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Chapter 1652: Don’t Disturb My Wife

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He spoke slowly, and his expression was calm, even gentle. However, these words made them feel inexplicably cold.

Meeting those deep phoenix eyes, an inexplicable fear suddenly surged in Nan Yuxing’s heart. However, he quickly suppressed the emotion. I’m the Nan family’s eldest young master. Why would I be afraid of someone from the Sky-Cloud Empire?

“Rong Xiu, I know that in the past few years, you’ve become famous in the God Residence Realm. I admit that you’re indeed powerful, or you wouldn’t have reached your current position. Unfortunately… there’s one thing you still don’t know: There are some people you can’t afford to offend!” As Nan Yuxing spoke, he shouted at the two elders, “Let’s end this quickly!”

As long as I kill these two people quickly, nobody will know that we were the ones who did it. I will bury this news forever!

Elder Wu Peng frowned slightly. “Young Master, I’m afraid this isn’t appropriate…”

Although he didn’t know much about Rong Xiu, he had heard some rumors about the latter. His methods are vicious and decisive, making him a ruthless character. Most importantly, what he just said… doesn’t seem to be pretentious. To be able to say the family head’s name is already extraordinary, and he even looks so casual… Could it be that Rong Xiu really knows the family head?

Nan Yuxing was immediately dissatisfied. “Elder Wu Peng, you’ve always been decisive. Why are you so hesitant today?”

The other party has already bullied us to this extent, but we still haven’t counterattacked. If word gets out, we will probably be laughed at! 

It is just killing two people. What other trouble could it cause?

Elder Wu Peng’s lips moved.

He wanted to persuade Nan Yuxing further, but Elder Bai Tong hurriedly shot him a look. What is there to argue about? Second Missy has been humiliated by them, and Eldest Young Master has lost half his life. Even if the family head is here, he would definitely choose to attack directly! 

Besides, if we kill them and clean up their corpses, nobody will know. If we don’t say a word, nobody else in the world will know. Why worry so much?

Elder Wu Peng’s expression turned cold. In the end, he swallowed the rest of his words.


A green-black sickle appeared in Elder Wu Peng’s hand! The cold light was extremely sharp!

“Eldest Young Master and Second Missy, please step back,” Elder Wu Peng said in a low voice.

Elder Bai Tong took a step forward at the same time, force surging around his body! It seemed like he was determined to fight to the death.

Rong Xiu glanced at them indifferently and retracted his gaze as if he didn’t care about this situation.

This attitude finally successfully angered the two elders.

“Go forward!” Elder Wu Peng roared and rushed forward first!


Elder Bai Tong flicked his sleeve! An orange flame condensed into a long whip that headed straight for Chu Liuyue!

But at this moment, Elder Bai Tong suddenly felt a sharp pain in his leg!

He immediately looked down, and his pupils constricted!

At some point, his ankle was entangled by a golden thread!

The thread was as thin as a strand of hair, and it silently appeared without any energy fluctuations. That was why he didn’t notice and didn’t even know that he was entangled!

Another ball of fire appeared in his hand, wanting to burn the thread off. But to Elder Bai Tong’s shock, the golden thread was incomparably tenacious. His flames were actually useless against it!

In fact, as the flames burned, the power in them was inexplicably devoured by the golden thread gradually!

The golden thread tightened!

A sharp pain came as dark-red blood gradually seeped through his clothes!

Elder Bai Tong was even more shocked. How could this golden thread be so powerful!?

Although he specialized as a heavenly doctor, he was also a true god in the warrior cultivation path. Moreover, with the help of medicinal pills, his physical strength was greater than that of ordinary cultivators at the same level.

Why was he directly injured by this golden thread now?!

Sensing danger, Elder Bai Tong flicked his wrist and retracted the fire whip. He began to deal with the golden thread on his ankle with all his might, but things didn’t go as planned.

The golden thread began to spread and coil upward at an even more shocking speed! In a short while, his entire calf was tightly wrapped in the golden thread!

Moreover, the golden thread was still tightening during this process!

More and more blood appeared on Elder Bai Tong’s body.

He finally panicked. What the hell is this!?


A green-black light sickle flashed!

It was Elder Wu Peng who sensed the danger on his side and changed direction halfway.

The sharp sickle slashed down fiercely!

The golden thread broke silently!

Elder Bai Tong finally heaved a sigh of relief. “Wu Peng, thank you—be careful!”

Before he could finish speaking, Elder Bai Tong’s eyes suddenly widened as he exclaimed!

Elder Wu Peng focused his gaze and saw that the broken golden thread had split into two and wrapped toward the two of them!

In the blink of an eye, the golden thread enveloped Elder Wu Peng’s sickle! Moreover, it was still spreading toward Elder Wu Peng!

Just as Elder Wu Peng was about to swing his sickle, he realized that under the entanglement of the golden thread, his sickle seemed to have increased in weight and was difficult to swing.

Every movement became extremely difficult!

Nan Yuxing and Nan Yiyi, who were watching from behind, were also stunned when they saw this scene. How could Rong Xiu be so strong?!

At this moment, Chu Liuyue frowned slightly.

Rong Xiu’s expression turned cold. “I told you not to disturb my wife’s cultivation.”

He raised his wrist and pulled!

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