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1821 Serve

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to catch the culprit behind her sleepless night and beat him up, but her entire body was sore, and she really didn’t have the strength. She muttered a few words and quickly fell asleep again.

After coaxing her to sleep, Rong Xiu stood up.

He was casually wearing a loose, snow-white undershirt, revealing a large chest that was as tough as marble.

He had clearly not slept the entire night, but he was in good spirits.

There was even more spirit in his noble eyes. Obviously, His Highness was in a good mood.

He took a long step and quickly walked to the window.

Sensing his arrival, Xue Xue immediately stood up happily. Is he going to open the window? Is he going to let me in?

Rong Xiu’s cold voice sounded. “It looks like you’re very free. Go to the Red Moon Desert.”

Xue Xue felt as if it had been struck by lightning and completely fell into a bad mood. Red Moon Desert! Again!? No!

It threw itself against the wall and howled softly, hoping to awaken the last of its master’s conscience.

Finally, Rong Xiu’s voice sounded again. “Double.”


Xue Xue’s eyes widened in horror. Then, it turned around and ran! No, not double! I can just go now!

The panicked lion drew a white line in the air and quickly disappeared.

In the distance, Yu Mo nudged Yan Qing. “Tsk, did you see that? If you had followed yesterday, you would’ve ended up the same way!”

Yan Qing’s expression did not change. “I know.”

When Chu Liuyue woke up again, it was already noon.

Just as she moved, Rong Xiu walked over. “You’re up?”

She nodded and stretched out from under the blanket. Her slender, jade-like arms were especially eye-catching under the red brocade blanket.

Rong Xiu’s eyes darkened, but he restrained himself and took new clothes from the side.

Leaning over slightly, he carefully and gently scooped her out of the blankets and helped her put on her clothes.

Although her black hair fell, almost covering a large portion of her skin, a few red marks could still be vaguely seen.

Chu Liuyue’s face turned slightly red. She originally wanted to wear the clothes herself, but being half-carried in someone’s arms and being sleepy, she gave up after struggling for a while.

She allowed him to serve her from head to toe.

After putting on his clothes, Rong Xiu poured more tea and brought it to her mouth. “To moisten your throat.”

Yesterday had really tired her out.

Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue’s eyebrows twitched, and she couldn’t help but look up at him. These words sound… Why do they sound so wrong?

Upon closer inspection, she felt indignant. Why is Rong Xiu so energetic when I am half-dead?!

“Open your mouth.” Rong Xiu seemed to know what she was thinking. He raised his eyebrows slightly and handed her the teacup.

The rising white mist wet his noble eyebrows.

She was really thirsty, so she took small sips from his hand.

The temperature of the tea was just right. It was warm and moist.

Chu Liuyue instantly felt much better.

“Good girl.” Rong Xiu put the teacup back and asked, “Do you still want to sleep?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head. Then, she glanced outside. “I’ve already slept until now.”

She was a little embarrassed.

Rong Xiu smiled and comforted her. “Don’t worry. Nobody in the Sky-Cloud Empire needs you to bow early in the morning. From now on, you’re the princess consort, so you’re naturally the most respected.”

Logically speaking, after the wedding, they would have to visit the clan leader together. However, the clan leader had been unconscious and had yet to wake up. Naturally, this process was omitted.

Only then did Chu Liuyue feel more at ease.

Rong Xiu looked at her and couldn’t help but kiss her lips again. However, his movements were very restrained, and he didn’t take things further. “Do you want to go for a walk?”

Hearing his suggestion, she was surprised for a moment. But on second thought, she didn’t seem to have taken a closer look at the Sky-Cloud Empire before. Most of the time, she stayed at Suming Peak.

She nodded. “Okay.”

Changyi Mountain.

Cen Yi was reading.

Wu Yao was still boxing.

Xiao Ba was thinking about how to teach Yan Qing a lesson.

Yu Jiu was still practicing her sword.

Shi Fang… was watering the vegetable garden.

Thirteen had run away early in the morning.


A crisp crack sounded.

Yu Jiu looked at the wooden sword in his hand gloomily.

This was already the second time he had changed swords in the past month.

He looked at Cen Yi. “Big Brother, can I change my sword? This wooden sword is too boring!”

Cen Yi didn’t look up. “No.”

As he spoke, he waved his sleeve, and something flew out!


Yu Jiu hurriedly caught it. Only then did he realize that it was another wooden sword.

However, this wooden sword seemed to be stronger than before.

Yu Jiu turned it over and over for a while before he finally couldn’t help but ask, “Big Brother, how many wooden swords did you prepare?”

Cen Yi turned a page. “Enough for you.”

Nice, there is no end to this. Yu Jiu resigned himself to fate and started over.

Xiao Ba suddenly stood up and hurried outside.

Shi Fang looked up and asked, “Eighth Sister, where are you going?”

Xiao Ba glanced at him.

Shi Fang immediately felt a faint pain in his nose and hurriedly said, “Goodbye, Eighth Sister! I wish you a triumphant return!”

Only then did Xiao Ba smile and leave seductively.

Wu Yao finished punching and wiped the sweat from his face. “Big Brother, about what Thirteen asked yesterday… Have you made a decision?”

Cen Yi looked up.

Wu Yao coughed. “I mean… it doesn’t seem right to delay…”

Cen Yi nodded and put the book away. “I’ll go find Master. Stay here yourself.”

With that, he started for the door.

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