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2023 Why Do You All Believe It?

This question was deep, cold, and heavy.

Every word was like a mountain that weighed heavily on Mo Shiqian’s heart! What do I want? It is naturally the thing in Chu Liuyue’s body!

However, he couldn’t say this out loud.

The scene fell into a stalemate, and it was deathly silent.

The air seemed to have frozen.

Everyone waited with bated breath. At this moment, even breathing seemed to be wrong.

“It’s all a misunderstanding.” Finally, Mo Shiqian spoke slowly.

Every word seemed to be spat out through gritted teeth. “Previously, I didn’t know that Shangguan Yue had such a relationship with you. Please forgive me for offending you, Senior.”

This was a compromise!

The people from Black Demon Hole were first shocked. Then, they revealed dejected and despairing expressions. Even the Sect Master said so…

That’s true. We spent so much effort to invite external help, but in the end, he actually supported the other party. How can we continue this battle now?

I’m afraid there’s nothing more awkward than this…

“Misunderstanding? I don’t think so.” Diwu Zhangze interrupted him and sneered. “I heard it clearly just now. You wanted to kill Yue’er and the rest. Although I’m old, I’m not blind yet. Even if it’s really a misunderstanding, could it be that because I made a mistake a few years ago… I will make another mistake now?”

Mo Shiqian closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and finally suppressed the surging emotions in his heart. “…It’s a long story. I can’t explain it to you in such a short time…”

“This old man has a lot of time. If you have anything to say, just say it. If I can resolve the misunderstanding between the two of you, this old man will have done a good deed, right?” Diwu Zhangze laughed.

However, this laugh was undoubtedly the biggest irony in Mo Shiqian’s ears!

He gritted his teeth so hard that they almost broke! There is really no way to deal with this situation now!

Explanation? There is no explanation at all! I’m the one who did those things. How can I explain it clearly?

Mo Shiqian never thought that Chu Liuyue had such a backer!

He lowered his head slightly and said nothing.

Seeing his reaction, what else was there for Diwu Zhangze to suspect? “Mo Shiqian, you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Mo Shiqian suddenly moved! He turned his fist into a palm and slapped the Blood Heaven Realm in front of him!

Since the person I invited wasn’t a helper, then… there is no need to be so respectful!

Thick black mist instantly enveloped the Blood Heaven Realm!

Diwu Zhangze shouted angrily, “Mo Shiqian! How dare you!”

He is going to destroy the Blood Heaven Realm!

There was a trace of Diwu Zhangze’s aura stored inside. If the Blood Heaven Realm was destroyed, Diwu Zhangze would inevitably be affected.

Moreover, without the Blood Heaven Realm, he couldn’t attack.

“Since Senior doesn’t intend to help, don’t blame us for being impolite!” Before he finished speaking, Mo Shiqian had already slapped the middle of the Blood Heaven Realm!

“Sect Master!” When Dou Min and the others saw this, they were all shocked and exclaimed one after another.

They all knew very well that the Blood Heaven Realm was extremely closely related to Mo Shiqian. Most of his cultivation relied on this item.

If they were injured, they basically relied on the Blood Heaven Realm to recover quickly.

Once the Blood Heaven Realm was destroyed, he would also be greatly affected.

But since things had come to this, he had no other choice!


A crisp cracking was heard.

A crack rapidly spread on the Blood Heaven Realm!


Almost at the same time as the Blood Heaven Realm shattered, Mo Shiqian’s body trembled, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood!

The aura around him instantly became extremely dispirited! However, his attacks didn’t stop!

As long as the Blood Heaven Realm was destroyed, the only way for Diwu Zhangze to arrive would be cut off!

If he didn’t come, Mo Shiqian and the entire Black Demon Hole might have a chance of survival!

Sensing Mo Shiqian’s thoughts, Diwu Zhangze snorted coldly, and his blood filled the air!

A terrifying pressure immediately surged out!

Mo Shiqian’s heart sank. Before he could react, he was sent flying by the violent air wave!

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu stood not far away and were about to be affected. But just as the power was about to sweep over, a figure suddenly broke out of the Blood Heaven Realm!


The Blood Heaven Realm completely shattered! However, the figure stood in front of them and easily blocked the violent energy.

Everyone turned to look at the figure.

It was Diwu Zhangze! But at this moment, his figure was a translucent apparition.

And this was the aura he had stored in the Blood Heaven Realm!

Mo Shiqian looked at the scene in front of him in shock and disbelief. “How could this be? The Blood Heaven Realm has shattered. Your aura should also dissipate with it!”

He didn’t finish his sentence, but everyone present understood what he meant.

Diwu Zhangze first turned around and carefully sized Chu Liuyue up.

“Yue’er Girlie, the old man came out in a hurry just now. Did I hurt you?” he asked worriedly and nervously.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but smile and say, “Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Not to mention that I could perfectly dodge this attack with my current strength… Even if it was really too late, wasn’t there still Rong Xiu and him?

These two people stood in front of her and protected her tightly. It would be a miracle if she was still injured.

Diwu Zhangze heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that she wasn’t affected. “That’s great! That’s great!”

On the one hand, his heart ached for Yue’er. On the other hand, if Big Baby and Lan Xiao found out that he didn’t protect Yue’er well…

Tsk, Diwu Zhangze didn’t even know if he could survive in the Red Moon Desert anymore.

He let out a long sigh of relief and then looked at Mo Shiqian.

Mo Shiqian met that pair of weathered and cold eyes, and his heart suddenly trembled.

“You’re right. Without the Blood Heaven Realm, I really can’t come over.” Diwu Zhangze stroked his beard. “However, who told you that once the Blood Heaven Realm shatters, this aura of mine will be annihilated?”

Mo Shiqian opened his mouth, but no sound came out. The reason he thought this way was that… this was acquiesced by the previous sect masters of Black Demon Hole!

Who knew that after shattering the Blood Heaven Realm… Not only did the aura not dissipate, but it even came out?!

Suddenly, Diwu Zhangze slapped his head. “Oh… I remember now. This should be what Mo Yao said back then.”

Mo Yao was the first sect master of Black Demon Hole and the forger of this Blood Heaven Realm.

“He told you that you can use this Blood Heaven Realm to summon me. If you destroy it, you can also cut off my life, right?” Diwu Zhangze looked at him sympathetically. “Silly child, I lied to him back then. Why did you all believe me?”

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