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1923 Embarrassed

Chu Liuyue’s ears turned red. At this point, he is still in the mood to tease me.

She subconsciously glanced at Yan Qing.

Yan Qing looked down and pretended to be invisible. His Highness and the Princess Consort are newlyweds. The two of them hadn’t been alone for long before they rushed here. During this period of time, the two of them were busy with everything. Perhaps they didn’t even have the chance to talk properly together.

It’s normal for His Highness to be like this.

Although Yan Qing didn’t understand love, he understood His Highness.

Chu Liuyue knew her man very well. Hence, she could only sigh helplessly.

She walked over and held Rong Xiu’s hand. “Hubby, what are you talking about? Haven’t I been accompanying you for the past few days? It’s your turn to accompany me this time, okay?”

She was deliberately teasing him, so she deliberately softened her voice. Her tone was soft and innocent.

Every syllable lingered in his ears like a feather that gently swept across his heart.

Rong Xiu smiled and held her hand.

Her hands were slender and soft. When she approached, the unique faint fragrance on her body wafted over, refreshing.

Rong Xiu looked at her bright and smiling eyes and was tempted. “Alright. I’ll follow you wherever you want to go, Madam.”

As he spoke, he stood up and held her hand tightly. He then rubbed his fingertips gently against the back of her hand.

His generous response made Chu Liuyue feel embarrassed.

She coughed and gathered her thoughts. “Then, let’s go over now.”

Luo Yan and the others were locked in the dungeon of Yue Manor. They all knew the place.

The two of them walked out hand in hand, with Yan Qing following.

The three of them walked in the direction of the dungeon in the backyard.

As soon as they walked out of the courtyard, they bumped into Xiao Ba and Shi Fang, who had just returned.

Yan Qing looked up and was shocked.

The two of them looked as if they had just experienced a calamity; they were covered in dirt.

There were also many mud stains on Xiao Ba’s exquisite and gorgeous skirt. She looked like she had just come out of the mud.

Shi Fang always liked to mess with the vegetable garden, often looking like this. However, Xiao Ba was famous for being clean and beautiful. Usually, if there were a few more creases on her dress, she would feel uncomfortable for a long time.

Now that she suddenly appeared in such an image, it was no wonder that an iceberg like Yan Qing was filled with surprise. But because Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue were in front, Xiao Ba and Shi Fang didn’t notice him at first.

Seeing the two of them like this, Chu Liuyue was surprised and heartbroken. She hurriedly went forward and asked, “Xiao Ba, Shi Fang, what are you—”

She knew that the two of them had gone out two days ago, but she didn’t expect them to return in such a sorry state.

“Master!” When Xiao Ba saw Chu Liuyue, she immediately wanted to pounce on the latter. But before she could move, she recalled her current appearance.

She sighed dejectedly, spread her hands, and whined aggrievedly. “Master, look—I’m so pitiful!”

Although she said that she was pitiful, her beautiful eyes were still bright and sparkling. Even her dirty appearance couldn’t hide her enchanting elegance.

Chu Liuyue went forward and gently pinched her face. “I knew Xiao Ba was the best!”

Xiao Ba immediately narrowed her eyes in satisfaction. Although the filth is driving me crazy… It’s worth it to hear this!

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows slightly.

Shi Fang leaned forward and waited expectantly for his master’s praise.

However, Chu Liuyue asked, “Fang Shi, how did you take care of your Eighth Sister?”

Shi Fang: ???

Everyone clearly did the same thing, and I even did more than Eighth Sister. Why is the treatment completely different?

Xiao Ba glanced at him smugly. Shi Fang is still too young. It has been so many years, but he still hasn’t recognized his status?

“I… I was wrong…” Shi Fang also felt aggrieved.

Chu Liuyue nodded in satisfaction. “Your Eighth Sister usually can’t stand this filth. Look at how much trouble she’s been through. In the future, let her do less dirty work.”

Shi Fang endured it and couldn’t help but mutter, “But only Eighth Sister knows how to take care of those herbs the best…”

How could she not do this personally? Although I know a lot, most of the time, it’s better for Eighth Sister to do it.

Xiao Ba pursed her lips, and her eyes sparkled as if water could drip from them.

Just as she was hesitating about whether she should continue to lean toward her master, she suddenly heard Rong Xiu say, “Yan Qing, go over and clean up that side first.”

Hearing this name, Xiao Ba froze.

She turned around stiffly and saw in despair that there was a person standing behind the two of them like an ice cube.

Yan Qing said, “Yes!”

With that, as if sensing Xiao Ba’s gaze, he looked over.

They stared at each other for an instant.

Xiao Ba almost fainted. What do I look like now? What am I like now?!

They hadn’t interacted since the last quarrel.

Xiao Ba originally thought that she had to find an opportunity to get back at him. Unexpectedly, this opportunity didn’t come but an embarrassing one came instead!

Thinking of her unkempt and disheveled appearance, she looked at him again!

Xiao Ba was about to break down. She had never felt so embarrassed before!

“Master, I suddenly remembered that I still have something to do. I’ll take my leave first!” Xiao Ba quickly said this and turned to leave!

Her footsteps were hurried, and in the blink of an eye, she was gone.

“Hey! Xiao Ba—” Chu Liuyue originally wanted to say more, but Xiao Ba left just like that. Her hand grabbed at the air, then withdrew.

“She’s in such a hurry…” Chu Liuyue muttered strangely. Wasn’t she fine just now?

“Shi Fang, has anything happened to Xiao Ba in the past two days?”

Shi Fang pointed to the sky and swore, “No, I swear. As you know, we all care about Eighth Sister the most. If there’s anything, how can we not know?”

After experiencing reality, Shi Fang had already recognized everything.

Xiao Ba didn’t look like she was in trouble… Chu Liuyue nodded. “Then, let her be for now. You’ve been tired for a long time; go back and rest well.”

Her comforting words immediately brought tears to Shi Fang’s eyes. Master still cares about me!

He nodded vigorously. “Master, don’t worry! Most of the things outside have been dealt with. Third Brother has already sent someone to take over the rest. I believe it will recover quickly.”

Chu Liuyue laughed. “Alright, you’ve worked hard. I’ll specially reserve a mountain for you as a vegetable garden later.”

Shi Fang was overjoyed. “Thank you, Master!”

With that, he didn’t stay any longer and quickly left happily.

Chu Liuyue gently exhaled and glanced at Yan Qing, who had yet to leave. “Forget it. Let’s go over together.”

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