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Chapter 1524: I’ll Take Responsibility for the Trouble She Caused

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Miao Yao’s contorted expression instantly froze.

Upon hearing this, the crowd in Qing Ming Square widened their eyes in unison and was dazed. In the beginning, they were just shocked about everything that happened suddenly. However, they didn’t get to think clearly about what exactly happened.

Now that everything was settled, they finally realized that something was amiss. That God Realm flew out from Fengmin Mountain. How did it become Shangguan Yue’s? 

“Impossible!” Miao Yao instinctively retorted. In this world, how could there be someone who has a God Realm before they broke through to become a true god? There must be a problem!

“What’s so impossible? If this God Realm isn’t hers, how can it be so obedient toward her?” Elder Meng glanced at Miao Yao as if he were looking at an idiot. “Miao Yao, even if you’re not a human, you should know this clearly, right? Do you still need me to explain it to you in detail?”

Miao Yao’s eyes turned red, and he was so angry that he couldn’t say anything for a long while. Then, he suddenly turned his head to look at Chu Liuyue!

That sharp and cold gaze, with suspicion and vengeance, scraped past Chu Liuyue’s body like a knife!

Chu Liuyue completely ignored him. Anyway, she had won, so everything else didn’t matter.

She smiled slightly, and her eyes curved up. “Senior Miao Yao, if you have objections to this, then… I can demonstrate to you, so you can judge if this God Realm is mine.”

A chill ran down Miao Yao’s spine. Demonstrate again? How to demonstrate? 

The wounds on his body started to faintly hurt again!

“No need!” Miao Yao replied almost in panic. He didn’t want the previous incident to happen again!

Actually, according to his abilities, he shouldn’t have any problems going against a true god warrior. Even if Shangguan Yue broke through continuously to become a true god warrior from an intermediate stage-nine one, it wouldn’t pose much of a threat to him. However, the strangest thing was that God Realm!

Even if that’s her God Realm… Its strength has long exceeded that of a normal true god warrior’s God Realm! This God Realm can easily absorb the golden tribulation and resist my bloodline power. It is incredulous! 

“Who knows what methods you used…” Miao Yao was naturally indignant in his heart and had some vengeance.

His reputation was considered completely destroyed during today’s battle. The same went for their entire great phoenix dragon clan…

Miao Yao didn’t know how to go back and explain! He had really suffered a double loss this time!

Chu Liuyue was rather open-minded about it as she smiled and said, “Of course, I used my own methods. You saw the previous scenario—nobody came up to help, right? As for this God Realm… If you didn’t ‘help’ me today, I probably could only summon it back after some time. This time, I really have to thank you, Senior Miao Yao.”

Miao Yao didn’t understand the mechanism in between, but he vaguely guessed something.

When he heard the second half of Chu Liuyue’s words, he was overwhelmed with anger. I came to teach Shangguan Yue and Shangguan Jing a lesson, not to help her break through! What exactly is going on now!? 

Miao Yao stared at her for quite a while. Suddenly, he sneered and gazed at Elder Bo Yan. “Great… great! Bo Yan, so your Ling Xiao Academy teaches your students like this!”

Arrogant! Ill-disciplined! Rude! No matter what, I have an important status in the great phoenix dragon clan. Yet, I was offended by Shangguan Yue left, right, center when I came here today! Now, she has injured me to this state and has no sense of remorse at all! It is really overboard! 

At this point, Elder Bo Yan was staring at Chu Liuyue elatedly. He was happy no matter how he saw her and felt that he didn’t wait in vain for the past few years.

After suddenly being called out, he was also stunned. “Senior Miao Yao, why do you say this? You were the one who brought up the bet today, right? Yue’er Girlie just followed your words. What mistake did she make? If she didn’t agree to it, you wouldn’t have let this slide, right?”


“Besides, you barged into Ling Xiao Academy forcefully today. We haven’t settled this debt with you yet.”

Ling Xiao Academy didn’t like to cause trouble, but it didn’t mean that they were scared.

The great phoenix dragon clan were ancient legendary fiends, and they were amazing. However, Ling Xiao Academy had been established in the God Residence Realm for millions of years, and they weren’t to be trifled with.

If they talked about it in detail, Miao Yao was at fault first, and Yue’er was forced to retaliate. One was an ancient legendary fiend with an important status, and the other was a young academy junior… Wasn’t it clear who was bullying the weak?

Even if this incident went out, the crowd could instantly tell who was in the wrong!

Miao Yao was originally in the wrong. Now that he had lost the bet, he had lost his ground.

He felt extremely cowardly!

“You are so biased toward her, and you’re teaching her to be so arrogant. One day, she will cause a huge trouble for you!”

“Senior Miao Yao, you don’t have to worry about this.” A low and clear voice suddenly came. It seemed to be an icy shard that was dipped in snow, and it had a sense of high and mightiness.

Miao Yao turned around and saw Rong Xiu, who was silent for very long, finally speaking up.

Rong Xiu floated in midair with one hand behind his back. The fingertips on his other hand had a golden fire burning quietly.

He flicked his finger, and the fire instantly extinguished. Then, he looked up slightly and stared at Miao Yao.

In his bottomless phoenix-like eyes, there were ripples. The next moment, the corner of Rong Xiu’s lips curled up. “She’s my princess consort. If she gets into trouble, I will take responsibility for it.”

His light sentence was domineering and irrefutable!

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