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1970 Leave His Life to Me!

When they fought, Chu Liuyue’s Holy Body actually kicked and broke Yi Wentao’s Eight Divine Holy Body?!

The scene before them was too shocking, causing the people from the Nan family and the Yi family to have incredulous facial expression changes.

If they didn’t see it personally, they would not believe that a true god’s Holy Body could beat a legendary warrior’s Holy Body! In fact, if this type of matter was exposed, other people would treat it as a joke!

On the other hand, Shangguan Jing and the rest sank into deep shock.

Even though Rong Xiu had already explained that Chu Liuyue’s Holy Body was formed through the God-Destroying Tribulation, they only heard of it and didn’t witness it personally. If not, someone would’ve recognized it when Chu Liuyue summoned her Holy Body.

Only very few legendary warriors could summon the God-Destroying Tribulation, and even fewer could survive it.

In the beginning, they didn’t even think about this. If it weren’t for Rong Xiu’s reminder, they would have still been clueless.

The abilities Chu Liuyue’s Holy Body executed also shocked them.

This could no longer be described by ‘amazing.’ This was clearly heaven-defying!

“Hiss… Brother Shangguan, your junior is really…” Zhao Song felt conflicted for a moment and couldn’t think of the words that could explain his current feelings.

In the end, he could only shake his head and helplessly smile as unconcealable admiration and envy filled his eyes. “You’re really lucky!”

Other people really can’t be envious of such blessings!

In the God Residence Realm, countless aristocratic families were established. Every family would spend countless resources and efforts to cultivate their younger generation.

What was it for? Wasn’t it to carry on the family honor and pass it down generation to generation?

As long as the descendants were outstanding enough, they would be sufficiently glorified, and the family clan would continue.

However, Chu Liuyue alone surpassed countless!

She was indeed born outside the God Residence Realm, and her starting was behind the aristocratic family disciples. However, this couldn’t stop her from being outstanding and having heaven-defying fate!

Which of the people present weren’t outstanding geniuses when they were young? But compared to Chu Liuyue, they all paled in comparison!

Even an existence like Zhao Song sighed to himself.

Shangguan Jing didn’t speak and stared at Chu Liuyue closely, his eyes glowing. The descendant behind me, Shangguan Jing, is naturally the most outstanding one!

Zhao Song looked at Rong Xiu and smiled emotionally. “…Your Grace, you indeed have good taste.”

Rong Xiu’s lips curled up slightly, and he happily accepted the praise.

He had always been like this.

Chu Liuyue chased after the Holy Body and continued! This time, she didn’t use any Yuan instruments and directly fought head-on!

Every punch was lethal!

The Eight Divine Holy Body’s tenacity was weaker when compared to her. Additionally, as Yi Wentao was previously injured, he couldn’t support in time and quickly lost the upper hand. Then, he could only be beaten up passively.

Low impact noises and the sounds of bones shattering were heard.

The crowd listened until their hair stood on end.

But Chu Liuyue was unaffected from start to end as her pair of sparkling eyes blazed with even more furious intent!

She didn’t speak and directly beat that Eight Divine Holy Body up!

On the other end, Tuan Zi quickly passed those Xuan formations and came to Zi Chen’s side.

She stared at Yi Wentao with a burning glaze, licked her lips, and crossed her arms as she let out crunching noises.

Zi Chen originally wanted to continue. After hearing her voice, he stopped.

Seeing Tuan Zi’s tempted manner, Zi Chen raised his brows slightly. “Can you do it?”

After all, she was just injured…

Zi Chen said this with good intent, but that wasn’t the case for Tuan Zi when she heard it.

She rubbed her nose. “Hmph, who are you looking down on? I’ll remove his arm to show you!”

When Yi Wentao heard this, he almost puked out blood. This is an utter insult to me! Since when did the Yi family head become a betting object? They even betted on my arm!

Thinking of this, Yi Wentao looked at his wound seeping blood and was so angry that he clenched his teeth.

But at this point, Tuan Zi already took action!

She raised her hand, and a red-golden fire suddenly rose from her palms! Then, she waved her small hand, and the fire instantly turned into a long whip that lashed toward Yi Wentao!

Wherever the fire passed, the void collapsed continuously!

Yi Wentao was taken aback! The red-gold heavenly phoenix actually became so much stronger after opening her fifth meridian?!

In actual fact, although he had interacted with the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan before, he didn’t understand them much, nor did he fight with a red-gold heavenly phoenix who had opened the fifth meridian.

Normally speaking, one could be an elder in the clan with this cultivation level.

Yi Wentao wouldn’t offend an elder from the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan out of nowhere. This was also why Tuan Zi’s attack had long exceeded Yi Wentao’s predictions!

The fire rapidly came and caused the surrounding temperature to rise to a burning temperature!

Yi Wentao’s sticky bloodstains rapidly dried up because of this, leaving behind dark-red and stiff bloodstains.


That fire whip pierced through the air!

Yi Wentao originally wanted to forcefully take this attack, but Zi Chen’s previous attack damaged him greatly, causing him to only be able to retreat!

Although he was fast, Tuan Zi’s fire was faster!

A fire light flashed across his eyes, and uneasiness suddenly surged up Yi Wentao’s heart. Then, an excruciating burn came from his other arm!

It was the fire whip that tightly caught his remaining arm.

Without hesitation, Tuan Zi pulled harshly!

A bone-breaking sound was heard!

Before Yi Wentao could think of how to defend it, Tuan Zi tore his arm!

Only two badly mangled wounds were left on his shoulders, and they looked astonishing!

The thick blood spread across and almost caused one to vomit!

Tuan Zi waved her hand in contempt and looked up proudly. “How is it?”

Zi Chen glanced at her, and suddenly, the corner of his lips curled up.

Tuan Zi was stunned. What is he smiling at?!

At this point, Chu Liuyue finally stopped. She had beaten up that Eight Divine Holy Body until it was black and bruised, unable to retaliate.

She turned around and raised her brows. “Very good.”

“Leave his life to me!”

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