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1761 Exposed

The elders followed Miao Yang forward.

Miao Yang stood in front of the door, holding his breath with his arms raised.

The power around him began to surge, and a dazzling stream of light flew out of his fingertips.

The other elders also moved!

Soon, several streams of light gathered! They formed a strange pattern in midair—it was the totem of the great phoenix dragon clan!

“Seal!” Miao Yang shouted in a low voice and pushed the totem out!

The huge and bright totem began to fly toward the door slowly! Soon, the totem landed on the door!


A solemn and holy buzzing sound came from the holy hall! Everyone in the square bowed in unison.

But at this moment, Miao Yang suddenly realized that something was wrong—the totem hadn’t fused with the door!

He frowned and secretly exerted strength. However, the totem still floated an inch in front of the door, unwilling to take another step.

It was as if an invisible barrier had blocked the totem outside the door.

Miao Yang felt a trace of unease. This has never happened before!

Soon, the elders beside him also sensed this strange scene and frowned. “What’s going on? The door of the holy hall can’t be sealed?”

“In the past, we worked together to seal the door. It’s never been like this. What happened this time?”

“…Could it be… that someone hasn’t come out yet?”

The words of an elder with white hair attracted everyone’s attention and made Miao Yang’s heart skip a beat.

He turned to look at the elder. “Elder Fushan, what do you mean?”

Elder Miao Fushan was an old man in the clan. His seniority was much higher than Miao Yang, and he was a very respected person in the entire clan.

“There’s basically only one possibility for the holy hall’s door to refuse to be sealed, and it’s that someone is still inside. In the past, there was also such a situation where the door couldn’t be closed no matter what. After investigating later, we found out that there was still someone inside. It was only a few days later, when that person walked out, that the sealing was successfully completed.”

Miao Fushan stroked his beard. “In my opinion, why don’t we investigate further?”

Miao Yang heaved a sigh of relief and turned around to give instructions. “Check the people who came out earlier.”

The people below quickly responded. “Yes!”

One of the other elders was still frowning because he clearly remembered that everyone had already come out. Miao Su from before was indeed the last. Logically speaking, there should be nobody in the holy hall!

After a while, those who had previously entered the holy hall were all summoned and counted by the two elders. But after checking, they realized that the number of people was indeed right!

The elder in charge of the headcount braced himself and said, “…Clan Leader, everyone who has entered the holy hall is already here in this Thousand Summit. Nobody has been missed.”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

Even Miao Yang’s heart sank!

He suddenly looked up at the holy hall again! There are still people inside, but I have no idea who!

By the lake.

The forest was dark and silent.

Chu Liuyue raised her wrist and gave him the last herb.

A handful of red sand landed lightly in the burning golden flames at the side!


The flames burned even more fiercely!

Vaguely, one could already see muscles, bones, and flesh gradually growing on the bones!

Even though she had helped Zi Chen reconstruct his body previously, she was still shocked to see Rong Xiu take action.

At that time, Zi Chen had only used the great phoenix dragon’s wing bones, and it almost exhausted all her strength. What Rong Xiu wanted to reconstruct now was a real great phoenix dragon!

Rong Xiu’s expression was calm, and the golden flames were reflected in his eyes.

The effects of all the herbs had gradually seeped into the skeleton. The rich and slightly bitter medicinal fragrance was mixed with a faint smell of blood.

After an unknown period of time, a purple-gold phosphorescence flashed through the flames!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat. Those are the scales of a great phoenix dragon! Have we finally reached the final stage?

Almost at the same time, she heard a hiss behind her.


Chu Liuyue had already thought of it and immediately looked back.

To her shock, a purple-gold light tore through Zi Chen’s wings and broke out of his body! Then, it enveloped his entire body!

“Zi Chen!” Chu Liuyue furrowed her brows slightly.

She could feel that Zi Chen was enduring immense pain, but she couldn’t stop it!

Tuan Zi was also stunned by this scene and widened her eyes in a daze. W-what… just happened? Zi Chen’s wings—

She subconsciously looked at Chu Liuyue. “A’Yue! Zi Chen…”

“It’s fine.” Chu Liuyue pulled Tuan Zi over and patted her head comfortingly. “He’ll be fine in a while.”

Hearing her firm tone, Tuan Zi’s beating heart calmed down.

When she saw that scene just now, she was really shocked.

Chu Liuyue touched her face and smiled. “I didn’t expect you to still care about Zi Chen.”

Tuan Zi then remembered her position and immediately said, “Of course! If something happens to it, won’t A’Yue be very sad? Besides, I’m still waiting to be his boss!”

Chu Liuyue’s heart felt warm. Tuan Zi is lively and pure. Although she likes to put on a brave front, she is always very good to her own people. She usually likes to find trouble with Zi Chen, but at critical moments, she still cares for Zi Chen.

However… it will probably be a little difficult for her to be Zi Chen’s eldest sister… Her gaze shifted slightly, and she looked at Zi Chen, who was enveloped by the purple-gold light again. Although the process is painful… As long as he survives this, Zi Chen—


A loud bang actually sounded from the sky! An extremely dangerous aura rapidly approached!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat as she looked up.

A low and fierce voice came from afar. “Who dares to trespass into my holy hall? Come out!”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. Miao Yang!

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