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Chapter 322: Trap

Chu Liuyue looked at Rong Zhen quietly. “Fourth Princess, this joke is not funny at all.”

Rong Zhen’s laughter suddenly stopped, and she looked at Chu Liuyue. She saw a pair of clear, black eyes staring at her.

That pair of eyes was calm and composed, but it made one fear for some reason.

Rong Zhen felt coldness from the bottom of her heart, which made her entire person shiver.

Upon realizing that she was actually afraid of Chu Liuyue, Rong Zhen’s blood boiled, and she suddenly pulled on the rope. “What are you looking at? If you continue looking at me, I’ll dig out your eyeballs!”

This time, Chu Liuyue pulled on the rope first, not letting Rong Zhen do as she wished.

Rong Zhen pulled on the rope a few times and realized it didn’t budge. She felt even more humiliated, and she flew into a rage. “Elder Meng, teach her a lesson!”

“Fourth Princess.” Chu Liuyue suddenly spoke as her lips curved up without smiling intent. “You tried so hard to bring me out just to teach me a lesson?”

Rong Zhen was stunned.

“I know that it’s as easy as ABC if you want to kill me here, and you can even do it silently and quietly. Nobody would know that you did it, but are you sure this is what you want? If I’m dead, you will never recover your pearl of essence.”

“You dare to threaten me?” Rong Zhen’s face contorted. I have already suffered enough these few days. Now, even Chu Liuyue dares to speak to me in this manner.

She quickly walked two steps forward, rushed to Chu Liuyue, and slapped her face.

“It doesn’t matter if I die,” said Chu Liuyue slowly. “But my father and Prince Li won’t let this slide.”

Rong Zhen seemed to have heard a joke. “Hah! Just with your useless father and that sickly person?”

“Of course, it’s not only them.” Chu Liuyue stared straight into Rong Zhen’s eyes and smiled lightly. “And… Lieutenant Mu.”

Rong Zhen froze, and her hand in the air didn’t land.

“Lieutenant Mu only chose me to follow him to the Tianling Dynasty. If anything happens to me, what do you think Lieutenant Mu will do?”

Rong Zhen clenched her silver teeth. I actually forgot about this!

Elder Meng advised, “Fourth Princess, we can’t offend Lieutenant Mu…”

“Of course, I know that!” Rong Zhen was filled with hatred. It didn’t matter if Chu Liuyue didn’t mention this, but Rong Zhen hated her even more once she did. Why can Chu Liuyue be chosen while I got humiliated in public for saying a few words?! However, I can’t do anything to Chu Liuyue now!

Even though Rong Zhen was wilful, she was not brainless. Though she was about to be driven crazy, she realized that Chu Liuyue made sense after deeper thought.

The most important thing now is to restore my pearl of essence. Everything else can wait. Thinking of this, Rong Zhen suppressed her anger and hollered, “I’ll let you off this time! Hurry up and walk!”

Chu Liuyue glanced at her and continued walking forward.

Her words seemed to wake Rong Zhen up as Rong Zhen didn’t do anything weird for the majority of the later journey.

The few of them traveled calmly.

After more than an hour, Rong Zhen’s legs started to ache.

She asked in frustration, “How much longer must we walk? Chu Liuyue, are you messing with me?”

Chu Liuyue finally stopped. “It’s right in front.”

Rong Zhen immediately looked over. She saw that there was a mostly lake within the lush greenery.

The surroundings were very quiet, and when the light shone down, the mist gathered above the water surface like a sight in paradise.

Rong Zhen couldn’t help but walk forward, shockingly discovering that the mist floating above the lake was intense force.

“This is…” Rong Zhen widened her eyes and looked at the scene in front of her in disbelief. “There’s actually such a place outside the Imperial City?”

As the Fourth Princess, she had been loved and doted on. Not to mention the Imperial City, she had been to more than half of the good places in the entire Country Yao Chen. However, she had never heard of this place before.

“The force here is very strong and gentle. It’s a good place to cultivate,” praised Elder Meng.

Chu Liuyue coughed. “I ran over here with much difficulty back then and coincidentally met the mysterious man. This should be his territory, but I don’t know if he will appear here today.”

Rong Zhen stared at the lake in shock and took a deep breath in, instantly feeling that her organs were rejuvenated. This really is a prime place for cultivation!

“Glad you’re honest!” Rong Zhen threw the other end of the rope to Elder Meng as she excitedly rushed to the side of the lake.

Upon closer inspection, this lake was as clear as ever and was filled with mystic vibes.

Rong Zhen surveyed her surroundings and realized that nobody else was here other than them. Is the mysterious person not here today?

“Elder Meng, is there anyone else around?”

Elder Meng shook his head. “Nope.”

He did not detect anyone else’s aura.

“That’s weird… Why wouldn’t anyone watch this place?” Rong Zhen walked around the lake in confusion. It would be great if this lake was mine! It would be much easier to cultivate here! However, it is a pity that my pearl of essence is broken, so I can’t cultivate here. In this case, it would be more disastrous than advantageous.

Upon thinking of this, Rong Zhen’s heart felt itchy. “Chu Liuyue, since that mysterious person was willing to help you, do you have a way of contacting him?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head. “How can I control someone of that status? I don’t even know how he looks myself.”

Rong Zhen originally didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to know, and her face was filled with disappointment when she heard her words.

Such a powerful existence would not be restricted to one place. But wouldn’t it be too embarrassing if all of us came here and went back without achieving anything? Suddenly, her eyes lit up. “Oh right! Previously, you said that you met that person when you were in danger. If you meet with a similar scenario, would he appear again?”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. “Fourth Princess, what do you mean?”

“I don’t mean anything else!” Rong Zhen slowly walked to Chu Liuyue as she sized her up with evil intentions. “I just wanted to try. Don’t worry; I won’t really kill you—”

“Fourth Princess, you think too highly of me,” said Chu Liuyue lightly.

Rong Zhen mocked, “You’re currently different from before. Even Lieutenant Mu praises you, so how can I be thinking highly of you? You just—”

Just as her hands were about to strangle Chu Liuyue’s neck, a strange sound came from the lake.

Rong Zhen immediately turned back.

Underneath the mist, one could vaguely see a ripple spreading toward the outside with the lake as its center.

Rong Zhen couldn’t hide her agitation and hurriedly went over.

But the moment she neared the lake, a large white figure suddenly dashed out of the lake and rushed toward her.

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