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1965 Real Owner!

Yi Wentao’s eyes lit up. Is she finally going to use it?

But the next moment, Chu Liuyue’s actions greatly disappointed him; she just let go and seemed to put the Celestial Shield on the floor, not planning to use it.

Following this, Chu Liuyue harshly pierced the Chi Xiao Sword into the ground!

A crack started spreading on the ground.

Yi Wentao found it even more strange. Is Chu Liuyue not planning to fight? But seeing her appearance, it clearly doesn’t seem like…


A red ray of light suddenly flew out!

In front of Chu Liuyue, a red scroll floated quietly.

Nan Hetian almost immediately widened his eyes. “Flying Cloud Painting!”

Once he said this, the expressions of the Nan family’s people became extremely ugly.

In the beginning, they weren’t very sure. However, Nan Hetian was always with Nan Yifan and was extremely familiar with it. Since he said so, it must be the Flying Cloud Painting without a doubt!

“Not only did Shangguan Yue subdue Luo Yan and the rest, but she even snatched the Flying Cloud Painting?!” Someone gasped in shock.

But upon deeper thought, this wasn’t very surprising.

This item had always been in Nan Yifan’s care. When Nan Yuxing and the rest came to Peach Blossom Dock this time, due to all sorts of worries, it was normal for Nan Yifan to secretly pass the Flying Cloud Painting to them.

Nan Yuxing was now dead, and some of the remaining elders were also dead. The remaining elders had betrayed the Nan family as well, so it wasn’t strange for the Flying Cloud Painting to finally land in Chu Liuyue’s hands.

However, this item was the Nan family’s treasure after all. Now that it was taken away by Chu Liuyue, the people in the Nan family would naturally feel upset.

Nan Hetian took a deep breath in and tried his best to calm himself down. “Don’t worry, that’s Master’s item. She doesn’t need—”


Chu Liuyue waved her bare hands, and the Flying Cloud Painting instantly spread across!

Nan Hetian was stumped, and his remaining words got stuck in his throat as his eyes were filled with shock.

The remaining people in the Nan family weren’t anywhere better. From how she looks… Does she really take the Flying Cloud Painting as her own? However… Nan Yifan hasn’t swallowed it yet!

The moment Yi Wentao saw the Flying Cloud Painting, a glimpse of strangeness also flashed across his face for once.

He and Nan Yifan were considered old acquaintances, so he knew very clearly how much Nan Yifan treasured this item.

If Nan Yifan wasn’t worried about Nan Yuxing, he might not even take this item out. Who knew that it would benefit Chu Liuyue in the end?

However, the crux is… Chu Liuyue seems to know how to unleash the item’s powers?

Just as this thought flashed across their minds, Yi Wentao saw Chu Liuyue stretching her hand over.

Her fingers were thin and white, like supreme jade.

Then, she lightly tapped the Flying Cloud Painting.

She did this action nonchalantly and casually, with an indifferent elegance. It was as if she didn’t take this into consideration.

The next moment, a ray of light flew across and formed a gigantic Xuan formation in midair!

“Four Symbols Formation?!” Even though Yi Wentao wasn’t a Xuan Master, he dabbled in Xuan formations. Thus, he immediately recognized it when he saw it.

The scene before him caused his eyes to narrow. Just now… Chu Liuyue just tapped on it lightly and unleashed such a Xuan formation? That’s not right! This Xuan formation came from the Flying Cloud Painting!

Even a true Grandmaster Xuan Master can’t successfully form a Four Symbols Formation in such a short period of time. The only explanation is that the formation was originally engraved in the Flying Cloud Painting! One just had to insert a bit of force to unleash it!

The people from the Nan family were stunned. “There’s also… a Xuan formation in the Flying Cloud Painting?!”

For the past thousands of years, the Flying Cloud Painting had always been in the Nan family, and the family heads took care of it.

As the Nan family rarely interacted with the other aristocratic families, and Nan Yifan was very strong on his own, he barely used the Flying Cloud Painting.

In many people’s minds, the Flying Cloud Painting was used to preserve one’s life and to rapidly escape at crucial junctures. This included the many people in the Nan family.

At this point, the people from the Nan family were stunned when they saw Chu Liuyue summon an extremely high-standard Xuan formation from the Flying Cloud Painting.

Following this, without waiting for them to react, they saw Chu Liuyue’s jade-like fingers tap a few more times on the Flying Cloud Painting.

Xuan formations appeared one after another! The one with the lowest grade was actually a Great King Xuan Master formation!

These Xuan formations floated in midair quietly and quickly formed a unique Xuan formation barrier in front of Chu Liuyue!

The more terrifying thing was that the number of Xuan formations kept increasing.

All the Xuan formations rushed out, and a strong aura exuded from within. Yi Wentao’s God Realm started to tremble slightly.

Detecting this, uneasiness uncontrollably surged out of Yi Wentao’s heart.

One had to know that a Grandmaster could fight with a legendary warrior! Just based on the dozens of Xuan formations before him, more than half of them were of that level!

This was almost akin to having many Grandmasters fight him!

Yi Wentao instinctively turned around and glanced at Nan Yifan.

At this point, Nan Yifan was in an unconscious state and had no recognition of what was happening.

Yi Wentao was overwhelmed with shock and anger as he gazed at Chu Liuyue again. It was as if he were looking at a weird creature.

At this point, he finally realized something—Nan Yifan isn’t the Flying Cloud Painting’s true owner! If not, it’s impossible for Nan Yifan not to react to such a big commotion caused by Chu Liuyue.

Nan Yifan might not even know that the true Flying Cloud Painting is like this! If he had known, Nan Yuxing wouldn’t have ended up in such a state. This also means that… the Flying Cloud Painting treasured by the Nan family for thousands of years never once belonged to them, and it became Chu Liuyue’s object under a twist of fate!

Chu Liuyue’s gaze burned as she stared at Yi Wentao before her. Then, she suddenly urged the forces in her body and clearly hollered, “Go!”

Once she said that, the dozens of Xuan formations went toward Yi Wentao with determination!

The violent force spread around, and wherever it went, the green God Realm broke, inch by inch!

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