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Chapter 1607: Conflict

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Respected Elder Tong Chuan immediately wanted to catch up, but before he could move, a golden light flashed in front of him!

The next moment, a barrier formed by golden flames blocked him!

“Get lost!” A hoarse roar erupted from Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s old voice!

At this moment, his eyes were completely enveloped by black fog. Cold, mournful, cold…

It made one shudder!

He raised his hand and slashed down!

Now he couldn’t care less. The most important thing was to chase after the black wooden token!

With a slash, the golden flame barrier was split in the middle!

Just as Respected Elder Tong Chuan was about to pass through, he saw that the flames had actually divided into two ropes that surrounded him!

He subconsciously dodged and waved the black saber in his hand crazily, trying to isolate it. This was because he knew too well how terrifying Rong Xiu’s flames were!

Once entangled—


A golden spark suddenly exploded in his ear!

Respected Elder Tong Chuan turned his head stiffly and realized that there was already a small golden flame behind him!

At this moment, golden flames bloomed and turned into countless dazzling lights that floated in the air.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan was shocked! He glanced up automatically.

Outside the window, Xue Xue had disappeared. However, intense pain began to spread through his body!

The wooden token was beginning to be destroyed!

“You! You!” Respected Elder Tong Chuan became even more panicked.


A strange sound suddenly entered his ears.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan came back to his senses and immediately widened his eyes in shock!

At some point, those stars danced in all directions, drawing streams of light that interweaved and overlapped. They actually formed an extremely complicated and profound formation!

This profound formation wasn’t big, but it firmly bound him inside!

He felt uneasy and wanted to break free even more. But at this moment, he suddenly realized that he couldn’t mobilize the force in his body!

“I’ve been studying this Divine Sealing Array for a long time. I only have a chance to experiment today, but it looks pretty good.” Rong Xiu spoke slowly with a smile on his face as if he were quite satisfied with the effects of this Xuan formation.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan was shocked. How is that even possible? Rong Xiu is only a true god now. Even if he has two divine bodies and two God Realms, he is still only a true god! Meanwhile, I’m a legendary warrior! How did Rong Xiu’s Xuan formation achieve such power?!

Although legendary warriors were above true gods, the difference between the two was like a chasm.

In the God Residence Realm, there were countless true gods. However, legendary warriors were extremely precious!

They all knew that Rong Xiu’s combat strength was higher than cultivators of the same level. However, they didn’t expect that he was actually already able to resist a legendary warrior now!

Not to mention Respected Elder Tong Chuan, even the onlookers were stunned in their spots.

The reason why Respected Elder Tong Chuan previously had such high status in the Sky-Cloud Empire was that he was strong enough!

But when fighting with His Grace now, Rong Xiu, he was actually… at a disadvantage?!

Rong Xiu did not give Respected Elder Tong Chuan much time to react.

He raised his hand, and his long, well-defined fingers then closed gently.


The Divine Sealing Array shone brightly!

In an instant, Respected Elder Tong Chuan felt as if his entire body had been ruthlessly crushed by something! Intense pain came from all over his body—it almost drove him crazy!

“Ah!!!” Respected Elder Tong Chuan finally couldn’t hold back and let out a shrill moan of pain.

Surrounded by the light, nobody could see his current appearance. They could only roughly see the outline of his body and the blood dripping onto the ground.

The strange thing was that the color of the blood was actually black and red, and it carried a strong stench!

The carefully laid jade bricks on the ground seemed to have been corroded by the blood, emitting sizzling sounds and black fog.

This voice and this scene made everyone’s hair stand on end!

If they still couldn’t tell that Respected Elder Tong Chuan was from Black Demon Hole, they wouldn’t be able to survive in the God Residence Realm!

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s voice gradually softened. He seemed to slowly stop struggling as well.

Only the blood on the floor increased.

At a certain moment, the black fog barrier set up by Respected Elder Tong Chuan suddenly shattered!


The black fog quickly dispersed and gathered in Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s body. However, this bit of strength was already a drop in the bucket for the current him.

The light on the Divine Sealing array faded. Only then did Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s figure appear in front of everyone again.

Someone couldn’t help but gasp, then quickly fell silent.

Silence filled the room. However, there was still shock and shock in their eyes.

At this moment, the person who reappeared in front of them could barely be considered a human.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s entire body seemed to have been sucked dry by something—it became shriveled and withered. His cheeks were deeply sunken, and there was no color on his face. He only stared with a pair of completely black eyes… Terrified, miserable, and resentful.

It looked really unsettling.

At some point, a totem had appeared between his eyebrows! That wasn’t the Sky-Cloud Empire’s totem, but… Black Demon Hole!

Suddenly, Respected Elder Tong Chuan opened his mouth. A completely different hoarse, low, and cold laugh came from afar. “Rong Xiu, I’ve really underestimated you.”

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