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Chapter 321: Humiliation

Chu Liuyue’s eyes instantly turned pitch black.

The net sling was quite strange as all the light was blocked outside. Thus, she couldn’t see anything when she was trapped inside.

Then, she suddenly felt like she was being lifted.

She was just about to speak when she heard a hoarse and threatening voice speak beside her ear. “If you want to die quicker, yell for help.”

Chu Liuyue’s lips moved, but she didn’t open her mouth. Even though she didn’t see the other party’s face, she was familiar with this aura…

Right, this person is the one beside Rong Zhen! When Rong Zhen previously came to find me on her own, the person who attacked me was him! Rong Zhen once said that she would personally bring me to show her the way to the forest outside the Imperial City when the Qing Jiao Competition was over. I didn’t expect her to be so impatient and that she wasn’t even willing to wait for a day.

Chu Liuyue retrieved her dagger and tried to cut the net.

An ear-piercing scratch was heard in the dark.

Chu Liuyue was shocked. This net actually has a very strong defensive barrier inside!

“Hmph, don’t waste your efforts. With your current abilities, it’s impossible for you to get out from there.” The strangely hoarse voice sounded again with intense mockery.

Chu Liuyue thought for a while before she swiftly closed her eyes and decided to wait quietly. Since Rong Zhen wants to cause trouble for me, it’s a coincidence because I want to settle some things once and for all.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t see the situation outside, but she could feel that she was being brought away at high speed.

She quietly imagined their route in her heart, and she realized that they were heading out of the Imperial City.

Chu Liuyue didn’t know if the person had used some methods, but the entire trip was very smooth, and they didn’t attract anyone’s attention.

When they were exiting the city gate, Chu Liuyue could even hear the guards’ interrogative voices. However, nobody noticed that something was wrong.

She was brought out of the city just like that.

After exiting the Imperial City, that person was clearly much more relaxed as he increased his speed.

Suddenly, she felt a weight on her shoulder.

Tuan Zi suddenly came out. It rubbed its face against Chu Liuyue’s neck and seemed to be restless.

Chu Liuyue hugged it in her arms and gently reassured it.

She could confirm that Tuan Zi could bite the net and break it open, but… she didn’t have such plans for now.

Tuan Zi seemed to have noticed her thoughts and immediately laid in her arms obediently.

After about an hour, that person finally stopped.

Chu Liuyue immediately hit Tuan Zi’s butt to tell it to go back, and she waited while holding her breath.


The net was suddenly ripped open.

The glaring light instantly poured in.

Chu Liuyue instinctively squinted her eyes to adjust to the lit environment.

“Chu Liuyue.” A high and mighty voice sounded from behind her.

Chu Liuyue turned around to take a look—it was Rong Zhen.

“Are you familiar with this place?” asked Rong Zhen coldly with her arms crossed.

Chu Liuyue surveyed her surroundings; they were filled with lush greenery. This was indeed the forest outside the Imperial City.

After a momentary silence, Chu Liuyue appeared to be recalling something before she nodded lightly. “It is somewhat familiar… I was almost killed by the people that Chu Xianmin sent to this place back then…”

“Here?” Rong Zhen’s gaze suddenly changed. “But this isn’t the place you indicated on the map!”

Chu Liuyue smiled bitterly. “Yes, that’s the place I escaped to afterward. That time, they knocked me unconscious and brought me here to kill me. Coincidentally, I woke up at that time and escaped the ordeal.”

Rong Zhen looked at Chu Liuyue in a half-suspecting manner. “You better not let me know that you’re up to any tricks!”

In the Qing Jiao Competition, Chu Liuyue’s performance was very outstanding, and she exceeded everyone else’s expectations. This made Rong Zhen become more alert.

Chu Liuyue shrugged. “This place is deserted, and I know that I’m not your match, so I will cooperate with you. As long as you let me go in the end, everything else can be discussed.”

Rong Zhen chuckled. “You really know how to go with the flow.”

Chu Liuyue didn’t say anything and lowered her eyes.

“Bring me there now!” Rong Zhen glanced at Elder Meng, who was standing behind Chu Liuyue. “Elder Meng, you must watch after her!”

“Don’t worry, Fourth Princess.”

As this hoarse voice sounded beside her ear, Chu Liuyue suddenly felt a gush of cold air attacking her from behind.

Her eyes moved, and she instantly became alert. However, it was just for a moment, and she controlled her urge as she stood there, pretending that she didn’t notice anything.


A rope—as thick as a thumb—quickly encircled her neck. The other end of the rope was held onto by Elder Meng.

A sharp gaze flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes. She had never experienced such an insult before.

“Be more honest!” shouted Rong Zhen.”If not, this rope will take your life at any moment!”

Chu Liuyue suppressed her anger and lightly nodded. “I know.”

“Lead the way in front!”

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and took a step forward.

The moment she moved, the rope around her neck moved as well.

Elder Meng and Rong Zhen were following behind her.

Chu Liuyue had a hard time convincing Tuan Zi not to come out as she moved forward step by step.

When Rong Zhen saw this scene, she couldn’t help but laugh. “If the people in the Imperial City saw this scene, their jaws would definitely drop in shock. The famous and renowned Chu Liuyue actually has such humble moments! Haha!”

Rong Zhen was very delighted. So what if she took first place in the Qing Jiao Competition? So what if she has the Dijing Yuan meridian? In front of me, she’s still a dog!

“I heard that the Crown Prince and Prince Li even fought in front of Father today because of you. Hah, I wonder how much they would regret it if they see your current appearance. Chu Liuyue, you’re really capable. You didn’t even say or do anything, yet you almost caused Father to remove the Crown Prince from his position…”

Chu Liuyue didn’t show any expression. “I have already cut all ties with the Crown Prince, and I didn’t expect today’s incident to happen either. If you’re angry about it, Fourth Princess…”

“Angry? Why would I be angry? Who can the Crown Prince blame for his incompetence?” said Rong Zhen in a mocking manner.

Chu Liuyue paused. That’s weird… Rong Zhen and Rong Jin are both born from the Empress, and they have always been on good terms. Why did they become like this now? Listening to her tone, Rong Zhen seems like she really wants to remove Rong Jin from his Crown Prince position…

“When I recover my pearl of essence… One day…”

One day, I will let Mother know that Rong Jin is someone who cannot be helped! I’m much more outstanding than her!

Listening to her words, Chu Liuyue was almost certain that Rong Zhen and Rong Jin had fallen out. However, she didn’t know why.

When she thought of this, she suddenly felt the rope around her neck tighten!

She was suffocated and almost fell backward.

Chu Liuyue hurriedly turned around and saw Rong Zhen laughing out loud.

“Hahaha! Interesting! Elder Meng, why didn’t I think of this kind of trick earlier on? Chu Liuyue, why don’t you learn how to bark like a dog, and I’ll let everything in the past go. What do you think?”

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