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1966 Cannot Add onto Trouble

The originally strangely firm and suppressive God Realm started rapidly collapsing uncontrollably!

In no time, the many Xuan formations went close to Yi Wentao like a gigantic brilliant web!

Yi Wentao’s expression changed greatly! Even if he was a top legendary warrior, it was impossible for him to handle the attacks from so many Xuan formations at once!

He rapidly circulated his force, and a totem flashed across his brows!

A figure almost exactly the same as his appeared before him! Then, that figure rapidly expanded!

In the blink of an eye, it had grown to thrice the size o Yi Wentao!

That holy body’s eyes presented in a thick, dark-green color!

Icy coldness, high and mighty!

“Eight Divine Holy Body!” Nan Suhuai muttered softly and stared at it closely.

Yi Wentao’s type of holy body was extremely rare and very strong.

Rumors had it that the Eight Divine Holy Body was made by the Yi family ancestors, and only the people in the Yi family could cultivate it. However, it was extremely hard to cultivate, and not many could truly succeed.

After most of the people in the Yi family failed, they would choose to cultivate other holy bodies. Once it succeeded, the cultivator’s skills would be greatly elevated!

This was also why Yi Wentao could stably be the Yi family head for so many years and had absolute speaking power in the Yi family.

Nan Suhuai had only heard of it before and didn’t personally see it. He didn’t expect to personally witness Yi Wentao summoning the Eight Divine Holy Body at this point!

Following this, under the crowd’s stares, that holy body took a step out, raised its hand, and hurled a fist!

The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force surged over as if it was crazy and formed into a gigantic wind fist!

A thought popped up in Yi Wentao’s mind, and the wind fist flew across!


A loud sound was heard!

That Eight Divine Holy Body directly smashed the Xuan formation at the very front with a fist!

That Xuan formation instantly turned into countless shards that glowed faintly and spread across!

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly, and her fingers rapidly slid across the Flying Cloud Painting.

The ray of light seemed to have felt something and rushed over. Similar to rain falling into the sea, it rapidly disappeared without a trace.

Chu Liuyue looked down.

The small square where the Xuan formation was located was originally brilliant, but it had become much fainter now. It showed that Yi Wentao’s previous attack had impacted the Xuan formation greatly.

Luckily, after the destroyed Xuan formation went back… Although it was greatly damaged, it kept absorbing the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force to replenish its own force.

Seeing the color slowly return, Chu Liuyue heaved a long sigh of relief.

The Xuan formations in the Flying Cloud Painting could be summoned continuously. Even if they were forcefully destroyed, as long as they had sufficient Heaven and Earth Force to replenish them, they would still be repaired one day. However, the time taken might be longer.

Yi Wentao’s one fist directly destroying a Xuan formation caused the crowd’s expressions to change.

“It’s indeed the Eight Divine Holy Body. It lives up to its name…”

Nan Suhuai looked at Chu Liuyue rather worriedly.

Even though she had the Flying Cloud Painting, her cultivation level was still lower than Yi Wentao after all.

The two parties were worlds apart, and it wasn’t that easy to bridge the gap.

Yi Wentao… wasn’t that easy to handle…

Shangguan Jing and the rest were all staring at the situation tightly.

Zhao Song couldn’t help but say, “Brother Shangguan, Yi Wentao’s Eight Divine Holy Body is a legendary existence amongst holy bodies. Rumors have it that the last time he summoned the Eight Divine Holy Body was decades ago. Your girl is rather amazing to force him to this stage in such a short amount of time. But speaking of which, now that he’s using his full force, I’m afraid your girl will be in some danger…”

Yi Wentao was a harsh character. Since he dared to come this time, he definitely had full confidence.

They didn’t see him for so many years, and his Eight Divine Holy Body became much stronger!

Peach Blossom Dock was such a good place. If Chu Liuyue had to give this place up to someone else because she lost a battle, even he would feel that it was a pity.

Shangguan Jing stood with one hand behind his back and squinted slightly when he heard this. “Yi Wentao is capable, but my Yue’er is not to be trifled with.”

His tone was calm, but he had extremely strong confidence. It was as if he was confident that Chu Liuyue would win this battle.

Zhao Song turned around and exchanged glances with the crowd behind. We can tell that Chu Liuyue is indeed strong, but she will still pale in comparison compared to Yi Wentao, right? This Eight Divine Holy Body—


Another intense piercing sound was heard.

The second Xuan formation was forcefully destroyed by Yi Wentao’s Eight Divine Holy Body!

The surrounding crowd seemed to become even more nervous.

The Xuan formations were broken one after another, yet Chu Liuyue just stood rooted to the ground and didn’t react at all.

She stared at the front calmly, and her pretty face was calm.

That pair of dark and bright eyes seemed to have ripples in them as if she were thinking.

Seeing Yi Wentao’s strong presence, quite a few people became anxious. What exactly is Chu Liuyue planning? She isn’t prepared to just surrender, right?

Yi Wentao watched on coldly, and a mocking smile flashed across his eyes. The Flying Cloud Painting is amazing, and Chu Liuyue is indeed capable to be able to take it as her own and understand the truth behind it! With this item, a cultivator just has to spend a little force to guide the Xuan formations out and unleash power with multiplied strength!

This is indeed an extremely rare treasure! However, many people have neglected one thing—even if every Xuan formation only needs slight force to activate it, these dozens of Xuan formations added together require quite a substantial amount of force!

Chu Liuyue can’t possibly hold on. Hence, as long as the Xuan formations in front of heraere settled, Chu Liuyue will have no more combat power!

Yi Wentao thought of this and crazily circulated his force!

Hong hong hong!

All sorts of explosions and impact sounds were heard! It was deafening!

The violent forces spread everywhere. Quite a few people set up barriers before them and blocked the forces with much difficulty.

Even so, there were some weaker people who couldn’t tolerate this suppression and backed away as they continuously vomited blood.

Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier shook again!

“A’Yue…” Tuan Zi widened her eyes and wanted to go forward.

Zi Chen knitted his brows slightly, took Tuan Zi’s outstretched hand, and pulled her back.

Tuan Zi’s entire person was soft and fuzzy as she was easily brought into Zi Chen’s arms, unable to break free.

“Going over now is just going to cause more trouble for her,” said Zi Chen lightly.

Hearing this, Tuan Zi finally gave up struggling and tightly clenched her two fists as she stared at the front. I can’t cause trouble… I want to help A’Yue!


Red-golden fire suddenly rose in her eyes! Almost at the same time, the sky rapidly darkened!

Zi Chen was shocked and suddenly looked up!

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