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1815 Ambush

The man hesitated for a moment before saying, “Your Highness, the two of them said that they heard about the wedding today and specially came to send a congratulatory gift—”

Rong Xiu glanced at him indifferently.

The silent pressure immediately made the man’s heart tremble, and he consciously swallowed the rest of his words. “…Yes!”

With that, the man quickly retreated.

Many people in Tongshen Palace looked at each other. “Nan family… Why are their people here?”

“I remember that the Sky-Cloud Empire has never interacted with them, right? Why are there suddenly people here to celebrate? However, it seems that the Sky-Cloud Empire doesn’t welcome them…”

“The Nan family has always been arrogant. What’s the meaning of this now? However, the Sky-Cloud Empire seems to be disdainful…”

“Hmph, the Sky-Cloud Empire now has the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan and the great phoenix dragon clan as their backers. They’re very confident. Who else can catch their eye?”

“That’s true…”

In the God Residence Realm, there were many clans and sects. All forces were entangled and restrained each other.

It was common for the weak to rely on the strong.

Without a doubt, the two ancient legendary fiend clans were the two thickest thighs to hug. Now, they were all in Shangguan Yue’s arms!

What else was there to say?

This small episode was quickly ignored by everyone.

Outside the Sky-Cloud Empire’s barrier.

Luo Yan’s face was a little cold.

Nan Yiyi stood behind him and shook his arm with an aggrieved expression. I really want to go in…

Luo Yan turned around and patted her hand comfortingly. Then, he looked at the soldier in charge of guarding again. “We’re really here to congratulate the couple.”

The soldier in black armor had a cold expression. “His Highness’s meaning is obvious—the Sky-Cloud Empire doesn’t welcome you. Please leave quickly! If you continue to pester us, don’t blame us for being rude!”

Anger surged in Luo Yan’s chest. All these years, I have never suffered such things. However, I have suffered repeated setbacks because of Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue! Unfortunately, this is the other party’s territory after all. If we really cause trouble, it won’t do us any good.

Luo Yan took a deep breath and pulled Nan Yiyi away. “Yiyi, let’s go.”

Nan Yiyi wanted to struggle a little more, but when she looked up and saw Luo Yan’s angry face, she knew that he was really angry. She didn’t dare to do anything else and could only follow obediently.

The duo’s figures disappeared very quickly.

About an hour later, Luo Yan brought Nan Yiyi to a mountain peak.

The forest on the mountain was lush.

The sun was shining brightly, casting mottled shadows in the forest.

The sound of flowing water came from afar.

Everything was calm and peaceful. However, Nan Yiyi’s mood was not comforted by this scenery.

Along the way, she followed behind Luo Yan with her head lowered silently.

Luo Yan only stopped when they reached a relatively flat place. “Yiyi—”

As soon as he turned around, Nan Yiyi looked up. Only then did he see the tears on her face.

Luo Yan’s heart seemed to have been stabbed by something, and his voice softened. “Yiyi, I told you before that this method won’t work. We’ve already caused such a ruckus with them previously, so why would they still interact with us? Besides, today is their wedding day…”

If it were him, he would definitely make the same choice.

Nan Yiyi has always been very smart. I don’t know why she is so persistent this time. She knows that there is a southern wall in front of her, but she still wants to bang her head against it.

Nan Yiyi pursed her lips as tears streamed down her face.

Ever since she became unable to speak, she had been unwilling to make any more sounds, including cries. That would only make her feel tormented and miserable.

Luo Yan patted her shoulder gently and sighed. “Yiyi, I know you hate me in your heart, but you haven’t recovered from your injuries yet. Even if you want to take revenge, you don’t have the ability at all, alright? Moreover… For some reason, the family head is clearly very afraid of Rong Xiu. If we act rashly, I’m afraid we’ll also…”

Nan Yiyi turned her head. I don’t want to care about this! All I know is that my tongue has been cut out and that I can no longer speak! Nobody else can understand my pain, so how could they be in the position to comfort me?!

Seeing her like this, Luo Yan knew that there was no point in persuading her, so he stopped talking. I’ve already brought her over as she requested. I can’t do anything more than that. In the end, she still needs to slowly digest this matter herself…

Nan Yiyi suddenly walked toward the middle of the mountain.

Luo Yan frowned and immediately followed. “Yiyi, where are you going?”

Nan Yiyi didn’t stop and just walked forward with her head lowered.

Luo Yan wanted to hold her hand, but seeing that she seemed to be still angry, he knew that the only thing he could do now was to follow her. Thus, he could only follow her.

The two of them moved forward in silence.

After about 15 minutes, a black shadow suddenly flew past! A dangerous and cold aura quickly approached!

Luo Yan immediately went to pull Nan Yiyi away.”Yiyi! Back off!”

But it was late!

The black shadow quickly approached and transformed into a black fog that swallowed Nan Yiyi!

Luo Yan was shocked and immediately mobilized the force in his body to attack! But at this moment, he was shocked to discover that his body seemed to be frozen by something, and he couldn’t move!

Then, the black fog quickly spread and strangled Luo Yan’s neck! It was like a poisonous snake slithering slowly on his neck—cold and sinister!

Luo Yan urged the power in his body even harder, but he was still helpless.

One had to know that he was a legendary warrior. Ordinary cultivators weren’t his match at all. Even if a warrior of the same level fought him, it was impossible for them to crush him like this!

This, this—

Just as countless thoughts flashed through Luo Yan’s mind, the black fog had already begun to spread around him and devour him bit by bit.

Perhaps it was because he was much stronger than Nan Yiyi, but the speed at which the black fog devoured him was clearly much slower.

However, this can’t go on. If I can’t think of a way to escape, I’m afraid that—


A powerful force suddenly erupted from Luo Yan’s body! The violent power spread out, scattering the black fog.

Luo Yan could finally catch his breath. Without hesitation, he immediately turned around and fled!

He moved at the highest speed in his life! But even though he was fast, the black fog was not slow.

Not long after, Luo Yan felt a strong force pulling his ankle.

He looked down, and his heart skipped a beat.

It was the black fog that had wrapped over again! This time, the power contained in the black fog seemed to have become stronger, causing Luo Yan to become slower and slower!

Strong fear gripped his heart.

Luo Yan suddenly turned around.

The black fog was already like a monster. It opened its bloody mouth and swallowed him!

A strange blood-colored totem suddenly flashed in front of his eyes! Then, Luo Yan blacked out and lost consciousness.

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