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Chapter 1525: Qing Yun Rank’s Seal!

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Such legitimate protection. Such clear doting!

Rong Xiu seemed to say it politely, but when it was translated, it meant: She is mine. I will take responsibility if she gets into trouble. It’s not other people’s place to talk!

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind. She tilted her head and glanced at Rong Xiu.

As if she thought of something, she raised her brows slightly, and the corner of her lips curled up.

Seemingly detecting her gaze, Rong Xiu suddenly looked over.

The four eyes met, and it felt like a million years.

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be harshly hit by something. Something seemed to surge out of the bottom of her heart in a sour yet sweet manner, easily swallowing her whole. Even her breathing became more relaxed.

It seemed as if everything was a dream. With a slight move, it would crush.

They were clearly together the whole time within such a short distance, but she felt that a long, long time had passed since she had seen him.

Only this feeling of being protected and doted on had existed the entire time. Since a very, very long time ago, it was the same from start to end.

Rong Xiu suddenly waved toward her. “Yue’er, come over.”

His voice was low and melodious, and it contained warmth that others had never seen before.

Chu Liuyue moved her steps and walked toward Rong Xiu. But the moment she moved her feet, a strange crisp sound came from below.

Chu Liuyue instinctively looked down, and her eyes instantly narrowed!

At the top of Million Wine Mountain, the fountain was completely frozen!

A very thick layer of crystallized frost covered the entire fountain. At first glance, it reflected a bright light that was chilling to the bones.

As if detecting her strange expression, Rong Xiu faltered and looked down.

A harsh aura suddenly swept across the bottom of his eyes.


On the surface of the frozen fountain water, a very long crack appeared abruptly!

Hearing this commotion, Elder Bo Yan and the others immediately looked over. When they saw that the fountain was completely frozen, their expressions changed in unison!

“Quickly—trigger the lightning!” Elder Bo Yan yelled anxiously!

We placed all our attention on Yue’er previously, and we actually forgot about this incident temporarily! 

“It’s too late!” Elder Ouyang stared at that fountain dazedly, and his face was slightly pale. “Using ordinary weapons to trigger the lightning is useless for this.”

Besides, who has the patience and mindset to trigger lightning at this moment!? 

Actually, this fountain should’ve long been frozen. However, Yue’er broke through in the middle and triggered the tribulation, which delayed it with much difficulty. But now, the tribulation is over, and this fountain… Nobody can stop it again! 


Right on the heels of the first crack was the second. This crack didn’t appear on the frozen surface but the part below.

When layers of ice broke, the cracks normally weren’t regular. However, the two cracks that appeared now were of the same length and were straight.

They called them cracks, but it seemed like an invisible knife had carved them out bit by bit.

Very quickly, the third crack appeared. This one was slightly curved and presented a perfect angle.

This was clearly not an accident—an external force was controlling it!

Rong Xiu knitted his brows slightly and immediately took action! A spark of golden fire rapidly flew out!

At this point, without the previous lightning bolts continuously descending, the fountain didn’t seem to have the invisible transparent barrier that blocked the lightning.

The golden fire directly flew to the layer of ice, but no matter how the fire burned, the layer of ice didn’t seem affected!

Increasingly more cracks appeared on the ice as if it were gradually forming some kind of pattern. The burning golden fire was quickly extinguished silently.

Rong Xiu’s heart sank, and he glanced at Chu Liuyue.

At this point, the latter was staring at the fountain with a deep gaze as if she had fallen into deep thought.

Rong Xiu secretly felt that something was amiss, and his figure flashed as he immediately flew toward Chu Liuyue!

He was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he had already reached Chu Liuyue.

He held Chu Liuyue’s hand. “Yue’er!”

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses, looked up, and glanced at him.

“…Rong Xiu.” Her voice was very light but determined. “I have to go down.”

Rong Xiu abruptly tightened his hold. She knows how dangerous it is down there! Even though she has summoned her God Realm and become a true god again, her life will still be in danger if she suddenly goes over! 

“I’ll go for you!” boomed Rong Xiu.

However, Chu Liuyue laughed and locked his hands with hers. “Since I started this incident, I should be responsible for it.”

If it weren’t for Tuan Zi absorbing the lightning strength, things wouldn’t have ended up in this state. 

“I’ll be right back,” said Chu Liuyue as she gazed at Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu held her hands tightly, and darkness flashed across his phoenix-like eyes! “That’s what you said the last time!”

But after that, they were separated by life and death.

He used all sorts of means to go down to the underworld and finally managed to find her back. Now… Before he could even hug her properly, she was going back again!

I will never agree! 

“Even without you, the fountain exploding is just a matter of time!” Rong Xiu’s expression was cold and harsh for once.

All these years, he spent so much effort and even forcefully sealed a part of her soul and memory just to prevent the same thing from happening. However… Her recovery speed had long exceeded his expectations. This resulted in her awakening again before he even settled the fountain’s issue.

“But at the end of the day, I’m still the one that caused the trouble.” Chu Liuyue shook her head and smiled.

Rong Xiu’s heart sank bit by bit.


Increasingly more cracks appeared on the frozen surface.

Elder Bo Yan stared at the gradually forming pattern closely and found it familiar, but he couldn’t recall where he had seen it.

His mind rapidly spun as he tried his best to recall what it was, but it was to no avail.

Sinister coldness slowly started spreading from that fountain.

On the mountaintop, a thin layer of ice silently formed around the fountain. It was like the white frost that landed in the morning during the start of winter.

Very quickly, the mountain rocks froze, and the trees withered.

The frost seemed to take away the vitality of Million Wine Mountain easily. Everything started becoming dull and dead at an observable speed.

In no time, frost had spread from the top of the mountain to the middle. Then, it reached the bottom of the mountain.

It was silent yet horrifying!

When Elder Bo Yan and the others saw this scene, their faces turned pale.

Chu Liuyue suddenly took a step forward.

She and Rong Xiu were originally standing very close together, and they were even pressed against each other.

She clutched the clothes before Rong Xiu’s chest and pulled them down. Then, she went on her toes, looked up slightly, and kissed his lips.

Soft and cold.

“Rong Xiu.” Her lips moved slightly, and the syllables were slurred in between her teeth. “Remove the seal on the Qing Yun Ranking.”

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