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1713 Cripple

The man looked up.

A bloody face came into view. However, Nan Yiyi’s worried heart instantly calmed down.

“Yuxing!” Nan Yifan was the first to react. He shouted and immediately ran over to help him up.

Not only was Nan Yuxing’s face covered in blood, but his clothes were also dyed red. Moreover, his eyes were closed, and his breathing was weak.

He had clearly fainted.

The thick smell of blood enveloped the area!

Nan Yifan was extremely anxious. “Yuxing! Yuxing, wake up!”

Nan Yuxing’s eyelids seemed to move, but he still couldn’t open them.

Nan Yiyi and the two elders also rushed over.

“Clan Leader, please allow me to take Eldest Young Master’s pulse first,” one of the elders said respectfully.

Only then did Nan Yifan wake up and hurriedly make way. “Yes, yes! Jin He, you do it!”

Elder Jin He took a step forward and placed his finger on Nan Yuxing’s wrist. A moment later, his expression suddenly changed. “This—”

Nan Yifan suddenly felt a strong sense of unease. “Jin He, how is it?”

Elder Jin He seemed to be in disbelief and took Nan Yuxing’s pulse again. But this time, the result was the same.

He was silent for a long moment before he withdrew his hand. With a long sigh, he then cupped his hands at Nan Yifan. “Clan Leader, Eldest Young Master… His pearl of essence has shattered.”

“What?!” Nan Yifan’s mind went blank, and he staggered.

“Father!” Nan Yiyi hurriedly went forward to support him, but she couldn’t help but look at Elder Jin He. “Big Brother is extremely strong. How did he shatter his pearl of essence? Elder Jin He, are you mistaken?!”

Elder Jin He said helplessly, “If you don’t believe me, you can come and investigate personally. I won’t dare to say anything.”

Everyone knew that Nan Yuxing was the next clan leader of the Nan family.

The shattering of his pearl of essence meant that he would become a cripple from now on. Then, the position of family head was definitely not fated in this life.

If not for the repeated confirmations, Elder Jin He wouldn’t have dared to say this.

Nan Yiyi was speechless. Her chest seemed to be blocked by something, and she felt suffocated.

She turned her neck stiffly and gazed at her brother.

At this moment, Nan Yuxing finally woke up.

“Big Brother!” Nan Yiyi pounced over.

Nan Yuxing’s vision was still blurry, but he no longer cared. He ignored Nan Yiyi and stared at Elder Jin He with a dazed expression. “…Is what you said just now… true?”

In fact, he was already awake. He just couldn’t open his eyes, but he heard everything around him clearly. Naturally, this included Elder Jin He’s words.

Elder Jin He looked away and sighed. “Eldest Young Master… don’t you know best whether it’s true or not?”

That was his pearl of essence—it was the origin of his cultivation! Now that the pearl of essence had shattered, all the force in his body was quickly dissipating outside his body. How could he not feel it?

Nan Yuxing’s face was expressionless. After a long moment, he forced a smile. “That’s true…”

In fact, he had indeed sensed it long ago, but he still couldn’t believe it.

Ever since he was born, he had been favored by the heavens. He had never expected that one day, his pearl of essence would actually shatter, and he would become a cripple!

This was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for him, as well as for Nan Yifan and Nan Yiyi.

“Big Brother—” Nan Yiyi hugged him and started crying.

However, Nan Yuxing did not react. After staring blankly into the void for a while, he closed his eyes.

He thought he would die in there, but when he came out, it was even worse than death.

Nan Yifan clenched her fists tightly. Her knuckles were green and white, and the veins on her forehead were bulging.

“Jin He, help him treat his injuries first.” Nan Yifan seemed calm and composed, but his voice was already hoarse.

He had high hopes for Nan Yuxing, and this was undoubtedly a blow to the head now! But in front of so many people, he couldn’t break down or even show too much abnormality.

Elder Jin He responded and began to heal Nan Yuxing.

His situation was much worse than Nan Yiyi’s. Apart from external injuries, internal injuries were even more difficult to deal with.

The pearl of essence had shattered, but it was a blessing in disguise to be able to survive. Of course, Nan Yuxing clearly did not want this ‘luck.’

His eyes were closed, and his face was ashen. He clearly had no more motivation to live.

Elder Jin He was a little anxious and whispered to Nan Yiyi, “Second Missy, Eldest Young Master has no intention of survival. I’m afraid it won’t be good if this continues…”

Nan Yiyi wiped her tears. Actually, if I were Big Brother, I probably wouldn’t want to live anymore. However, I can’t just watch my brother die!

She took a deep breath and leaned closer. “Big Brother, we haven’t taken revenge yet! You have to persevere! Don’t you want to see what will happen to that b*tch who caused us to fall to this state?”

Nan Yiyi gritted her teeth. Every word was filled with deep hatred and resentment!

She blamed all of this on that person. At the same time, she aimed all the blame at that person!

And this sentence finally convinced Nan Yuxing.

He slowly opened his eyes with difficulty. Deep hatred gradually burst out of his originally dull and despairing eyes! Right, all of this is Shangguan Yue’s fault! If it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t have been involved, and I wouldn’t have become like this! My life has been ruined by the other party!

“Where… where is she…!?” Nan Yuxing gritted his teeth and spat out a few slurred syllables as if he would immediately suck Shangguan Yue’s blood and eat her flesh as long as she appeared in front of him now.

As Nan Yiyi cooperated with Elder Jin He to treat Nan Yuxing’s injuries, she comforted him. “Big Brother, she hasn’t come out yet. But since we’re all out, she’ll definitely come out too! At that time, we’ll settle this score with her!”

Nan Yuxing held his breath. “…You’re… right…”

I have to live. I want to see them suffer with my own eyes! With the support of this thought, Nan Yuxing actually endured it.

Everyone fell silent and began to wait.

Who else would come out next?!

Elder Yi Yu glanced at Nan Yuxing with a serious expression. I’m not worried about Nan Yuxing, but… Judging from his injuries, the situation inside is probably not optimistic. Moreover, two people from the Nan family have come out, but there is still no sign of Tuan Zi and the others.

He looked at Yi Zhao and realized that the latter was staring at the black wall with a subtle expression.

Just as he was about to ask something, he suddenly heard Yi Zhao shout, “Go back!”

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