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Chapter 1653: Deal!

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The extremely flexible golden thread instantly tightened! Then, it directly dragged the green-black sickle out of Elder Wu Peng’s hand!

Elder Wu Peng was caught off-guard, and his Yuan instrument was easily taken away by Rong Xiu!

Then, under everyone’s gaze, the sickle flew in front of Rong Xiu!

Rong Xiu raised his hand and took the sickle. “Sky-Breaking Sickle… If I remember correctly, this should be the first royal Yuan instrument refined by Elder Wu Peng, right? It was also because of this that Elder Wu Peng finally succeeded in becoming a royal Armory Refinement Master. Therefore, even though Elder Wu Peng is already a supreme Armory Refinement Master, he still values this Yuan instrument very much.”

Elder Wu Peng’s half-frozen face turned even colder. How does Rong Xiu… know about this?!


A dagger suddenly appeared in Rong Xiu’s other hand.

The dagger was no more than the length of a hand. The handle was dark and heavy, but the blade was as thin as a cicada’s wing, almost transparent. It shone faintly in the sunlight.

Elder Wu Peng’s heart skipped a beat! “You—”


There was a crisp crack.

It was Elder Wu Peng’s sickle that had been cut in the middle by Rong Xiu’s dagger!

The cut surface was neat and smooth.

Rong Xiu seemed to have destroyed Elder Wu Peng’s most beloved royal Yuan instrument without any effort!

He raised his eyebrows slightly and looked up with a faint smile. “Elder Wu Peng, it seems that your royal Yuan instrument isn’t that impressive.”

Elder Wu Peng’s expression instantly darkened! “Rong Xiu! How dare you!?”

In his life, the number of royal Yuan instruments he had refined was no less than five. But among them, what he valued the most was this Sky-Breaking Sickle.

Even though he was now a supreme Armory Refinement Master, he still favored this item.

Back then, he had been trapped as an advanced Armory Refinement master for several years, and he had never been able to break through the royal Armory Refinement Master threshold. Over time, this had almost become his mental demon.

Later on, by chance, he finally refined this royal Yuan instrument successfully. Not only did he successfully break through the threshold, but he also broke through his own predicament. From then on, his cultivation journey was unimpeded.

It was precisely because of this that he valued this Sky-Breaking Sickle very much.

Now that Rong Xiu had destroyed it in front of him, how could he not be angry? How could he take this lying down?!

But other than anger, he was also deeply shocked. The dagger in Rong Xiu’s hand is small and smart, looking not much different from an ordinary dagger. However, it had easily broken a royal Yuan instrument just now! In other words, this dagger is either an extremely outstanding royal Yuan instrument or—

“Ah!” A miserable scream suddenly came from the side.

Elder Wu Peng was shocked and hurriedly turned around. He saw that Elder Bai Tong’s calf was already tightly wrapped by the golden thread again, and it looked even worse than last time!

Elder Bai Tong’s clothes were covered in messy blood. One could vaguely see the shocking wound on his flesh.

Elder Bai Tong’s face was pale, and he almost fainted from the pain.

The golden thread wasn’t ordinary. Not only could it easily cut through the body, but the edges of the wound also burned with extreme pain.

The golden thread tightened, and it was as if red-hot iron rods were scraping past his body!


A scalp-numbing burning sound came.

Elder Bai Tong lowered his head to take a look with trembling hands. For a moment, his mind went blank.

Burns actually appeared on his legs! His skin, flesh, and blood were even terrifyingly charred!

Elder Bai Tong began to struggle with all his might, trying to break free with all his might. But no matter what he did, the golden threads lingered.

Every time they broke, they would become stronger!

A thread suddenly tightened.

The cold pain instantly spread throughout his body!

Half of Elder Bai Tong’s calf was silently severed! The incision on the wound was very neat, and even white bones could be seen!

This scene deeply agitated Elder Bai Tong, causing him to be shocked and furious. Deep in his heart, dense fear spread!

Many emotions surged, and finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. His chest trembled violently, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood before falling heavily to the ground!


With a dull thud, dust rose from the ground where he made contact.

“Elder Bai Tong!” Nan Yuxing and Nan Yiyi finally came back to their senses and couldn’t believe their eyes. The two elders attacked together, yet they are actually… losing? How exactly did Rong Xiu do it?

Elder Wu Peng stared intently at the wounds on Elder Bai Tong’s body and gradually clenched his fists. Bai Tong is a heavenly doctor and can transform his force into flames to refine pills. Therefore, ordinary flames can’t hurt him at all. But at this moment, he was burned by a golden thread, and half of his leg was cut off! This Rong Xiu… is clearly more terrifying than the rumors state! What realm has his strength reached?!


Elder Wu Peng was about to speak when Rong Xiu abruptly raised his finger. “Shh.”

There was a clear light in his deep eyes, but his expression was distant and indifferent.

Elder Wu Peng suddenly seemed to be strangled by something. The rest of his words were silently crushed in his throat, and he couldn’t say them again.

In Chu Liuyue’s mind, several Xuan formations were arranged in an orderly manner.

Every Xuan formation shone brightly and emitted a mighty pressure. However, they were all very far from each other.

A stream of light flew out from a Xuan formation in the middle and quickly connected to a Xuan formation beside it. Then came the second and third.

Her heart subconsciously tensed up.

She wanted to connect the Xuan formations into one piece, but it wouldn’t be easy.

She couldn’t remember how many times she had tried, and it had exhausted her stamina and energy. The only gratification was that she did better each time than the last. It was also this that supported her to grit her teeth and persevere.

More and more Xuan formations were connected to each other. The pressure on her also began to stack!

Finally, there was only one Xuan formation left.

Chu Liuyue subconsciously held her breath and tensed up. She knew too well what it would mean if she succeeded this time!

If she hadn’t experienced it personally, even she wouldn’t believe that someone could try to break through from a King Xuan Master to become a Great King Xuan Master in just a few months.

Bang bang! 

Bang bang! 

Her heart was beating rapidly, almost jumping out of her chest.

But thinking about it carefully, this is actually reasonable because I was already a King Xuan Master a few years ago. Countless Xuan formations are also recorded in my mind. I have to thank Big Baby for this. If not for him, I would never have gotten to this point so quickly.

With a thought, the last stream of light flew out lightly and was tightly connected to the last Xuan formation!

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