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1760 End of the Thousand Summit!

Miao Zhen took a deep breath and took a step forward!

His illusory body condensed from white mist left the lake and walked above the skeleton lying quietly by the lake.

He entered the skeleton almost without hesitation! White mist then spread and quickly enveloped the skeleton!

Rong Xiu moved at the same time. “Yue’er!”

Chu Liuyue immediately understood and took out many herbs from her Cosmic Ring.


She threw out a ball of golden flames and quickly placed the herbs into it! In just a moment, more than a hundred sets of medicinal herbs had been thrown in!

Most people would be dazzled and find it difficult to distinguish, but her movements were smooth and decisive!

After a while, the herbs were refined one after another, and a rich and slightly bitter medicinal fragrance spread.

Helping Miao Zhen reconstruct his body was an extremely long process. During this process, many medicinal herbs needed to be added periodically.

In order to ensure that the process was foolproof, Rong Xiu was in charge of the bone quenching, and the dealing of the herbs was handed over to her.

Rong Xiu had already told her about the herbs she needed. Fortunately, she had them all, so it was much more convenient.

“Purple Whisker Vine, Mingjue, Five Nether Fruit.” When it was about time, Rong Xiu gestured for her to put the herbs in.

With a wave of her fair hand, the three herbs—which had long been refined in the flames—landed lightly and quickly into the golden flames.

“Ultimate Spirit Grass.”

“Wu Herb.”

“Tianser Mountain Armor.”

Everything was proceeding in an orderly manner.

They had always had a tacit understanding, so their cooperation could be said to be perfect.

There was no need for Rong Xiu to explain in detail. She knew how much those different herbs needed to be refined, and she could always throw the herbs in at the most suitable time.

As for Rong Xiu, he had been staring intently at the skeleton in front of him from the beginning and didn’t even look up. He knew that nobody could do it better than her.

Although the entire process was complicated and consumed a lot of strength and spirit, the two of them shared a lot of the burden with each other. It was also because of this that things progressed more smoothly than expected.

The aura on the skeleton was growing stronger. At the same time, the flowing light on Zi Chen’s wings flickered even brighter!

Zi Chen had closed his eyes.

For some reason, every part of his body began to ache. It wasn’t obvious at first, but as time passed, the pain became more obvious.

Zi Chen knew very well that this pain wasn’t because he had encountered some danger, nor was it a so-called bad sign. He had a guess, but he felt that it was too ridiculous. Hence, he stood in place and allowed the pain in his body to gradually increase until even his body trembled slightly!

Tuan Zi quickly saw this. She had been thinking about how to not be overtaken by Zi Chen and focused most of her attention on him, so she quickly realized that something was wrong with the latter.

Shocked, she hurried over. “You, you, you—what’s wrong with you?”

Although she had always treated Zi Chen as her opponent and really wanted to defeat him, she couldn’t help but worry when she saw him like this.

Zi Chen opened his eyes. “I’m fine.”

Tuan Zi’s eyes widened as she sized him up. Fine? He doesn’t look fine at all! Although the aura on Zi Chen’s body is indeed still strengthening, he looks like he is in pain…

“I’m really fine.” Seeing that Tuan Zi was still standing in front of him, Zi Chen repeated himself. This time, he strengthened his tone.

After all, Zi Chen had lived more than a thousand years longer than Tuan Zi. He knew very well what to emphasize at this moment to make Tuan Zi calm down.

Sure enough, Tuan Zi shrank back when she heard this. “Then… Then, I’ll watch you here…”

Tuan Zi turned to look at Chu Liuyue. A’Yue is at a critical juncture and can’t be distracted. If anything happens to Zi Chen, it will definitely affect her. Therefore, for A’Yue’s sake, I have to ensure that Zi Chen is fine!

Zi Chen glanced at Tuan Zi. She has always liked to go against me. Today is a rare moment.

Tuan Zi was a little puzzled by his gaze. She puffed out her chest and looked up. “What are you looking at? I’m still waiting for you to be my lackey!”

Zi Chen closed his eyes again. I really shouldn’t have any hopes about some people.

Meanwhile, the pain in his body was still increasing. But this time, Zi Chen’s body did not tremble again.

He swallowed all the pain and torture. On the surface, it seemed much better than before.

Seeing this scene, Tuan Zi was relieved and began to wait patiently at the side.


The door opened, and a figure flew out! In the blink of an eye, he appeared in front of everyone!

Everyone who had been waiting in the square for a long time was excited!

“Look! The last one is finally out!”

“It’s been almost a month. To be able to stay inside for so long, he must’ve obtained a top-notch heirloom, right?”

“I think so! First place in the Thousand Summit… How enviable!”

Everyone discussed animatedly, and it was obvious that they all had high hopes for the last young man to come out.

Miao Yang stood up and took a few steps forward. “Miao Su.”

Hearing the voice, Miao Su immediately cupped his hands and bowed respectfully to Miao Yang. “Greetings, Clan Leader!”

Miao Yang said with a smile, “There’s no need to be so polite. You were the last to come out of this Thousand Summit; you did well.”

Miao Su straightened at that, his face full of undisguised high spirits. “Thank you for your praise!”

Seeing his reaction, everyone knew that their previous guess was confirmed. He must’ve obtained a very good heirloom!

Miao Yang walked up to Miao Su.

Standing here, he could clearly sense that Miao Su’s aura had indeed increased greatly!

He nodded in satisfaction and patted Miao Su’s shoulder. “You’re not bad!”

He didn’t ask Miao Su which ancestor’s heirloom he had obtained. This was the rule of the Thousand Summit.

Everyone would be able to guess their rankings from the change in their auras, and that was enough.

Unless one was willing to take the initiative to say it, others could not ask. Therefore, although everyone was curious about what heirloom Miao Su had obtained, nobody was tactless enough to ask.

Miao Yang praised him a few more times before saying, “Since everyone has come out, the Thousand Summit will be considered to have ended successfully!”

The crowd cheered in unison.

Miao Yang smiled at the elders beside him. “Please close the holy hall with me.”

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