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Chapter 341: Numb

Jian Fengchi was silent for a moment. “The poison in the Princess Consort’s body seems to be a combination of many types, and they were given to her at different times.”

Mu Hongyu gasped. “How is that possible?” All along, she thought that the poison in her mother’s body was caused by an accident many years ago. She did not expect—

“Mother, was what he said true?” Mu Hongyu hurriedly looked at the Princess Consort.

Bitterness flashed across the Princess Consort’s eyes as she smiled miserably. “That’s right…”

Jian Fengchi added, “If I’m not wrong, your body suddenly deteriorated within these two months, right?”

The Princess Consort nodded.

“That’s it then.” Jian Fengchi stood up. “The first few poisons in your body have been hidden inside for many years, and they have long infiltrated your organs. However, they aren’t strong poisons, so they didn’t stimulate any serious consequences. But recently, someone poisoned you with another type of poison. It activated all the poison in your body, causing everything to fail and result in the current situation.”

Mu Hongyu felt as if she had been struck by lightning as she looked at Jian Fengchi dazedly. “T-then… what should we do? Can we remove these poisons?”

Jian Fengchi knitted his brows as if he was in a difficult position. “This is hard. After all, the poisons were given at different times, and they’re of different types. If you want to remove all of them, not only will you have to be clear on what type of poisons they are, but you must also avoid causing new problems when removing the poisons. A small mistake could lead everything to fail and even…”

Jian Fengchi paused. Even if he didn’t say his remaining words, the crowd knew what he meant.

Mu Hongyu was in a trance. Does the Tianling Dynasty heavenly doctor not have a way?

Ji Chang sighed, and he looked very aggrieved. “Young Master Jian, I’m begging you—you must think of a way! The Princess Consort and the Prince are very loving, and they have depended on each other all these years. If the Princess Consort…”

“Of course,” interrupted Jian Fengchi suddenly as his lips curved up into a sinister smile.

Ji Chang was dazed as his sorrowful expression suddenly froze. “Y-you mean…”

“This poison is hard to deal with, but I didn’t say that I can’t do it.” Jian Fengchi smiled deeply.

The crowd then understood what Jian Fengchi meant.

Chu Liuyue cursed in her heart. He’s still the same! If he didn’t say that, it would seem like he can’t show off how capable he is!

However, Ji Chang had clearly sensed something wrong with Jian Fengchi…

“Everyone, don’t worry. I definitely can clear all of the Princess Consort’s poisons and help her fully recover.”

Chu Liuyue’s gaze quickly darted to Ji Chang’s face before she looked down. She had previously seen looks of shock and terror flashing across his eyes when Jian Fengchi said that he could treat the Princess Consort.

Shock isn’t hard to understand, but what’s that about terror? Being able to escort the Princess Consort all the way to the Imperial City means that Prince Ping Jiang trusts him very much. Besides, judging by what Mu Hongyu called him and Wu Shan, they seem very intimate. There is no reason for him to feel fear after knowing that the Princess Consort can fully recover.

Chu Liuyue recalled Ji Chang rejecting her repeatedly when she wanted to take the Princess Consort’s pulse as if in fear. Perhaps… he might have a guilty conscience…

“Young Master Jian, is that true? Can you really cure my mother?” But Mu Hongyu did not detect anything amiss as her mind was filled with Jian Fengchi’s sentence.

Jian Fengchi looked at the young woman that rushed to him with a pair of dazzling, almond-like eyes. His heart tingled, and he couldn’t help but smile with deeper meaning. “Of course. I always make good on my words.”

If I can’t even solve such a small problem, it’d really be a waste of all my years.

Mu Hongyu was beyond excited as she pounced to the bed and held the Princess Consort’s hand. “Mother, did you hear? You can recover!”

The Princess Consort didn’t have much energy left at this point, and she could only smile at Mu Hongyu with a pale face.

Chu Liuyue said, “Hongyu, it seems like the Princess Consort wants to rest. Let’s go out and talk.”

Mu Hongyu hurriedly nodded. “Okay! Then… Mother, you rest here first. I’ll come to see you again in a bit!”

The Princess Consort forced herself to nod. “…I still need to thank Young Master Jian and… Lieutenant Mu…”

She said that sentence with much difficulty before she closed her eyes to rest.

Chu Liuyue and the rest walked outside.

The moment Mu Hongyu got up, she saw a square handkerchief left on the Princess Consort’s wrist.

She picked up the handkerchief and rushed to Jian Fengchi, who was outside the door. “Young Master Jian, your handkerchief!”

Jian Fengchi paused in his tracks and turned around to look.

Chu Liuyue’s lips twitched, and she almost told Mu Hongyu to directly throw that handkerchief away.

Jian Fengchi had a habit. He was a heavenly doctor and had to take people’s pulses regularly, but after he saw someone every time, he would leave a handkerchief on the person’s wrist and not touch it personally—just like what he did this time.

The handkerchief’s material was very valuable, but he would still throw it away after using it once.

Chu Liuyue knew him from the start and knew his habits without knowing the reason behind them.

Other than this, he had many other small habits that he was very insistent on.

Even when she was the Heavenly Princess, she felt that this man was very problematic.

Unexpectedly, Jian Fengchi stared at Mu Hongyu for a while and didn’t ask her to directly throw the handkerchief away. Instead, he smiled. “Oh, I really forgot about it!”

He then walked toward Mu Hongyu.

Chu Liuyue looked at him as if she had seen a ghost. What is he up to again?

As if noticing something, Jian Fengchi turned his head and looked at her.

Chu Liuyue immediately looked down and continued walking outside.

Jian Fengchi squinted his eyes. For some reason, I feel that this Chu Liuyue… despises me quite a bit. Even though she has a polite smile, I still have that feeling. And that feeling has some unknown familiarity to it.

He suppressed his thoughts as he reached out to take the handkerchief from Mu Hongyu’s hands.

Both of their hands touched for a brief moment, but he seemed not to notice it as he bowed slightly and smiled flippantly. “Thank you, Ms. Mu.”

Mu Hongyu smiled brightly. “You’re welcome, Young Master Jian! If you need my help in the future, just let me know!”

Jian Fengchi looked at her and raised his brows slightly. Mm… This Mu Hongyu seems a little too innocent…

If he touched any regular woman, they would blush even if their hearts didn’t skip a beat. However, it seemed like Mu Hongyu had no reaction at all.

He then vaguely realized that the brightness in Mu Hongyu’s almond-like eyes was because her mother could fully recover and not because of him.

This made him feel conflicted. Why are these two girls so weird?

Chu Liuyue—who had walked outside the door—waved at Mu Hongyu. “Hongyu!”

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