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2104 Looking Up from the Deep Abyss

Upon hearing this, Elder Yi Yu was also shocked. “Clan Leader, what’s the matter?”

Yi Zhao furrowed his brows tightly. “Tuan Zi’s aura disappeared!”

Ever since they experienced the incident at the God-Killing Tumulus, he had lingering fears. Thus, he specifically left a backup plan that connected with Tuan Zi’s aura.

Now… this connection suddenly broke!

Elder Yi Yu’s heart sank. “What happened? Isn’t Tuan Zi with Shangguan Yue and the rest at the Sky-Cloud Empire?”

Previously, Baili Chun died, so Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue specifically returned to the Sky-Cloud Empire. They had not heard of other news.

“If they were in the Sky-Cloud Empire, this would definitely not happen.” Yi Zhao quickly came to a conclusion in his heart and said with certainty, “They’re definitely not in the Sky-Cloud Empire now!”

That was Rong Xiu’s territory, and Chu Liuyue just took down the Peach Blossom Dock, so they were in the limelight. Nobody would be stupid enough to cause trouble for them in the Sky-Cloud Empire at this point.

The only explanation was—they had already left the Sky-Cloud Empire!

“Clan Leader, can you confirm Tuan Zi’s location before her aura disappeared?”

Yi Zhao closed his eyes to think deeply. Then, he opened them and knitted his brows tightly. “No. We’re too far away…”

Besides, he just came out of seclusion and placed all his attention and focus on opening the meridian, so he didn’t have time to think of other things.

“Then…” Elder Yi Yu was also in a tough spot.

Yi Zhao thought for a moment before swiftly saying, “Stay at the clan. I’ll personally go to the Sky-Cloud Empire and find out what’s going on!”

Yi Yu knew that the matter was urgent and didn’t dare to delay it, so he immediately agreed. “Yes! But to the public—”

“Tell them that I’m still in seclusion in Godly Phoenix Hall.”

In this way, nobody would suspect this.

Yi Zhao had many thoughts. Tuan Zi’s condition is unknown now, so we have to be careful just in case we alert the enemy.

After giving instructions on a few matters, Yi Zhao’s figure disappeared from the spot.

Yi Yu looked at Godly Phoenix Hall again and was in deep thought. I hope Tuan Zi and the clan leader can come back safely…

At the same time, Miao Zhen also felt something amiss from far away. After thinking for a while, he rapidly rushed to the Sky-Cloud Empire at night.

Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue were his benefactors. Now that Zi Chen’s connection with him was suddenly cut, he naturally could not sit by the side.

In the God Residence Realm, there were secret ripples. However, Chu Liuyue, who was in the Red Moon Desert, knew nothing of this.

She floated in midair and looked down at the extremely strange vortex, her expression gradually turning solemn.

She shifted her gaze and exchanged glances with Rong Xiu.

Without speaking, the two of them knew what the other party was thinking.

“I didn’t expect to see such a scene again here…” muttered Chu Liuyue softly.

She still had a deep impression of that hand below Million Wine Mountain. Now, the mysterious existence below this vortex, should have the same origin as that hand, but it also seemed different.

She had thought more than once about what kind of existence could cause a mere hand to have such terrifying suppression. However, she never had an answer.

And now this…

She gradually clenched her fists.

After experiencing that ordeal back then, she knew very clearly that it was very hard to use her own force to go against it. If not for Big Baby’s help back then—

Thinking of this, she furrowed her brows even more tightly. During the entire journey, I haVe summoned Big Baby many times but didn’t get a reply. Now, I don’t even know what the condition of Big Baby’s group of three is… If Big Baby personally restricted that hand in Ling Xiao Academy back then, then… What about this?

Chu Liuyue could not be sure.

An indescribable nervousness and temper slowly surged up from the bottom of her heart. She couldn’t help but take a step forward.

Suddenly, a cold and low voice rang by her ear. “Yue’er, Yue’er?”

Chu Liuyue snapped back to her senses and looked at Rong Xiu.

The depths of his eyes reflected her small figure. His hand was tightly pulling her wrist.

Rong Xiu frowned slightly. “What were you thinking of?”

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses and realized that she had unwittingly taken a step forward. If not for Rong Xiu pulling her back, she might have directly fallen into that vortex!

Her back broke out into a cold sweat. “I—”

The previous moment, I was clearly still thinking that this place was very dangerous and that I couldn’t get close to it easily. The next moment, I actually walked forward uncontrollably! Someone as meticulous and alert as me was actually dazed for a moment and almost made a mistake.

Rong Xiu held her hand tightly. “Move back. Let me go down and take a look.”

“No!” Chu Liuyue’s first reaction was rejection.

On the one hand, unknown and danger filled the vortex’s underneath. On the other hand, Tuan Zi and Zi Chen were her fiends. Even if someone had to go and investigate, it should be her!

From all aspects, she was the most suitable person.

Rong Xiu went forward and lightly kissed her brows. Then, he said, “Be good. Listen to me,”

His tone was gentle, but he did not allow for rejection.

Chu Liuyue looked up strangely, and confusion flashed across her eyes. Rong Xiu seems to always have an insistent attitude in this matter. It is like this previously in Ling Xiao Academy—he didn’t let me go down no matter what. It is also the same this time.

Even though it is dangerous, we have been through life-and-death situations more than once. When we met with other situations back then, Rong Xiu did not seem to have such a reaction.

Just as she thought, winds howled above the desert!


The winds howled, and a thin layer of frost rapidly formed on the sand balls.

The surrounding temperature rapidly lowered, and the cold winds were harsh.

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat. The Red Moon Desert’s nights are always extremely cold, but this time seems rather different…


A howl suddenly came from the skies!

Chu Liuyue immediately looked up and saw that, in the originally dark sky, a round moon had faintly appeared behind the layers of dark clouds.

Under the faint moonlight, the entire Red Moon Desert seemed to be covered in a layer of white mesh. Following this, sharp and miserable shrieks came from below the desert!

Chu Liuyue was alert! She immediately looked down!

An eye suddenly opened! It looked up at her from the depths of the abyss!

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