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2103 Eighth Meridian

Cen Yi glanced at him. “Of course, it’s somewhere I have to go.”

Qiang Wanzhou pressed his lips against each other tightly. “I’ll go with you.”

“What do you know?” Cen Yi’s gaze flickered as he sized Qiang Wanzhou up and became alert. Not many people know that Master is in trouble. Seeing Qiang Wanzhou in this manner… Not only does he know something, but it wasn’t noticed later than me.

Qiang Wanzhou replied after a moment of silence, “I.. don’t know. I just feel uneasy, and I coincidentally saw you come out.”

Cen Yi squinted slightly, and his narrow and nonchalant gaze was filled with suspicion as he looked at Qiang Wanzhou.

Qiang Wanzhou exchanged glances with him in a straightforward manner.

Whatever he said just now was not fake. For some reason, he felt that something was going to happen tonight. Originally, he planned on casually taking a walk when he bumped into Cen Yi.

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu weren’t in Peach Blossom Dock, so everything was basically handled by Cen Yi alone. Now that he had come out in a hurry, there was clearly something wrong.

Without guessing, Qiang Wanzhou knew that it was definitely related to Chu Liuyue.

After a temporary stalemate, Cen Yi stepped forward and walked past Qiang Wanzhou. “You’re not good enough.”

This meant that Qiang Wanzhou was not strong enough.

His tone was as calm and nonchalant as usual, which precisely made his words sound even harsher.

However, Qiang Wanzhou went forward again and stopped him.

His soft golden hair flowed down and covered his eyes. Under the night sky, it was hard for one to differentiate.

He said word by word, “How do you know that I’m not good enough?”

Cen Yi originally couldn’t be bothered to deal with Qiang Wanzhou, and he was about to leave when he suddenly saw a totem faintly appearing on the latter’s brows.

He paused in his tracks. His usually emotionless face had a hint of shock for once. “You—”

Qiang Wanzhou restrained his aura, and that totem quickly disappeared. “Now, am I good enough?”

Godly Phoenix Mountain.

Inside Godly Phoenix Hall, all the candles were lit.

The door to the hall was tightly shut, and it was completely silent inside.

Only Elder Yi Yu was standing below the stairs. He looked at the sky from time to time and then at Godly Phoenix Hall, as if he was waiting for something.

He looked very nervous.

After some time, the door to the hall opened, and a figure walked out.

It was Yi Zhao.

“Clan Leader.” Elder Yi Yu hurriedly went forward. “How is it?”

Yi Zhao shook his head. “It didn’t succeed.”

A few hints of disappointment flashed across Elder Yi Yu’s eyes before they disappeared. Then, he comforted, “This matter was originally extremely difficult. Only a few people can open their eighth meridian in the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. But now that you’ve touched the barrier, you have a high chance of succeeding. If you can’t do it this time, maybe the next—”

At this point, if someone else were around and heard this, they would be beyond shocked. That was because the eighth meridian was a miracle-like existence in the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan.

All these years, not more than three people had succeeded in the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan!

During this period of time, Yi Zhao spent most of his time in Godly Phoenix Hall. Everyone in the clan thought that he was just cultivating normally. After all, he did regularly spend his time there.

Other than Elder Yi Yu, nobody knew that he was actually trying to open his eighth meridian! However, the ending was not desirable as he still failed after trying.

Hearing Elder Yi Yu’s words, Yi Zhao nonchalantly waved his hands. “I know all of this.”

As the clan leader, and simultaneously the strong existence closest to opening the eighth meridian in the entire clan, he knew more clearly how difficult it was to cross this barrier!

Ever since he became the clan leader, he had been stuck at the seventh meridian for too long.

Actually, he didn’t have much hope for this. But for some reason, he faintly felt that he had touched the barrier, so he had this idea.

It was naturally the best if he could succeed. If he could not, he wouldn’t be guilty as he did his best.

At this stage, he didn’t only need diligence—he also needed talent and fate. Hence, Yi Zhao could see through this quite easily.

Seeing Yi Zhao in this manner, Elder Yi Yu heaved a sigh of relief. However, it was a lie to say that he did not feel regret.

If Yi Zhao could really open the eighth meridian, then the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan would be motivated!

“How has Tuan Zi been recently?’ Yi Zhao asked.

Elder Yi Yu retracted his thoughts and couldn’t help but smile when he talked about Tuan Zi. “I heard that when Shangguan Yue and Yi Wentao battled previously, the latter lost miserably. It was also during that battle that Tuan Zi successfully opened her fifth meridian.”

Such news had spread far and wide in the entire God Residence Realm in recent times. It was hard not to know about it.

However, Yi Zhao had been in seclusion during this period of time, so he did not know.

Now that he suddenly heard it, Yi Zhao was surprised and elated. “Really? Why is it so fast?”

It hasn’t been very long since Tuan Zi continuously opened three meridians at Godly Phoenix Mountain.

Yi Zhao originally thought that Tuan Zi could only open her fifth meridian in a few years. He didn’t expect—

“Of course, it’s true. Now that Shangguan Yue is so strong, she can complement Tuan Zi, and they can succeed together.” Yi Zhao smiled brightly and was quite emotional. “Speaking of which, Ancestor was really intelligent! Back then, none of us agreed to Tuan Zi following Shangguan Yue, yet Ancestor insisted on letting her. Who would’ve thought such a day would come?”

Hearing about the latest series of matters, Yi Yu couldn’t help but exclaim that it was a very correct choice for Tuan Zi to follow that woman.

Yi Zhao’s cold and stern face revealed an extremely faint smile. Even though it just flashed past, it was already very rare.

“Ancestor has foresight, and Tuan Zi is very smart. There are so many cultivators in the world, yet she picked the best one at first glance. She’s indeed the bloodline of our red-gold heavenly phoenix clan!”

It meant that he was very proud of her.

Elder Yi Yu silently glanced at the clan leader and couldn’t bear to remind that a certain someone did not want to let Tuan Zi continue her agreement with Shangguan Yue and even threatened her.

As Yi Zhao spoke, he changed the topic. “But Shangguan Yue that girl… Didn’t she previously say that she’d bring Tuan Zi to take a look? It’s been so long, but why isn’t there any news?”

Yi Yu hurriedly said, “Didn’t they just occupy Peach Blossom Dock previously? They should be the busiest now. I think when everything falls into place, they will come. Tuan Zi definitely misses us, right?”

Speaking of this, Yi Zhao’s expression became much warmer.

After some time, he sighed lowly. “Tuan Zi has the purest bloodline and outstanding talent. She’s very intelligent as well. Opening the eighth meridian might be hard for others in the clan, but it might be attainable for her. She may even…”

She might even reach the peak!

Suddenly, his expression changed. “Oh no! Tuan Zi is in trouble!”

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