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Chapter 1517: The Last Tribulation

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That figure was thin and long, and the torn and tattered clothes flowed with the wind, wrapping her curvy figure. Numerous strands of hair danced with the wind, looking like a butterfly.

More than half of the sky was covered by the dark clouds in a gloomy manner. Everything below seemed to be wrapped by the gray mesh. One could only faintly see an outline but not its true appearance.

However, she flew upward and met the dazzling sea of lightning.

The light shone on her face and body, and she brightly glowed as if her entire person was shining.

Her clothes were damaged, and there were spots of bloodstains. However, this couldn’t disguise the peerless and distinguished nature in her bones.

That pair of black and jade-like eyes were determined, stubborn, and mighty! From afar, they made everything in the surroundings seem more dazzling!

She held a shield with one hand, while the other hand held the Chi Xiao Sword tightly as if she were the god of war that killed her way out of the bloody ocean!

She journeyed toward the light and rushed down to where the lightning was striking!

“That’s… Shangguan Yue?!”

“She’s actually still alive!”

“No! Shouldn’t the main point be—not only is she alive, but her combat skills even seem much stronger than before!”

After Chu Liuyue’s figure appeared, everyone was taken aback. The crowd partook in heated discussions in shock, confusion, and agitation…

Their emotions were varied, and their reactions were different.

Previously, they clearly saw that Shangguan Yue was beaten by Miao Yao in one move and fell into Million Wine Mountain’s fountain! Afterward, they also personally witnessed the countless lightning bolts gathering and striking the fountain!

Logically speaking, Shangguan Yue wouldn’t have been able to hold on. Why did she suddenly rush out in the blink of an eye?! Besides, with the same strong stance, she returned to the crowd’s gaze again!

“That speed is definitely not something a stage-nine warrior can execute!”

Elder Wan Zheng’s heart beat rapidly as if it was about to jump out of his throat! He knew Chu Liuyue was still alive the whole time, so he was still hoping that she could come out. But upon seeing this scene, he was still deeply shocked.

Originally, he thought that the best situation was for Chu Liuyue to survive forcefully under the attack of such terrifying forces. She might be severely injured, and her cultivation might decrease, but as long as she was alive, everything else didn’t matter.

After all, this was the God Tribulation!

However, Elder Wan Zheng really never expected Chu Liuyue to reappear in such a state!

“She almost broke through to become a peak stage-nine warrior!” Elder Wan Zheng tried hard to control his internal emotions. However, his flushed face and tightly clenched hands showed that his current emotions weren’t as calm as they looked on the surface!

“Peak stage-nine? How is that possible?!” When Elder Bo Yan heard this, his first reaction was disbelief. That girl clearly fell down with severe injuries earlier. Why did she suddenly break through in such a short time? 

As he was still a distance away from Chu Liuyue now, and she had a Yuan instrument that hid her aura, they weren’t too sure if she had broken through at this point.

But that speed… She seemed much faster than before.

“She absorbed the force in the fountain!” Elder Hua Feng glanced below.

The clear fountain water was completely transparent. A layer of frost formed at a shocking speed!

It seemed like the earlier leftover force was occupied by Chu Liuyue.

The corner of Elder Bo Yan’s eyelids twitched, and he took a deep breath in. Calm! You must be calm! The situation hasn’t reached a state where it can’t be salvaged. After all, quite a few lightning bolts struck the fountain, and I think that it can probably last for a long while… The most important thing is to save that girl’s life! 

Hong hong hong! 

Chu Liuyue directly clashed with those lightning bolts! Her figure was instantly covered by the blinding lights!

Almost nobody saw that when the lightning bolts struck, Chu Liuyue put away the black shield and the Chi Xiao Sword in front of her at the same time.

She knew that she summoned the tribulation, so she had to face it! Any other external support was meaningless.

The silver snake-like lightning struck her body as if it were about to shred her skin and muscles apart!

Ferocious force crushed every inch of her body! Her wounds—which had just healed—opened again, but at the same time, the water droplet in her body started spinning slowly.

Force flowed out from within and injected into her limbs.

The two forces seemed to use Chu Liuyue’s body as an arena, and an intense battle was staged!

Chu Liuyue was in so much pain that she felt numb, but the more it was so, the stronger her combative intent!

Blood continuously flowed out from the corner of her mouth, but during this entire process, she absorbed a large portion of force when the lightning bolts swam around her body!

Chu Liuyue’s body was like a bottomless pit. Even she didn’t realize that she was crazily absorbing the surrounding force!

And as this force passed through her and her water droplet, it rapidly turned into her force. Her aura started strengthening at a shocking speed!

Detecting this strange commotion, Miao Yao finally couldn’t sit still. He gazed at the sky in disbelief, almost thinking that he had felt it wrongly.

Under the attack of so many lightning bolts, Shangguan Yue’s aura didn’t weaken and instead strengthened? How exactly did she do it!?

Faint uneasiness surged up Miao Yao’s heart and caused him to be uneasy. But at this moment, when the Heavenly Tribulation was descending, even he couldn’t be overboard and could only wait obediently.

He quickly glanced to the side and realized that Shangguan Jing and the rest were also dazed and shocked. It seems like they don’t know… But if it weren’t for these people helping, how could a mere Shangguan Yue have such confidence and methods? 

One had to know that even under such circumstances, even a supreme Yuan instrument couldn’t help much. That was because the tribulation targeted one’s body itself!

For some reason, the lightning accumulated in the skies gradually depleted and dimmed bit by bit.

The crowd could then see Chu Liuyue’s figure clearly.

She floated in midair, and her clothes floated with the wind. She was the only luminous pearl in the sky!

She was clearly disheveled, but when she stood there with her back straight, she looked as proud as a strong tree!

It was silent.

Everyone had their mouths open and eyes widened. She actually… endured so many lightning bolts?! 

Elder Bo Yan softly muttered, “There’s still the last tribulation. She will only truly succeed after she survives that!”

The crowd unwittingly held their breaths in.

Miao Yao grinded his teeth and snorted. Without the God Realm, she definitely can’t last through this golden tribulation! 

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