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Chapter 1606: Rejoicing

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The last trace of color on Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s face completely faded!

Everyone looked shocked as 36 Respected Elder Ming frowned and took a step forward. “Your Highness, you—”

“I’m fine.” Rong Xiu smiled faintly. “I don’t care about these tricks.”

36 Respected Elder Ming pursed his lips, his eyes still tainted with self-blame and guilt. “I’m useless and actually failed to sense Your Highness’s danger…”

Although Rong Xiu said it casually, it wasn’t difficult to imagine how powerful the seal was from his description just now!

Rong Xiu can brush it off with a few words now, but as long as one thinks about it, they’ll know that Rong Xiu must’ve experienced all kinds of difficulties and danger at that time! And I actually didn’t know all of this before!

Ever since Rong Xiu returned to the Sky-Cloud Empire back then, 36 Respected Elder Ming had taken good care of him and almost treated him as half a son. However, he didn’t expect such a major mistake to still happen!

As if guessing his thoughts, Rong Xiu’s eyes softened as he said, “Speaking of which, this happened a few years ago when I first left the Sky-Cloud Empire. Therefore, it’s normal for you not to know.”

Only then did 36 Respected Elder Ming understand. I see! At that time, Rong Xiu had just taken over not long ago. On the surface, it looked calm, but in reality, there were hidden troubles. I stayed behind and didn’t go out with Rong Xiu.

For a period of time after that, Rong Xiu kept in touch with me, so I stayed at the Sky-Cloud Empire in peace and didn’t think too much about it. Unexpectedly… there was actually such a thing.

Rong Xiu looked at Respected Elder Tong Chuan again and raised his eyebrows.

His substantive gaze landed on Respected Elder Tong Chuan with deterrence!

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s eyelids twitched violently. “Your Highness, are you suspecting that I was the one who attacked you?”

He suddenly sneered. “Your Highness, I was born in the Sky-Cloud Empire and have been loyal for hundreds of years! Countless people in the Sky-Cloud Empire can testify to this! You can say that I’m arrogant and have a bad temper, but this—this is impossible!”

“You’re the Sky-Cloud Empire’s His Grace, and you’re also the person with the best bloodline talent in the Sky-Cloud Empire in the past thousand years! Why would I secretly kill you?! Or did I use the method of Black Demon Hole!?”

Respected Elder Tong Chuan looked furious as if he had suffered great humiliation and grievances. “You’ve slandered me today. If you can’t produce evidence, I definitely won’t just let it be!”

His angry, agitated voice echoed through the room.

The expressions of many people around them wavered.

To be honest, Respected Elder Tong Chuan might not have that much respect for His Grace and might even have wanted to seize power. However, he still didn’t say anything to the Sky-Cloud Empire.

He couldn’t be related to the people of Black Demon Hole, right?

Besides, does Rong Xiu mean that Respected Elder Tong Chuan is one of the eight hall leaders of Black Demon Hole? That sounds even more ridiculous.

Rong Xiu glanced at him and nodded with a smile. “Sure.”

Respected Elder Tong Chuan was stunned for a moment before he realized what Rong Xiu meant. Does he really have evidence?

Then, he saw Rong Xiu raise his chin at Xue Xue and say very gently, “The sebuckthorn wood token of Black Demon Hole’s hall leader is extremely precious. It must be extremely effective to grind the teeth.”


Xue Xue let out a low roar and pounced forward again, holding the wooden token in its mouth!

Its sharp white teeth clenched on the black wooden token, glinting coldly.

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s heart skipped a beat at first. Then, he forced himself to calm down. It is just a legendary fiend. If it wants to destroy this wooden token, it is still—


Xue Xue bit down hard, and a crack instantly appeared on the wooden token!

Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s eyes widened in shock. How—how is this possible?! When did that beast have such combat strength?! 

Before he could think clearly, a second crisp sound landed!


The sound of the wooden token cracking was no different from a death warrant in Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s ears! Without thinking, he immediately attacked and wanted to snatch the thing back from Xue Xue’s mouth!


Just as he moved, Rong Xiu appeared in front of him in a flash and quietly stopped him. “Respected Elder Tong Chuan, what are you doing? Since that wooden token is one of the eight hall leaders’ items, as long as it’s destroyed, the owner of the token will suffer extremely heavy backlash even if he isn’t here. However… why are you so anxious?”

Tong Chuan’s face was pale, and large beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

He looked up and saw Rong Xiu looking at him with a faint smile.

Oh no! Respected Elder Tong Chuan’s heart sank! No matter how much I said before, this attack is equivalent to admitting all of Rong Xiu’s previous evidence!

Respected Elder Tong Chuan gritted his teeth. Then, a black fog suddenly surged out from the depths of his ancient eyes!

A cold and sinister aura instantly spread from his body!

Rong Xiu narrowed his eyes, and the smile on his face seemed to be covered in a layer of frost!


Suddenly, the aura around Respected Elder Tong Chuan surged!

He abruptly raised his arm, and a black saber suddenly appeared in his hand! The next moment, he stabbed at Rong Xiu without hesitation!

The two of them were extremely close to each other, and Respected Elder Tong Chuan attacked very suddenly this time. The sharp blade was about to land on Rong Xiu’s shoulder!

“Be careful, Your Highness!” Everyone was shocked!

Nobody expected Respected Elder Tong Chuan to attack just like that, and he was extremely ruthless!

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