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Chapter 1518: God Realm Returns!

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The winds howled, and the cold air was harsh.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand and slowly wiped away the blood from the corner of her mouth—it was bright red.

Actually, the current her was covered in bloodstains. No matter how she wiped, she couldn’t wipe herself clean. However, she didn’t care.

She took a deep breath in. When the bone-etching pain gradually turned numb, she then looked up.

The black clouds oppressed the city. The sky was dark as if someone had spilled ink all over the clouds, and it spread across bit by bit.

It was suffocating. Now, only a bright golden glow was left inside that absorbed all the light.

That bolt of lightning was also her Heavenly Tribulation. Its size and structure were no different from the lightning bolts Chu Liuyue saw that day, but its color was golden and… The aura and suppression were the strongest she had ever seen in her life—not one of the strongest!

Chu Liuyue stared at the golden tribulation and squinted her eyes.

In fact, like the others, she also didn’t know how this tribulation appeared. She only knew that after she fell into the fountain, the weather phenomenon and this tribulation appeared shortly after.

She was covered in wounds back then, and the only thought in her head was to survive! How could she spare the effort to break through, not to mention summoning the tribulation!?

She knew very clearly that only cultivators trying to break through and become a true god would summon this tribulation. She also knew her own capabilities, so how could she cause such a huge trouble for herself? However, this tribulation still appeared!

Then, there was only one possibility.

Chu Liuyue tilted her head.

Noticing her actions, the crowd was dazed.

“What’s that girl looking at?” asked Elder Bo Yan nervously.

Elder Hua Feng followed her line of sight, turned around, and muttered with uncertainty, “I-it seems like… Dong Huang Clock Tower?!”

She is currently facing a life and death situation. Why is she looking at Dong Huang Clock Tower? 

Nobody knew.

Very quickly, Chu Liuyue retracted her vision. The next moment, she suddenly closed her eyes.

Seeing Chu Liuyue do this, quite a few people exchanged glances. Wasn’t she quite courageous earlier, and she has already survived those lightning bolts, right? Now, only the last golden tribulation is left in the skies. Why did she suddenly not move? She can’t be… planning to give up, right?

“In the past ten thousand years of the God Residence Realm, we can count the number of cultivators who have summoned the golden tribulation! This girl’s talent is probably higher than what we thought! However, she’s not even a demigod now, so how is she supposed to get past this stage?”

Even now, Elder Bo Yan still didn’t understand how this tribulation appeared!

Elder Hua Feng’s head ached, and he could only sigh deeply. “Everything is her own doing. It’s up to her if it’s a problem or a blessing!”

Elder Wan Zheng did not speak. He stared at Chu Liuyue for a while, and his gaze was complicated.

Perhaps it was because her face had bloodstains, but he felt that Chu Liuyue seemed increasingly similar to the face in his memory when he gazed at her.

The messy wounds and bloodstains wiped away the last bit of youthfulness on her face, and it added an aura of indescribable harshness and sharpness. And that pair of eyes was even…

Elder Wan Zheng couldn’t help but turn around. Then, he clenched his fists and loosened them as his heart palpitated. Looking over from Chu Liuyue’s angle… At first glance, she is looking at Dong Huang Clock Tower. And looking carefully, she is gazing at the distant Fengmin Mountain! What exactly is she looking at?! 

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes, and her vision turned black. However, her godly consciousness spread across, and she could still clearly ‘see’ the surroundings.

The broken stones, the frozen fountain, the fallen trees… This was Million Wine Mountain.

Further from it were the continuous mountain peaks, which had lush greenery. There was also Dong Huang Clock Tower, which was situated in the spacious Qing Ming Square!

When she ‘saw’ Dong Huang Clock Tower, that sense of familiarity surged into her heart. And this time, it was even stronger than before!

Even if she was in the middle and was such a long distance away… In her consciousness, Dong Huang Clock Tower seemed like it was within reach.

No, I don’t want Dong Huang Clock Tower. Chu Liuyue shook her head slightly. There seems to be something faintly guiding me to continue going forward. 

She ignored all the surrounding noises and stubbornly allowed her consciousness to rush in a certain direction.

Fengmin Mountain. 

Fengmin Mountain! 

At that moment, Chu Liuyue heard a crisp sound in her ears as if something had shattered. The next moment, she suddenly noticed that this sound was coming from her dantian!

The black pyramid broke! Following this sound, the black seal rapidly dissolved!

Rays of brilliant light exuded from within! At that moment, it seemed like a river bank had collapsed, and the water flowed out!

Countless scenes and voices fought to squeeze into Chu Liuyue’s mind! All the blood in her body seemed to course about at this moment!

Her heart jumped intensely again and again, and her temples throbbed as her mind pricked faintly! That was the pain caused by receiving too much information at once!

At this point, the golden tribulation finally landed! At that moment, golden light shone everywhere!

Completely silent across the heavens—it was as if a shocking suppression, coupled with frost, had come from ancient times!

Elder Bo Yan and the others’ expressions changed. “Go back!”

Even we might not be able to endure such suppression! 

Even Miao Yao was taken aback and immediately retreated!

A faint golden light exuded from the skies. Everywhere it passed, the air collapsed.

The few elders and Shangguan Jing—who were originally in midair—were affected! Even if they had retreated at full speed, they still flew backward because of the ripples!

The elders standing guard below were stunned as they hurriedly yelled, “Activate the square’s formation!”

But without waiting for them to take action, the force had overwhelmed the entire area!

The faces of everyone in Qing Ming Square changed! Those who were weaker spat out blood directly!

The countless elders struggled to activate the formation. A silver barrier quickly formed and protected everyone within!

The stronger students also helped to support the formation.

Countless people looked at the sky in shock. We are so far away, yet we are already in such states. Then… What about Shangguan Yue?! That golden tribulation went straight for her! 

When the golden ripple touched Chu Liuyue, she suddenly opened her eyes!

That pair of eyes was black and nonchalant. It was like the night sky that didn’t disappear in a thousand years and didn’t change throughout eternity.

Even if the cold winds attacked her, she still didn’t move!

Her eyes reflected a dazzling golden color. The next moment, Chu Liuyue raised her hand and grabbed the air.

“God Realm… return!” A low command reverberated throughout the grounds like a royal edict!

As if being summoned, the winds spun around Fengmin Mountain! That door on the top floor was suddenly activated!

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