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1714 Why Are You Here?

Without thinking, Elder Yi Zhao immediately tapped his toes and flashed back!

Immediately after, a wave suddenly rose from the black wall!


Like a surging river, waves surged!

The surrounding natural energy seemed to have been affected by this power and began to surge!

The huge totem on the wall suddenly accelerated, and a violent and majestic aura surged out!

Nan Yifan and the others bore the brunt! Before they could even set up a barrier, they were enveloped by that terrifying power!

Under the impact of this power, the few of them were instantly sent flying uncontrollably!

In a hurry, Nan Yifan hurriedly went to pull Nan Yuxing away. But before he could pull his son over, they barely separated!


They fell to the ground one after another!

Nan Yuxing’s chest trembled, and he spat out another mouthful of blood!


“Big Brother!” Nan Yifan and the others struggled to get up. When they saw this scene, they were almost scared out of their wits!

But at this moment, a few figures actually rushed out of the black wall one after another!

Nan Yifan could see the two people in front clearly.

Elder Wu Peng!

Elder Bai Tong!

Nan Yifan had just helped his son up and was about to go over when he suddenly heard a crisp sound.


Something seemed to have shattered.

Nan Yifan suddenly thought of something, and his eyes widened! Then, he quickly took out the jade token!

The four light spots inside had actually become three! Among them, the one that belonged to Elder Bai Tong had already shattered!

Elder Bai Tong is dead! He gasped.

The remaining two elders hurriedly rushed over. “Elder Wu Peng, how are you?”

Although Elder Wu Peng was still conscious, his face and body were covered in blood, and his breathing was weak. It was obvious that he was severely injured.

Elder Jin He immediately healed him.

When the other elder arrived beside Elder Bai Tong, he realized that the latter was no longer breathing.

He looked at Nan Yifan in panic. “Clan Leader, Elder Bai Tong…”

Nan Yifan closed her eyes and waved.

The elder immediately understood what he meant. With a heavy heart, he moved Elder Bai Tong’s corpse to the side and prepared to bring it back for burial.

Nan Yifan glanced from the corner of his eye and saw that a section of Elder Bai Tong’s calf had actually been severed.

“What’s wrong with Elder Bai Tong’s leg?” He frowned. This doesn’t look like a recent injury…

Nan Yiyi hesitated for a moment. She only said that Elder Bai Tong was injured in the battle with Shangguan Yue and the others, but she didn’t mention that his calf had been cut off by Rong Xiu.

“That’s…” Before she could explain, another figure fell out of the black wall!

Nan Yiyi subconsciously looked over, and her eyes lit up. “Uncle Luo Yan!”

That man fell to the ground and supported himself with one hand. Who else could it be but Luo Yan?

Hearing this voice, Luo Yan looked up.

He first saw Nan Yiyi and immediately heaved a sigh of relief. Then, his gaze turned slightly, and he saw Nan Yifan and the others beside him.

So they were already on their way…

Luo Yan wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and was about to walk toward them when he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine!

He was instantly alert, and his entire body tensed up!

At this moment, he realized that there were two men standing not far from Nan Yifan and the others.

One was burly and had an unfamiliar face, but he was extremely powerful!

When he saw the man standing in front of him clearly, Luo Yan suddenly thought of something, and his expression changed slightly. This person is…

“Luo Yan.” Nan Yifan walked over and sized him up. After confirming that Luo Yan was only slightly injured, he heaved a sigh of relief. At this point, our people have all come out. Apart from Elder Bai Tong dying, Elder Wu Peng and Nan Yuxing are both severely injured. Nan Yiyi and Luo Yan’s situation is slightly better, but they clearly need a long time to recuperate. I wonder if there will be any aftereffects…

Nan Yifan’s emotions were very complicated.

On the one hand, he was glad that these people—except for Elder Bai Tong—had come out alive. On the other hand, the battle was tragic, and the injuries were serious.

This was especially so for Nan Yuxing. Becoming a cripple was really more painful than letting him die.

Similarly, it also made Nan Yifan’s heart ache and feel troubled.

Luo Yan nodded. “Don’t worry, Clan Leader. I’ll be fine.”

He quickly scanned the area and basically determined what was going on.

He had long known that it was extremely dangerous inside, so it was normal for this to happen. Now, he focused more on the two strange men. “Those two are—”

Nan Yifan came back to his senses and said, “Oh, I almost forgot to introduce them to you. These two are Clan Leader Yi Zhao and Elder Yi Yu of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan.”

Luo Yan was shocked. I had already guessed that these two might be important figures in the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, but I didn’t expect Yi Zhao, the clan leader, to come too!

Suddenly, he had an idea. Perhaps he is here for Shangguan Yue’s contracted red-gold heavenly phoenix?

Luo Yan suppressed the many thoughts in his heart and bowed politely.

Yi Zhao frowned slightly. These people have already come out, but why are there no movements from Tuan Zi and the others?

Seeing that Yi Zhao was ignoring him, Luo Yan wasn’t angry. The other party is famous for his arrogance, so it’s normal for him to have such an attitude. Besides, looking at him, he should still be waiting for the red-gold heavenly phoenix to come out, right?

In fact, everyone present had the same doubts. Since both parties entered together, why is it that only Nan Yiyi and the others have come out? In contrast, not a single person from the other party has come out.

It made one wonder.

Nan Yifan thought for a moment and asked, “Yiyi, do you think Shangguan Yue and the others will come out again?”

He hated the other party to the core now and wished he could end their lives with his own hands!

Nan Yiyi paused and sneered. “Who knows? Perhaps they’ve already died inside…”


Two figures appeared almost at the same time!

Nan Yiyi looked over, and her heart sank!

These two people were actually Nan Suhuai and Chu Ning! What was even more shocking was that other than a few sporadic wounds, the two of them were actually fine!

From their expressions and states, they were clearly not injured!

Nan Yifan originally wanted to surround them immediately, but when he saw Nan Suhuai, he was stunned. Why is the Director of Ling Xiao Academy here?!

At the same time, Nan Suhuai also sensed the strange atmosphere around him and looked up. Nan Yifan? He has actually brought people over? No, the key is that Nan Yiyi and the others seem to have come out before us!?

Looking around, Nan Suhuai didn’t see anyone he wanted to see. He could not help but feel disappointed and worried.

Suddenly, he looked shocked. “Clan Leader Yi Zhao? Why are you here?!”

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