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1768 Kill!

Chu Liuyue raised her eyes.

Not far in front of her, the puppet also stood rooted to the ground. Its face was expressionless, and its eyes were empty. Miao Yang had clearly suffered a loss and was shocked.

Suddenly, blood quickly dyed the puppet’s dark and empty eyes! Its aura also changed drastically!

Alarm bells rang in Chu Liuyue’s heart!

Immediately after, scales appeared on the puppet! Dark-red blood flowed everywhere, almost dyeing the puppet’s body completely red!

What happened next made Chu Liuyue’s pupils constrict. This was because the puppet in front of her had gradually evolved into the true form of the great phoenix dragon!

Its pressure was almost no different from the real Miao Yang!

The thick smell of blood filled the air!

The sky quickly darkened, and a strong wind instantly howled!

Chu Liuyue pursed her lips and stared at the puppet. After this puppet transformed into its true form, its strength is clearly greater than before!

Those scarlet eyes were cold, bloodthirsty, and cruel! The puppet stared at Chu Liuyue intently as if it were looking at prey that it was determined to get.

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be clenched tightly by something. The blood in her limbs and bones seemed to have frozen, and her entire body turned cold!

Without hesitation, she plucked the strings again!


Although the tune was incomplete, she had heard it countless times after being trapped in the black wall for a long time. Therefore, at this moment, she quickly swept her fair hand across the strings almost instinctively!

For a moment, the sound of the zither was overflowing with killing intent!


In mid-air, the great phoenix dragon roared into the sky, almost shaking the world!

Chu Liuyue felt that the force in her body seemed to be boiling at this moment!

She forced herself to calm down, and the sound of the zither became even more urgent!

Countless golden blades of light flew out from her hands!


These light blades landed on the great phoenix dragon’s body and instantly left several wounds! But at this moment, the recovery ability of the great phoenix dragon seemed to be stronger. In just a few breaths, the wounds had completely recovered!

In fact, not even a trace was left behind!


The great phoenix dragon’s huge tail swung out heavily! A strong wind swept over, messing up her hair and almost cutting her skin!

A dangerous purple-gold color reflected in her eyes.

A burning pain suddenly came from between her eyebrows, and a strange totem gradually appeared between her eyebrows! An indescribable vast pressure came from it!

The great phoenix dragon seemed to have sensed something and suddenly paused.

With this moment of hesitation, Chu Liuyue quickly made a move! She used almost all her strength to strum the strings!

Her fingertips stung—her fingers were actually cut by the strings!

Blood dripped onto the strings and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The sound of the zither paused for a moment. Then, two light blades—one pure gold and the other transparent—flew out from under her hand!

The two light blades flew out at the same time and pierced into the great phoenix dragon’s body!

One entered its head!

The other entered its tail!


This painful blow finally made the great phoenix dragon let out a miserable cry!

Because of the pain, its body jumped and swung crazily in midair. However, the two light blades seemed to be much stronger than the previous ones. At this moment, they nailed it to the ground one by one. No matter how it struggled, it could not break free!

At the same time, Miao Yang—who was in the holy hall—suddenly trembled, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth!

“Clan Leader!” When the elders saw this scene, they were all alarmed and shocked. Isn’t the blood sacrifice already done? Logically speaking, Shangguan Yue shouldn’t be able to last long. Why has she hurt the clan leader now?

Miao Yang supported himself with one hand on the coiling dragon pillar and gritted his teeth. His heart was filled with hatred! What is going on with Shangguan Yue?! Every time I think she is at the end of her rope, she can always turn the tables!

Nobody knows how many trump cards she has! This is too infuriating!

“That zither sound… What’s going on?” he couldn’t help but shout in a low voice.

The crowd exchanged glances.

Actually, they also wanted to know the answer. They had all heard the zither clearly when it had sounded. The sound of the zither contained too shocking a power—even they felt their hearts tremble.

What kind of zither sound can withstand the Demon Slaying Formation? Even the blood sacrifice of the clan leader can’t take her life!?

“Don’t you think something’s wrong? From the beginning to now, it has always been Shangguan Yue fighting us. Rong Xiu hasn’t moved at all. I wonder what’s going on,” an elder commented nervously.

Outside, they wouldn’t know the situation inside the coiling dragon pillar. Even if they activated the Demon Slaying Formation, they could only roughly guess what was going on inside.

“Besides… There are a total of four light spots here. Other than Shangguan Yue and Rong Xiu, there are two other unidentified people…”

There was too much uncertainty about those two!

Miao Yang’s face darkened. Of course, he had thought of all this, but the two of them had been hiding inside. The people outside didn’t know what was going on inside.

The Demon Slaying Formation had a puppet of him, but at most, he could only know the situation of the battle between this puppet and his opponent. From the beginning until now, it had always been Shangguan Yue who came out to fight.

As for Rong Xiu, he never appeared. Therefore, he didn’t know what Rong Xiu was doing.

This made Miao Yang even more frustrated. What is Rong Xiu’s relationship with Shangguan Yue? Logically speaking, under such circumstances, he will never let Shangguan Yue come out alone to deal with it. Unless… Rong Xiu has more important things to deal with! However, what did they encounter in the coiling dragon pillar that is worth him doing this?

Miao Yang felt a strong sense of unease. For some reason, something bad seemed like it was about to happen.

However, he didn’t know at all!

Miao Yang fiercely wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. Then, he placed his palm on the coiling dragon pillar again and urged the power in his body even more crazily! “Carry on! I want to see how long that Shangguan Yue can last!”

I don’t believe that a human can be lawless in our territory!

When the elders heard this, they could only return to their original positions and attack again!


A shrill and crazy dragon roar resounded through the world!

A purple-gold light flashed, and blood splattered!

The great phoenix dragon puppet actually cut off its tail that had been nailed to the ground!

Its arm was bloody!

Chu Liuyue’s heart raced.

The dragon had already swung its broken tail and charged at her again.

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