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2024 The Real Big Boss

Mo Shiqian felt as if he had been struck by lightning. Even when he knew that Chu Liuyue was half Diwu Zhangze’s disciple, he had never been so desperate.

Fake… All of that information was fake!?

The highest-level secret of Black Demon Hole has been circulating for thousands of years. All the previous sect masters had firmly believed in this and were strictly conservative! But it turned out that… it had been a complete lie from the beginning!?

The blood in Mo Shiqian’s body was surging, and the aura around him showed faint signs of riot.

Between his lips and teeth, the strong smell of blood kept surging, almost suffocating him.

His mind was buzzing, but it also seemed to be blank. Even the scene in front of him seemed to be distorting and becoming illusory.

Diwu Zhangze’s voice was still ringing in his ears. “To me, this Blood Heaven Realm is just the place where this remnant aura resides. Even without the Blood Heaven Realm, I can still stay in another place. However, I remember that this Blood Heaven Realm seems to be very important to you, right? Especially since you’re the sect master. If I’m not wrong, when this Blood Heaven Realm shatters, more than half of the force in your body will be consumed, right?”

Diwu Zhangze shook his head emotionally. “So tragic, so tragic.”

All his years of hard work in cultivation had been ruined just like that.

Those who heard it would be sad, and those who heard it would shed tears.

Mo Shiqian spat out another mouthful of blood.

The Blood Heaven Realm shattered, and the black fog that had been lingering around him gradually dissipated.

Only then did his face appear in front of everyone.

Chu Liuyue looked over, and a hint of surprise flashed across her eyes.

Mo Shiqian looked very young, only in his twenties. His appearance was delicate and pretty, even a little feminine.

His skin was especially fair. If one looked closely, they could even see faint green blood vessels under his thin skin.

It was so pale that he looked like he hadn’t seen the sun all year round.

Anyone who saw this would probably find it very difficult to accept that the famous sect master of Black Demon Hole was actually like this.

“He… relied on cultivation to maintain his appearance?” asked Chu Liuyue softly.

It was said that Mo Shiqian had been in this position for decades. His real age was clearly not what he looked like.

Rong Xiu nodded.

Diwu Zhangze chuckled. “Girlie, you don’t know this, but the cultivation method of this Black Demon Hole is different from other clans and sects. They devour the essence and force of other cultivators to increase their strength—it’s extremely sinister! Moreover, the younger the talent, the more abundant and purer the power they can extract. Mo Shiqian is already at the advanced stage of the God Realm now. At this stage, his hands have been stained with the blood of countless cultivators!”

This was also why he had told Mo Yao that lie back then.

From the beginning, he knew that this Black Demon Hole wasn’t a good thing. But at that time, he didn’t interact much with this place, so he didn’t really care.

Who knew that they would actually reach out to Yue’er today? He couldn’t tolerate this!

Chu Liuyue was secretly shocked when she heard that, but she instantly understood something. No wonder Black Demon Hole has been using all sorts of methods to search for cultivation geniuses from various places. But after they gathered these people, they didn’t nurture them carefully. Instead, they killed them batch by batch. So… It was all because of this!

He Ziji and the others turned pale when they heard that.

They originally thought that by participating in this challenge, they would be able to enter the God Residence Realm and soar, becoming a top-notch expert. In the end… they were just here to die!

If Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu hadn’t stood up, they would have already…

Everyone was terrified.

Looking around, the mountains rose and fell, lush and verdant.

Who would’ve guessed that this was actually a hellish place!?

“Relying on such methods to forcefully raise one’s cultivation is going against the heavens and committing serious sins. In the end, it will only backfire on oneself.” Diwu Zhangze stared at Mo Shiqian with cold eyes. “Originally, I’ve been cultivating my character all these years and didn’t want to get involved in your matters anymore. However, you came knocking on my door… Don’t blame me for being impolite!”

With that, he suddenly raised his hand.

An invisible pressure quickly spread in all directions!


Following his shout, Chu Liuyue suddenly realized that the surrounding space was rapidly freezing.

After the Blood Heaven Realm shattered, it disintegrated into countless fragments that splattered in all directions. At the same time, it carried several violent forces that almost tore the void apart, causing the world to tremble.

But after Diwu Zhangze shouted this, all the movements suddenly stopped.

The fluttering leaves suddenly stopped in the air.

The collapsed mountain rocks stopped rolling down.

The air was filled with a faint smell of blood and a trace of freezing cold air.

A crease suddenly appeared in midair.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes in shock. That’s… the wrinkles caused by forcefully twisting space!

Right on the heels of that was the second and third…

This world seemed to be under Diwu Zhangze’s control. With a wave of his wrist, he twisted and folded the endless void!

He didn’t summon the God Realm, but… he was the only master here!

“Break!” Diwu Zhangze spat out a word.

Those wrinkles quickly gathered around Mo Shiqian and surrounded him. Right on the heels of that, there was a loud bang!


The huge space exploded!

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