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2065 Future

Tuan Zi nodded seriously. “Yes! Since both A’Yue and Your Highness says she won’t lose, she definitely won’t lose!”

As she spoke, she sighed regretfully. “Sigh, it’s a pity that I can’t help much in this round…”

Rong Xiu smiled. “It’s not bad if you can use this opportunity to increase your strength.”

After all, Tuan Zi was Chu Liuyue’s fiend. It was a good thing for Chu Liuyue that Tuan Zi’s strength had increased.

Tuan Zi was instantly encouraged and clenched her fists. “Your Highness is right! I’ll go now!”

Before she finished speaking, her small red-gold figure disappeared into the sea of lightning.

Rong Xiu looked up slightly.

More than ten days had passed, but the number of lightning bolts in this vast space didn’t seem to have decreased much. It was obvious that everyone had already devoured a lot, but it was still not worth mentioning when compared to the entire sea of lightning.

Looking up, he saw a dazzling silver light flickering.

After all, it was the lightning that Tang Ke had accumulated for 10,000 years…

Hong long long!

Suddenly, a series of explosions sounded!

Rong Xiu retracted his gaze and saw countless lightning bolts striking down at the same time, heading straight for Shangguan Jing!

In front of him, the Hollow Jade Spirit Embryo—after being polished by countless lightning bolts for a long time—finally revealed the appearance of the sword body!

A layer of dazzling silver light enveloped him, making it almost impossible to look straight at him.

The powerful pressure spreading from above was still rising! More and more lightning bolts landed on it, polishing it bit by bit!

Even Shangguan Jing’s figure was enveloped by this brilliant light, making it difficult to distinguish.

“Is Shangguan Jing’s Yuan instrument finally completed?!”

“Among the three of them, he is the only one who relied on forging a Yuan instrument to trigger the heavenly lightning… If I remember correctly, during this period of time, that Hollow Jade Spirit Embryo has probably swallowed more than a thousand heavenly lightning bolts!”

“He’s indeed powerful… Such ability really makes me sigh in admiration!”

“Heh, how many of us here can be compared to him? In my opinion, in terms of refinement alone, Shangguan Jing is indeed number one among us! However, I wonder who will have the last laugh in this competition?”

Shangguan Jing had reached the final step of forging the Yuan instrument in his hands.

Countless bolts of lightning surged down and were completely annihilated by the longsword forged with the Hollow Jade Spirit Embryo.

At this moment, the power in his body was almost exhausted.

This was the first time in his life that he had triggered so many lightning bolts when refining a Yuan instrument!

That’s right.

This was undoubtedly a supreme Yuan instrument! Moreover, it was the strongest one he could refine in his life!

The shocking commotion even attracted Chu Liuyue and Wei Ze’s attention. The two also raised their heads and looked over.

A strange light flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes. This is the first time I have personally seen Ancestor refine a Yuan instrument. It is more shocking than I had imagined!

Wei Ze clenched his fists tightly as deep envy surged in his heart. He knew very well that with his talent, even if he cultivated for another hundred years, it was impossible for him to reach Shangguan Jing’s standard!

Fortunately, I still have my trump card. It doesn’t matter if I can’t compare to Shangguan Jing for the time being. Only the one who can persevere until the end can obtain Tang Ke’s inheritance! Thinking of this, Wei Ze gazed deeply at the purple-black hammer in front of him.


The sword roared!

Shangguan Jing finally stretched out his hand and held the Hollow Jade Spirit Sword tightly!

In an instant, terrifying sword aura scattered in all directions! It was almost about to cut through space!

A gentle and thick power slowly surged over and surrounded the sword aura.

Tang Ke’s smiling voice sounded. “This is almost the highest level of Yuan instruments. It’s just a little bit away from breaking through the shackles and becoming a holy weapon! Shangguan Jing, you… are indeed very outstanding!”

His words were filled with unconcealed praise and admiration.

In this world, there were very few people who could refine such a Yuan instrument.

Shangguan Jing carefully sized up the longsword in his hand, feeling very excited.

The right time, the right place, and the right people! The reason why he could succeed this time was largely due to the power of the lightning bolts here!

Although he was unable to cross that threshold and truly forge a holy weapon, in reality, Shangguan Jing was already very satisfied.

He knew that if he wanted to advance to the next level, it wouldn’t be as simple as everyone had imagined. Otherwise, someone in the God Residence Realm would’ve successfully refined a holy weapon after Tang Ke and Mr. Su.

Shangguan Jing vaguely sensed that if he wanted to do this, he needed some kind of help, but he wasn’t sure what it was.

This Hollow Jade Spirit Sword was already the strongest Yuan instrument that he could refine with all the knowledge he had in his life!

“Thank you, Senior Tang Ke.” He took a deep breath in. If he weren’t here, I would have to spend a lot of effort to forge this sword.

Tang Ke laughed. “There’s no need to thank me. After all, you’re outstanding enough! Do you still want to continue this competition?”

Shangguan Jing paused for a moment. Then, he shook his head and sighed with a smile. “No.”

The crowd immediately fell silent.

They were a little surprised by Shangguan Jing’s decision, but they also felt that it was reasonable.

This sword had already exhausted his strength. Even if he could barely hold on, it might be meaningless.

It was better to end it here.

In the final period of time, the Hollow Jade Spirit Sword devoured many lightning bolts. Compared to the three of them, it was still unknown who would win.

Even if Shangguan Jing lost in the end, he had forged such a top-notch Yuan instrument. This time, he had profited greatly.

“Okay.” Tang Ke didn’t seem surprised by his choice. “Here, you’ve devoured a total of 1,381 heavenly lightning bolts and are currently ranked first. If the two of them can’t surpass your number in the future, the winner will be you!”

This number left many people speechless.

“If you have the opportunity to refine a holy weapon in the future, it might not be impossible for you.”

Tang Ke’s last sentence made everyone gasp. This is… Does this mean that Shangguan Jing has the potential to refine holy weapons?!

Shangguan Jing’s heart skipped a beat, and he lowered his head slightly. “Thank you for your kind words.”

Everyone had different expressions. The way they looked at Shangguan Jing was very different from before. Since Tang Ke said so, it is basically confirmed! Even if Shangguan Jing doesn’t win this time, if news of this were to spread, it will be enough to shock and make the world admire him…

Shangguan Jing cupped his fist and bowed politely. Then, he turned around and walked toward the entrance.

Seeing him coming, everyone subconsciously became nervous.

“Congratulations, Shangguan!” The few elders who came with Shangguan Jing were the first to react and go forward to congratulate him.

The remaining people hurriedly echoed, “Congratulations, Senior Shangguan!”

“Senior has been silent for many years. Now that he has attacked again, it’s indeed admirable!”

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