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1924 Interrogation

Yan Qing responded, but he felt a little strange. In the beginning, His Highness planned to go together with me. For some reason, he suddenly suggested that I clean up first. If His Highness really had such plans, he would’ve said it long ago and would never suddenly suggest it halfway.

Yan Qing quickly glanced at His Highness.

His Highness was still handsome and calm, with a faint smile on his lips. “Since Yue’er doesn’t mind, we’ll listen to you.”

Yan Qing: “…”

What is His Highness doing with this feint? However, His Highness’s thoughts have always been unpredictable…

Yan Qing only thought for a moment before quickly putting away his thoughts.

He followed the two of them respectfully, but he suddenly recalled the scene just now. I heard that Shi Fang and Xiao Ba had gone outside the city to deal with the plants and herbs. It seems that it was indeed quite difficult…

He had chanced upon some news about the Thirteen Yue Guard before and knew that they each specialized in different fields.

Shi Fang usually liked to grow vegetables, but he actually knew the geography of mountains and rivers very well. He also knew how to plan and deal with the messy mountain forest.

As for Xiao Ba, she liked to refine pills but was different from ordinary heavenly doctors. She preferred to think about those strange herbs and prescriptions.

If the two of them worked together, they could help San San solve many problems.

Regarding the rebuilding of Peach Blossom Dock, His Highness had made it clear from the beginning that there was no need for their people to take action.

At first, Yan Qing was a little worried. But after a few days, he was surprised to discover that the Thirteen Yue Guards were indeed able to handle these matters in an orderly manner. It could even be said to be outstanding.

The group of subordinates beside Chu Liuyue looked ordinary, but when they really encountered trouble, they were all very useful. This made Yan Qing look at Chu Liuyue and the Thirteen Yue Guards in a new light and admire them.

At this moment, Chu Liuyue suddenly turned around and glanced at Yan Qing.

Yan Qing was sharp, immediately sensing it, and he looked up. “Princess Consort?”

Chu Liuyue gazed suspiciously at him as if thinking about something.

Yan Qing was confused.

Chu Liuyue knew Xiao Ba very well. Xiao Ba has always cared a lot about her image, but when she is doing serious business, she wouldn’t care about this. And this time… At first, she was still very normal. Later, she seemed to have suddenly changed her attitude after hearing Rong Xiu call Yan Qing.

“Yan Qing, our Xiao Ba is usually a little impatient, but she’s very kind and a good girl. If she offended you before, I’ll apologize to you on her behalf first.”

Chu Liuyue knew that Xiao Ba had been looking for trouble with Yan Qing recently. However, Xiao Ba had always known her limits, so she didn’t interfere.

Moreover, there had been a lot of things to do recently, so she had forgotten about this for a moment. Now that she saw their reactions, she suddenly remembered.

Perhaps they really had a misunderstanding?

Yan Qing immediately cupped his hands. “Princess Consort, you’re too kind. Miss Xiao Ba is very good. It’s all my fault—”

For offending her… Yan Qing thought for a moment but didn’t say these words. “It’s all my fault for speaking inappropriately and offending Miss Xiao Ba.”

He still felt that the fact that he had misunderstood her wasn’t very honorable to say. Therefore, he only mentioned it briefly.

Hearing his words, Chu Liuyue instantly felt much more at ease. Yan Qing’s personality has always been to say whatever is on his mind. It seems that there is indeed nothing serious. But for some reason… I still feel that it’s a little strange…

“We’re almost there,” Rong Xiu held her hand and reminded her.

Returning to her senses, Chu Liuyue gathered her chaotic thoughts and looked ahead. “Let’s go take a look.”

The dungeon of Yue Manor had been there from the beginning.

After San San bought Yue Manor, it was renovated, including the dungeon. According to him, everything he prepared for his master had to be the best!

And so… The defense of this dungeon was far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

There were as many as six Great King Xuan Master-level Xuan formations.

Chu Liuyue didn’t ask how San San did this.

In Peach Blossom Dock, there was no lack of all kinds of capable people. It was his ability to find them and ask them to help.

After detaining Luo Yan and the others here, San San sent some more people to stand guard here. Of course, more importantly, Chu Liuyue could rest assured because she had already done something to these people when she locked them up.

Although these four people were still at the legendary warrior realm, they couldn’t condense the force in their bodies and were basically no different from cripples.

The dungeon was very spacious and empty.

The three of them passed through layers of checkpoints and arrived at the deepest part of the dungeon.

Along the way, clear footsteps echoed back and forth, making the entire dungeon seem even emptier and more eerie.

Before Chu Liuyue saw the people, she could already smell a strong sweet scent.

After walking for a distance, Yan Qing consciously stopped and was in charge of guarding.

Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue continued walking inside.

The cells here were all made of fine iron and were connected to each other. However, the four people from the Nan family were locked up in different places.

Not only could they not see each other, but they couldn’t even hear each other’s voices. This was also convenient to defeat them one by one.

Finally, the two of them arrived at the door of a cell.

Through the bars and wards, they could clearly see what was happening inside.

“He’s Nan Hongyang,” Rong Xiu said.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

At this moment, Nan Hongyang was curled up on the ground, covered in blood. It was obvious that he had suffered a lot of torture.

Anyone who saw it would find it difficult to believe that this was actually a legendary warrior.

Hearing the voice, Nan Hongyang moved and looked up.

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