find someone to refine the medicine according to my formula.”

Chu Liuyue thought to herself: As expected. When Jian Fengchi treats patients, he always solves the most crucial step and is too lazy to do the rest. He always feels that it is a waste of his talent and energy to do the rest, but it is already quite good that he is willing to do things to that step.

“I heard that Ms. Chu is also a heavenly doctor, right? You can make pills now?” asked Jian Fengchi with much interest.

Chu Liuyue nodded. “I’m just lucky.”

“You’re only 14 this year, right? Oh… Even though you can’t compare to… But that’s still quite good. No wonder Mu Qinghe agreed to help you.”

Chu Liuyue smiled humbly.

Jian Fengchi felt depressed. This Chu Liuyue… Everything seems to be done very well, but there’s no emotion in her eyes. It’s as if my words will never affect her, no matter what I say.

His eyes turned.

Mu Hongyu was currently staring into space. Her gaze was distant; she was clearly thinking about something.

Jian Fengchi lost half his interest as he lazily said to Mu Qinghe, “I’ll refine the medicine here today. Help me guard.”

Mu Qinghe coldly said, “Impossible.”

This was because there was no need to.

Even though Jian Fengchi was mainly a heavenly doctor, his Xuan Master cultivation wasn’t bad. Even if anything happened to him, he alone was more than enough to handle it.

Jian Fengchi had already expected his answer and didn’t care much as he shrugged. “I’ll go myself then.”

After that, he walked toward another room alone.

He swept his sleeves the moment he opened the door, and a light-blue barrier appeared behind him.

His entire figure was hidden.

Jian Fengchi stepped into the room. At the same time, a fire appeared in his hand, and the handkerchief instantly disappeared!

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