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1969 Fist is Very Firm

In the beginning, Yi Wentao didn’t quite understand what Chu Liuyue meant, until he found out that the Xuan formations’ force was still rising!

He narrowed his eyes and then realized that Chu Liuyue was burning her own force to forcefully support these Xuan formations!

Her force was not only not exhausted like he had expected, but it was still very rich—to the point she could still separate out a portion of her force when she fought with his Eight Divine Holy Body to control these Xuan formations!

A terrifying amount of force came from the Xuan formations and started attacking Yi Wentao!

One had to know that without the Eight Divine Holy Body’s protection, Yi Wentao’s physical body was very limited.

Even though he was a legendary warrior, without the holy body, he couldn’t blindly fight with these Xuan formations! There were still quite a few Grandmaster-level Xuan formations inside!

The bit of God Realm around Yi Wentao started to crumble as well!

The heavy suppression landed on his body, and it was heavy and painful! Intense pain came from every part of his body!

Yi Wentao was so shocked that he couldn’t speak. Chu Liuyue’s cultivation level is definitely just that of a true god. We’ve fought before, so I’m very confident about this. However… how does her body contain such shocking force?! Even I faintly feel that I pale in comparison!

Not only Yi Wentao had such doubts. In actual fact, when Chu Liuyue took action again and controlled those Xuan formations, everyone present was stunned!

A cultivator’s body was like a tolerant device.

A cultivator of every grade had a certain upper limit. Once they exceeded this upper limit, the cultivator would likely explode and die. This was also the invisible wall crafted by one’s cultivation level.

Normally speaking, the force contained in a true god’s body couldn’t be compared to a legendary warrior. Sometimes, such a gap could be up to few or even dozens times more!

But now… Anyone could tell that Chu Liuyue had totally crushed Yi Wentao in this aspect!

Force continuously surged out of her body as if it could never be finished!

The bright smile on Yi Wenzhuo’s face suddenly froze. “H-how did her body accumulate so much, but she didn’t explode and die?!”

If it were someone else, their pearl of essence and physical body wouldn’t be able to take it, right?

On the Nan family and Yi family side, the originally bustling atmosphere reached its freezing point!

As Yi Wentao thought crazily, countless thoughts flashed across his mind. I can’t just sit here! I know too clearly what the consequences of continuing to stay here and being surrounded by these Xuan formations will be! I have to avoid all these troubles first!

Thinking of this, Yi Wentao suddenly looked up. With an idea in his mind, he wanted to summon the Eight Divine Holy Body back into his body.

But at this point, Chu Liuyue suddenly turned her fist into a palm as her two hands gripped that Holy Body’s wrist tightly!

Yi Wentao’s heart sank! “Shangguan Yue, how dare you!?”

As if she didn’t hear it at all, Chu Liuyue circulated her surrounding force crazily and inserted it into her two palms! Following that, she gathered her courage and dragged that Holy Body up!

Her flexible and firm waist turned!

The gigantic Eight Divine Holy Body, which was a few times bigger than Chu Liuyue, was harshly flung out by her!

At this point, Yi Wentao was distracted. Just when he didn’t notice it, Chu Liuyue took advantage of it and directly flung the Eight Divine Holy Body far away!

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Heavy and hurried footsteps were heard as that Eight Divine Holy Body left quite a few deep footprints on the ground, before it forcefully stabilized its figure.

But at this point, Chu Liuyue was standing between Yi Wentao’s physical body and his Holy Body!

Yi Wentao clenched his teeth until they felt itchy. Chu Liuyue clearly did it on purpose!

After being angered to the extreme, the last string in Yi Wentao’s mind was tense!

A totem rapidly surfaced near his brows! Following this, his figure moved, and he planned to rush forward!

Right at this point, a black figure suddenly appeared behind Yi Wentao—it was Zi Chen!

Zi Chen gazed at Yi Wentao coldly in a high and mighty manner as if he were looking at an ant.

Yi Wentao felt the back of his head turn cold, and he instinctively turned around.

The many Xuan formations formed a gigantic web that surrounded almost three-quarters of his surrounding area, leaving this small piece of space behind. However, he didn’t expect Zi Chen to appear here!

Yi Wentao felt that something was amiss.

Following that, a distant and ancient shriek came from Zi Chen’s body! It sounded like a legendary three-eyed eagle’s shriek with a vague dragon’s roar!

Then, a purplish-golden ray of light rapidly flew across his brows!


It was hurried, and the sound of an object piercing through one’s flesh was heard!

Yi Wentao couldn’t dodge in time, and one of his shoulders was directly shaved off!

His arm was bloody!

Yi Wentao suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and was overwhelmed with shock and anger! “You—”


Right at this point, another clear phoenix shriek was heard!

On the other hand, the Ancestral Golden Feather finally finished the fifth line! The fifth meridian was… opened!

Tuan Zi’s suppression exploded!

Her body was still burning with the red-golden fire, and her entire figure was like a ball of fire that went straight for Yi Wentao!

“Leave me the remaining arm!”

Chu Liuyue’s figure flashed across, and she kicked toward that Eight Divine Holy Body!

That Eight Divine Holy Body immediately crossed itsarms to block the front!


A crisp, bone-breaking sound was heard. Then, the crowd saw that the Eight Divine Holy Body’s arms twisted in a very strange angle.

The one who lost was actually Yi Wentao’s Eight Divine Holy Body!

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