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2064 She Won’t Lose

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes in satisfaction. The Heavenly Square Cauldron is saturated, but… it isn’t the only holy weapon I have.

Seeing the smile on Chu Liuyue’s face, Wei Ze instantly understood something. “You! You’ve already prepared for this, haven’t you!?”

Chu Liuyue nodded without hiding anything and smiled. “The family head is really impressive. You can even tell?”

Wei Ze was so angry that his face turned pale and his body trembled. At this moment, everyone with eyes can tell. Who is she trying to mock!?

Just as he was about to say something, Chu Liuyue continued, “Junior knows that my talent and strength can’t be compared to all of you. If I want to win this competition, it’s really extremely difficult. Fortunately, Junior’s luck has always been good. I have a few holy weapons in my hands, so I thought that I might be able to take this gamble.”

Wei Ze’s breath was stuck in his chest. He almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Lucky? A few holy weapons? Take this gamble? Is she speaking in human language?

The treasures that countless aristocratic families in the God Residence Realm want but can’t obtain are like cabbages that were casually picked up by her! Where is the justice in this world?

How can she let others live!?

“Ah, right! The family head also had a holy weapon before, right?” Just as Chu Liuyue finished speaking, a low buzzing sound was heard.


Rong Xiu stood beside the Sharp-Edged Halberd, retracted his hand, and reminded, “Here.”

Chu Liuyue shook her head regretfully. “It’s a pity that the owner has already changed. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be much easier for the Wei family to win this round?”

“Yue’er, you’re wrong.” Rong Xiu raised his brows and corrected a small mistake. “This Sharp-Edged Halberd didn’t recognize the head of the Wei family as its master previously, so it can’t be considered a ‘change of master.’”

Chu Liuyue instantly understood. “Look at me, I actually forgot about this! Family Head, Junior didn’t mean to offend you. Please forgive me!”

Wei Ze had completely lost his temper.

He finally understood that these two people were in cahoots! There was no gain in bickering with them!

He waved his sleeves fiercely and snorted. “I hope you’ll have the last laugh!”

Controlling the Heavenly Square Cauldron, a holy weapon, is already very exhausting. Now, Chu Liuyue actually summoned the Flying Cloud Painting. She is really not afraid of death! I want to see how long she can last!

Wei Ze forced himself to recollect his thoughts and stopped paying attention to them.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t be bothered to continue talking to him. She directly spread out the Flying Cloud Painting in front of her and sat cross-legged again.

There seemed to be a layer of faint light enveloping the dense ink pattern.

Streaks of heavenly lightning carried a shocking aura and power as they continuously fell into the painting before quickly disappearing.

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and gathered her focus.

In front of her, sparks flew everywhere. The dazzling light accentuated the calmness between her eyebrows.

This round… I must win!

Chu Liuyue’s sudden actions stunned everyone present. After a long time, everyone finally realized what had happened.

After experiencing a difficult mental struggle, they finally accepted everything. No wonder Chu Liuyue was so confident! It turned out that she had already made plans from the beginning! If one holy weapon isn’t enough, there is still one more!

Who can withstand this!?

Even among the supreme Armory Refinement Masters present, how many of them can go head-on against this?

Most importantly, no one could say anything about her actions. Who asked those two holy weapons to really be hers!?

Previously, they tried their best to disqualify Tuan Zi. They thought that Chu Liuyue would be helpless from then on, but who would have thought…

Moreover, from the start, she had already asked clearly whether the lightning triggered by holy weapons would be included in her final results!

Who would have the guts to refute and question Tang Ke’s words?

Chu Liuyue is so young, but she’s so scheming!

Everyone had different thoughts, but Chu Liuyue didn’t take it to heart. She had already given them a lot of face.

If not for the fact that she was afraid of trouble and wanted to teach these people a lesson, she wouldn’t have spent so much effort to deal with this competition. Only by defeating them fair and square could she obtain Tang Ke’s inheritance without any worries!

Another few days passed.

One by one, they chose to give up.

In the end, there were only three people left in the arena—Chu Liuyue, Shangguan Jing, and… Wei Ze!

Shangguan Jing was publicly acknowledged as an expert, so it was within everyone’s expectations that he could stay behind.

As for the remaining two, they were quite controversial.

On Chu Liuyue’s side, there were two holy weapons holding down and presiding over the situation. Although everyone had mixed opinions about this, they had to admit that she was indeed capable.

In comparison, what was even more surprising was actually Wei Ze.

Although he was the head of the Wei family, had a noble status, and his strength could be considered top-notch… Compared to the people present, he was actually not the top group. After all, the people who came this time were refining big shots who hadn’t left the mountain for many years!

Normally, he would have to be polite to these people. But now, those people couldn’t take it anymore and chose to retreat. However, Wei Ze had unexpectedly persisted until now!

This was a little surprising.

Rong Xiu glanced at Wei Ze, and his lips curled up slightly. “Family Head, you’re really hiding something.”

Wei Ze didn’t seem to hear him. He was focused on devouring the surrounding lightning.

In front of him was a purple-black hammer.

The hammer was engraved with ancient patterns, and its aura was restrained and heavy. As for the lightning, they all landed on the hammer.

He had taken this thing out at the beginning of the competition. Until now, no one knew how many bolts of lightning it had devoured, but there were still no changes. It wasn’t like the Heavenly Square Cauldron, where it was saturated.

This was interesting.

Everyone could tell that this purple-black hammer was a Yuan instrument. It was very powerful outside, but it wasn’t enough here.

But now, the amount of heavenly lightning it could contain had already exceeded the Heavenly Square Cauldron, which was a holy weapon!

At first, everyone didn’t feel that something was wrong. But as time passed, they finally realized that this hammer… was indeed extraordinary!

Rong Xiu glanced at him indifferently, and there seemed to be ripples in his eyes.

At this moment, Tuan Zi came to Rong Xiu’s side and tilted her head to size up the purple-black hammer. She softly muttered, “There’s something wrong with that thing…”

Rong Xiu looked down at her. “Oh? What’s wrong?”

Tuan Zi hesitated for a moment before saying with uncertainty, “This… I can’t say it either. Anyway, it’s just not right…”

It’s as if… as if…

Rong Xiu smiled.

Tuan Zi couldn’t help but ask, “What are you laughing at? Aren’t you worried that A’Yue will lose?”

Rong Xiu raised his brows. His expression was lazy, but he was extremely certain. “She won’t lose.”

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