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1767 Force as the String!

In the holy hall, Miao Yang’s body trembled, and he suddenly opened his eyes, which were filled with shock and surprise. “How is that possible?!”

At the same time, the other elders in the hall also suffered the backlash of this power to varying degrees. Their expressions changed as they looked at the coiling dragon pillar in disbelief. Just now… Shangguan Yue blocked an attack from the Demon Slaying Formation?!

Isn’t she a true god?! Wasn’t she about to lose just now?! What is going on now?

Miao Fushan frowned. “Did you hear anything just now?”

Everyone was silent for a moment. Then, someone said with uncertainty, “It seems… to be the sound of a zither!?”

Miao Fushan nodded solemnly. “That’s right—it’s indeed the sound of the zither! That sound contains an extremely shocking power. It’s definitely not something a true god like Shangguan Yue can possess! I wonder what method she used to actually find such help…”

Even if it isn’t her strength, she can still resist us when she uses it!

“To be able to resist the Demon Slaying Formation… Even a legendary warrior can’t do it! She—”

Everyone was shocked.

“At such a young age, she’s sinister and cunning. She has many tricks up her sleeve!” Miao Yang gritted his teeth. I really underestimated Shangguan Yue! No wonder she was so arrogant previously; it turned out that she still had such a trump card!

“Clan Leader, what do you think we should do next?” A trace of worry appeared in Miao Fushan’s eyes. “Although the Demon Slaying Formation is extremely lethal, it’s still being used in the coiling dragon pillar after all. With the natural suppression of the ancestor’s might, the power of this Demon Slaying Formation can’t be completely unleashed. If Shangguan Yue can always rely on this power, it’ll probably be difficult for us to kill her.”

Although the words were harsh, they were the truth.

Miao Yang was furious. He hated himself for not killing the two of them immediately! If these two troubles had been resolved at that time, there wouldn’t have been so much trouble! But now, it is useless to say anything.

There are only two options facing us. First, use stronger methods to force the two of them out. Second, wait patiently here. They won’t stay inside for the rest of their lives. When they come out, we will make our move.

But Miao Yang didn’t want to choose the second option.

The dignified great phoenix dragon clan was actually played by two humans and even acted arrogantly in the holy hall! If word gets out, our entire clan will lose face! I, Miao Yang, would definitely become the laughingstock of the entire God Residence Realm in the future!

“Carry on!” There was already a hint of madness in Miao Yang’s eyes.

A light flashed in his hand, and a sharp scale instantly appeared. Immediately after, he cut his palm with the scale without hesitation!

Dark-red blood instantly surged out!

“Clan Leader!?” The elders present were all shocked. Is the clan leader going to offer a blood sacrifice? Just to force the two humans out of the coiling dragon pillar?

Although this could stimulate the Demon Slaying Formation’s greater power, it would also cause great damage to Miao Yang’s body. Ever since he became the clan leader, he had never officially used the blood sacrifice in the past hundreds of years. Today…

However, Miao Yang was already determined. With a thought, the blood in his palm quickly condensed into a blood pearl that headed toward the coiling dragon pillar!

Then, under everyone’s gazes, the blood pearled quickly disappeared into the coiling dragon pillar.

A faint layer of blood gradually spread!

Looking at the broken whip, Chu Liuyue’s eyes lit up like stars. It’s done! Initially, I only wanted to give it a try. Unexpectedly, I really did it!

“A’Yue is amazing!” Tuan Zi came back to her senses and couldn’t help but shout. Her originally pale face was stained red with excitement.

The corners of Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly as she heaved a sigh of relief.

When she was hiding behind the black shield earlier, she had actually thought a lot. She knew very well that hiding wasn’t an option, so she had to think of a way to stop the other party’s attack, thinking that it could buy Rong Xiu and the others more time.

As a true god, her strength was limited. It was obviously unrealistic for her to win by relying on her own strength. Hence, she chose to borrow strength—borrow the power of the water droplet in her dantian!

Ever since she fused the two incomplete music scores, it had returned to its previous round and clear water droplet form and quietly floated in her dantian.

She recalled that back at the God-Killing Tumulus, Senior Ah Jing had relied on that song to unleash extremely great strength.

Since she already had two-thirds of the music score and was quite familiar with that song, why couldn’t she give it a try?!

To the others, she just sat there with closed eyes as if giving up. In fact, at that time, she was only thinking back to that tune.

She didn’t have a zither in her hand, but when the thought occurred to her, the water droplet in her dantian immediately reacted. Vigorous force surged out, then spread through her limbs and finally flowed out of her palm.

Somehow, she felt as if she already had a zither under her hand.

The sound of the zither kept echoing in her mind. Almost subconsciously, she tapped her fingers, and the zither sounded!

At this moment, she suddenly understood—it didn’t matter if she had a zither or not! This was because to play this score, one had to use force as the strings!

She looked down. A few strings that were glowing brightly but were extremely clear had already appeared in front of her!

The zither’s appearance was vaguely similar to the one in Senior Ah Jing’s hand, but it was extremely incomplete. It was probably… because the score in her body was still incomplete. However, this was enough for her!

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