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1921 Confession

Rong Xiu nodded and said slowly, “That’s right. Most of the aristocratic families in the God Residence Realm are divided into first, second, and third-rate families, but there are two families that aren’t included. One is the Nan family, and the other is the Yi family.”

Chu Liuyue found it weird. “Why are these two families so unique?”

Rong Xiu laughed. “This matter is quite old. Do you still remember that I previously mentioned to you that 10,000 years ago, a shocking battle broke out in the God-Killing Tumulus, and countless experts died?”

Chu Liuyue nodded. Of course, she remembered this.

“At that time, the battle was intense. I heard that many people almost fought their way out of the God-Killing Tumulus and suffered countless casualties. In such an intense battle, the Heaven and Earth Force had long erupted. It was almost dark and gradually threatened the many ordinary cultivators outside the God-Killing Tumulus.”

Chu Liuyue paused for a moment. Judging from the many tombstones we saw in the God-Killing Tumulus, the situation at that time might indeed have caused such consequences. With so many experts gathered to fight, it’s obvious what a terrifying scene it was.

“Fortunately, someone appeared to stop them later and set up a barrier outside the God-Killing Tumulus. It wasn’t until the fierce battle ended that the barrier finally broke. However, it also protected the people outside the God-Killing Tumulus.”

Chu Liuyue’s eyes widened in surprise. “What kind of person can do this?”

Not only did this require benevolence, but it also required extraordinary strength!

Rong Xiu paused and smiled. “That person’s identity was very mysterious, and nobody knew him. Later, when the matter was over, that person disappeared. It was rumored that the ancestors of the Nan family and the Yi family were all followers of that person.”

Realization dawned on Chu Liuyue.

“After that, the two of them didn’t chase after that person anymore. Instead, they each found a territory in the God Residence Realm and established their own aristocratic families, which are the current Nan family and Yi family.”

Rong Xiu poured a cup of tea and rubbed his slender fingers gently on the bone porcelain teacup. His voice was faint and ethereal. “Ten thousand years have passed, and these things have long been drowned in time. Very few people know about it. The Nan family and Yi family have always thought highly of themselves and rarely get involved in external matters. The only ones who know about them are those first-rate families with quite the legacy.”

No wonder…

Hearing Rong Xiu’s explanation, Chu Liuyue finally understood why she had never heard of the Nan family before.

It wasn’t difficult to understand why Nan Yiyi and the others were so arrogant when she met them outside the God-Killing Tumulus…

The Nan family and the Yi family… Their existence exceeds the aristocratic families.

“In that case, the Nan family and the Yi family are considered the two most powerful families in the God-Residence Realm? Then, why was Nan Yifan… so afraid of you before?” Chu Liuyue tried to ask.

It wasn’t the first time she had asked the question. Previously, Rong Xiu’s answer was always very simple. He only said that he had something on Nan Yifan, which made the other party rather afraid.

However, Chu Liuyue felt that something was wrong. Nan Yifan’s attitude… doesn’t seem like he was purely threatened. There vaguely seemed to be some respect and fear for Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu glanced at her with a faint smile. “Afraid? He’s already sent someone over. How is he afraid?”

Chu Liuyue was stumped. That’s true… Although Nan Yuxing always said that he was here to avenge Nan Yiyi, without Nan Yifan’s tacit approval, how could he have mobilized so many venerable elders?

Thinking of this, Chu Liuyue changed the topic. “By the way, I wonder how Luo Yan and the others are doing now…”

It had been three days since the chaotic day at Peach Blossom Dock.

In the past three days, they had been staying in Yue Manor to deal with the aftermath.

The terrain of the mountains outside Peach Blossom Dock had almost completely changed. Fortunately, there was abundant natural energy here, and with the help of the small space, everything was recovering quickly.

Although Peach Blossom Dock had also suffered a lot, most of it had fortunately survived.

As for the Black Sword Sect, they were completely wiped out in this chaotic battle. Even their previous residence had been razed to the ground by the angry crowd.

On the other hand, Yue Manor had been extremely lively in the past few days. Every day, a lot of people arrived outside the door.

Some expressed their gratitude, and some wanted to enter Yue Manor. In short, they all wanted to follow Chu Liuyue.

After this incident, the survivors of Peach Blossom Dock were unprecedentedly united. Moreover, they admired and respected her very much and were willing to follow her.

Apart from owing her their lives and admiring her talent and strength, there was another important reason why they were like this: The barrier of Peach Blossom Dock was covered in a layer of the God-Destroying Tribulation’s power, and it was completely under her control now.

Chu Liuyue had become the true owner of Peach Blossom Dock.

The current Peach Blossom Dock had a stable barrier and abundant natural energy. It was the best place to cultivate! Who wouldn’t want to stay here?

Before Chu Liuyue came, she had been thinking about finding a place to establish her power. Was there anything more suitable than today’s Peach Blossom Dock? Therefore, she decided to go with the flow and take over the entire Peach Blossom Dock.

The barrier was under her control, so she naturally had absolute authority over Peach Blossom Dock!

In the past few days, she had already sent San San and the others down to deal with these things.

After screening the candidates and forming a guard team… If their identities were suspected, they would be detained.

At this moment, most people were loyal to Yue Manor. Even if there were a few problems, they didn’t dare to act rashly.

San San had been here for a long time and knew the situation in the city. Therefore, these things were progressing very smoothly.

With the help of Cen Yi and the others, it was even more efficient. That was why Chu Liuyue could sit here and drink tea with Rong Xiu now.

She asked this question because Luo Yan and the other three Nan family elders had been locked up alone after that day.

Yes, even with the Flying Cloud Painting, these people still didn’t escape in the end.

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly. “Yan Qing has been interrogating for three days. There should be news soon.”

Chu Liuyue’s brows moved slightly, and she was a little hesitant. “But those four people are all legendary warriors after all. It’s probably not that easy to get anything out of them…”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard familiar footsteps outside.

“Your Highness, Princess Consort.” The person walked steadily—it was Yan Qing.

Chu Liuyue noticed that Yan Qing had changed his clothes and had a unique refreshing aura from the shower.

He had specially tidied himself up before coming. Even so, he still smelled faintly of blood.

It could be seen that the interrogation process of the past three days…

Yan Qing bowed respectfully and said bluntly, “One of them confessed.”

This sentence instantly interrupted Chu Liuyue’s thoughts. She uttered in surprise, “Confessed?”

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