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1816 Choice

Nan Yiyi and Luo Yan disappeared from the forest.

After devouring the two of them, the dense and strange black fog gradually dissipated and disappeared.

The forest was quiet.

A breeze blew, stirring the mottled shadows of the trees.

The stream gurgled, and the rings tinkled.

Everything returned to its original state. It was as if nothing had happened.

A black swamp spread out endlessly. There were gray-white reeds swaying in the wind.

At a glance, the world was vast.

Nan Yifan stood at the edge of the swamp. If he went any further, he would step into this dark and terrifying swamp.

A cold and gloomy aura came from all directions, including him. There was also a faint smell of blood and something rotten that was nauseating.

Nan Yifan frowned and suppressed the turbulence in his chest. If not for Yuxing, I wouldn’t have come to this place… But now, there is really no other way.

“Nan Yifan, the Nan family head, requests to see the sect master.” He cupped his hands respectfully.

A cool breeze blew, and the reeds fluttered, but no sound responded to him.

Nan Yifan continued, “The Nan family head, Nan Yifan, requests to see the sect master.”

The surroundings fell silent.

Nan Yifan hesitated for a moment before lifting his clothes and kneeling on the ground! “Nan Yifan, the Nan family head, requests to see the sect master!”

In this empty region that seemed to have been abandoned by the world, Nan Yifan’s voice sounded especially lonely and helpless. However, he seemed to have expected this situation.

He gritted his teeth and begged again and again!

From day to night.

From night to day.

He kneeled at the edge of that swamp and begged for one day and one night.

When his voice became hoarse, and he could barely speak, the reeds in front of him finally swayed violently!

Pieces of white catkin flew up and landed in the black swamp. They were quickly swallowed by the surging mud.

White bones could be vaguely seen.

Nan Yifan pretended not to see it. He only looked up, his bloodshot eyes staring straight ahead!

The surroundings seemed to have become quieter.

Nan Yifan’s heart seemed to be clenched tightly by something, and the blood in his body stopped flowing at this moment.

His throat burned, and he stiffened, his mind blank. But at this moment, he couldn’t care less.

Finally, a low and hoarse voice spoke. “Nan Yifan? What are you doing here?”

Nan Yifan’s pupils contracted! Although the other party didn’t reveal himself, hearing this voice was enough to make him excited.

He immediately said, “Sect Master, please save my son!”

The voice seemed to laugh. “Nan Yuxing’s Yuan meridian has been severed, and he has already become a cripple. Even if it is forcefully repaired, he will at most recover 30% of his previous talent. You don’t have to spend so much effort.”

Nan Yifan instantly felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave. “How—how can he only recover 30%? Sect Master’s methods and divine powers…”

“If it were an ordinary person, it would naturally not be a problem. However, the key is that the person who attacked this time was Rong Xiu… He wanted your son to suffer a fate worse than death, so he specially used some methods. Even I will have to spend a lot of effort to completely resolve it…”

Nan Yifan’s eyes lit up as if he had grabbed onto the last straw of hope. The sect master still has a way!

But before he could continue, the other party continued, “But do you think that Nan Yuxing… is worthy of me helping him with my full strength?”

Nan Yifan’s heart turned completely cold. Helping him with his full strength… Not to mention Nan Yuxing, even I am probably not worthy! But… in that case, won’t Yuxing really be finished?

Yuxing wants to die. Even if he recovers 30% of his talent, he will probably not be able to accept it. How can a person who has been very proud since he was young accept that he has become a cripple?

He can’t even accept that he has become an ordinary person. Both situations are equally painful for such people.

“So… it still won’t work…” Nan Yifan looked dejected, his face ashen.

He had abandoned all dignity and pride to come here for help, but it still wouldn’t work!

His heart trembled at the thought of Nan Yuxing begging him to attack. There was probably no parent in the world who could accept this.

“Rong Xiu… Even I won’t fight him easily. Your children are really bold. They actually provoked him consecutively? They’re really courting death.” There was a hint of mockery in the voice. “They can only blame themselves for this.”

Nan Yifan’s face was pale, and his cracked lips were trembling violently. Of course, I know all of this! Except… How could I have expected that Yuxing, Yiyi, and the others would encounter Rong Xiu at the God-Killing Tumulus?! They even quarreled with them for various reasons!

Although he had tried his best to make up for it after knowing about this, it was obviously useless.

“Could it be that… there’s really no other way…” Nan Yifan muttered in despair.

“Actually, there’s a convenient method. It just depends on whether you’re willing,” the voice said slowly.

Nan Yifan suddenly looked up. “Sect Master, please guide me!”

The other party seemed to laugh again, but he didn’t answer the question directly. Instead, he changed the topic and asked him a question. “If I remember correctly, your daughter’s talent… seems to be not bad?”

Nan Yifan nodded blankly. “That’s right! Yiyi’s talent is also very outstanding. Initially, I had high hopes for her. Unfortunately, her tongue…”

Suddenly, he seemed to realize something, and his eyes widened. Hang on! Does the sect master mean—

This time, the other party’s laughter sounded pleasant. “You’re very smart. They’re related by blood, so it’s much more convenient. If you transfer your daughter’s talent to your son, your son will naturally be able to recover. However, your daughter will become a complete cripple in the future.”

“The choice is up to you. Think about it carefully.”

These light words were like a heavy stone pressing down on Nan Yifan’s chest.

One was Yuxing, and the other was Yiyi. Both were his flesh and blood; how could he choose?!

Nan Yifan kneeled there, his hands on the ground. Because of the force, his fingers were green and white.

“I don’t have much patience,” the voice urged lazily.

Finally, Nan Yifan closed his eyes. “Do it!”

Yiyi, Father has let you down. But your big brother… really can’t be crippled just like that! Nan Yifan’s heart ached, and he was almost numb.

The voice suddenly laughed. “Forget it; you don’t have to do this here. You’ve invested more energy and hope in Nan Yuxing. If he can’t make it, your position as the family head will fall into the hands of others sooner or later. Therefore, you have to save Nan Yuxing. This choice is so simple. What’s there to be troubled about?”

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