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Chapter 1575: Go With the Flow

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Inside the light ball, there was a small space.

The mountains rose and fell as the stream sparkling with a red-golden light passed through the woods.

There was lush greenery, and the scene was filled with vitality.

The thick Heaven and Earth Force was encompassed within and rejuvenated one’s mind.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but praise, “It’s indeed the ancient legendary fiend clan with deep foundations. Just this cultivation environment is much stronger than the outside.”

Even Ling Xiao Academy and the Sky-Cloud Empire were weaker compared to this place.

Tuan Zi blinked curiously and looked around.

Chu Liuyue laughed lightly. “This will be your territory from now on. You can look at it however you want.”

Tuan Zi turned around and sweetly rubbed against her face.

“Now, the most important thing is tohelp you gain your human form quickly.”

When Tuan Zi heard this, its body stiffened slightly.

Chu Liuyue picked it up. “Oh right, I haven’t asked you previously. When the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan wants to have its human form, what age must it be normally?”

Tuan Zi looked conflicted.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly. “Hm?”

After quite a long pause, Tuan Zi’s voice sounded in her heart hesitantly. “…A hundred years.”

The smile on Chu Liuyue’s face suddenly froze.

The surroundings fell into dead silence.

After some time, Chu Liuyue asked with difficulty, “…How old?”

Tuan Zi cried and weakly lowered its small head. Aiya! I disagreed with it at first! Yet, Chu Liuyue didn’t even give me a chance to interrupt and directly agreed to Yi Zhao’s request. Now… it’s hard to settle this problem! 

Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched harshly. It’s no wonder Yi Zhao suddenly allowed it. It turned out… 

She knew that this matter would be harder, but she didn’t expect it to be a huge trench like a bottomless pit.

After a temporary pause, Chu Liuyue then asked, “Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

Tuan Zi waved its wings. “You didn’t ask…”

When it saw how confident she was back then, it thought that she definitely knew about it and was confident that she could do it. Who knew—

Chu Liuyue rubbed her brows and felt her head ache.

Tuan Zi looked up at her meticulously.

The human and the fiend stared at each other.

“Other than this, is there any other way?” Chu Liuyue thought carefully. Other than this age restriction, the more important factor should be the skill level.

As expected, Tuan Zi nodded obediently upon hearing this. “As long as I can successfully open my third meridian, I can also turn into human form.”

Chu Liuyue was confused. “Open the third meridian?”

Tuan Zi explained, “Even though everyone’s a red-gold heavenly phoenix, our skills were different. Normally speaking, every breakthrough is opening a meridian.”

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding and sized Tuan Zi up. “Then now…”

“One meridian,” replied Tuan Zi honestly.

Chu Liuyue wasn’t surprised at this outcome either. After all, Tuan Zi had just broken through a few months ago, and it was normal for it to have only its starting meridian open.

From opening one meridian to three… It shouldn’t be too difficult… right? Chu Liuyue asked curiously, “Then, do you know how many meridians your clan leader has open?”

Tuan Zi thought for a while before answering, “I think the clan leader has opened his seventh meridian.”

“He’s indeed incredible…” Chu Liuyue secretly sighed in astonishment.

Tuan Zi nodded in approval. “Oh right, other than the clan leader who has seven meridians open, the others only have six.”

“The others?” Chu Liuyue reacted. “You’re talking about… those five elders?”

Tuan Zi flapped its wings and nonchalantly said, “Yeah! Other than them, the remaining ones have lower levels, and there are very few who have five meridians open.”

Without thinking, she knew that it was referring to the ones surrounding the outside of Godly Phoenix Hall back then.

A white light flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind. Then, she leaned toward Tuan Zi and looked into its eyes seriously.

Tuan Zi didn’t understand why.

Chu Liuyue held her breath in, relaxed her voice, and asked, “Tuan Zi, how do you know their cultivation level?”

Tuan Zi was dazed for a moment before saying, “I… knew at first glance!”

Isn’t it very simple? 

However, Chu Liuyue was overwhelmed with emotions. For human cultivators, people with lower cultivation levels couldn’t see the specific level of those stronger than them.

Tuan Zi only has one meridian open. Logically speaking, Tuan Zi is the weakest existence in the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan. How could it discern so much? Or… is the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan and the humans different? As they have the same bloodline, can they feel such things? Chu Liuyue’s heart was filled with suspicions.

It was fine if it were others, but Yi Zhao was the clan leader. Being high, imperious, and able to look down on almost everyone’s status, how could it let someone else see through his abilities?

This didn’t make sense.

She stared at Tuan Zi calmly.

It blinked and looked at her in a very innocent manner.

Chu Liuyue’s thoughts ran wild. After some thinking, she said, “Tuan Zi, we’ll basically be here during this period of time. But if we go out later on, you mustn’t bring this up in front of the others.”

Tuan Zi knew what she was thinking and acknowledged her obediently.

Chu Liuyue looked up and surveyed her surroundings. “Let me think of how to open your remaining two meridians in the next month…”

The night sky fell, and a gigantic curtain covered the land. Yet, it was bright within Godly Phoenix Hall.

Faint light escaped from the windows in a holy and distinguished manner.

It was silent within the hall.

A figure stood upright—it was Yi Zhao. From evening till now, he had maintained his posture for a long time.

He stared at the wall opposite him. A large watercolor painting was drawn on it.

In the middle of the chaotic times, a red-golden figure spread its wings and flew up, through the clouds and sea.

Its feathers were realistic and seemed real. Just by looking at this, one could feel the strong aura almost breaking out from that wall!

This was the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s ancestor! It was a pity that its eyes were black as if something was dug out.

Without eyes, it seemed to have lost its soul as it was helplessly restrained in the icy cold walls.

“…Ancestor, the purest bloodline appeared again. I wonder if this time, it will…”

Knock, knock.

Someone knocked on the door just then. “Eldest Young Master, Lord Xiahou is here!”

“Clan Leader, Yi Yu wishes to see you.”

Yi Zhao recovered his senses. “Come in.”

As he spoke, he turned around and looked at the incoming person. At this point, his expression had recovered its usual calmness and nonchalance.

Elder Yi Yu walked over. His gaze instinctively passed the gigantic mural, and he sighed in his heart. “Clan Leader, you’re looking at Ancestor again? It’s mentally taxing if you keep doing this…”

Yi Zhao’s expression was light. “The ancestral ceremony is near, and a new bloodline has come back. I have to come here.”

Elder Yi Yu knew that there was no use in convincing him, so he didn’t spend much time conflicting on this. “Don’t worry. I’ve already arranged Shangguan Yue and Tuan Zi’s side.”

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