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Chapter 1465: Give Her a Good Spin

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With this situation, the duo set up a new match in a few words.

Nobody stopped them. Some wanted to see if Chu Yue really had the skills to beat a demigod without a supreme Yuan instrument. Others wanted to test Chu Yue’s true combat skills from this.

And there were also people who purely wanted to watch a scene, and they weren’t afraid of the commotion.

Probably only Ling Xiao Academy’s people were a little worried.

“This kid…” Elder Bo Yan originally wanted to stop them, but before he could say anything, those two people had already set it up!

And Chu Yue was the one who brought this up himself. If he objected to it, it seemed like they were guilty.

“Bo Yan, don’t worry. That kid won’t lose so easily,” said Elder Hua Feng softly as he leaned in.

Elder Bo Yan turned around and glanced at Hua Feng. Why is he so sure? There is a huge difference between a stage-nine warrior and a demigod! 

However, Elder Hua Feng chuckled, stroked his chin, and looked at the match. Others don’t know, but I know it clearly. That kid has many trump cards. Even if he doesn’t use the Chi Xiao Sword, he can use other trump cards. It’s a pity that Xiao Liu—who is covered in wounds—still thinks he can salvage the situation. Baili Chun is the same. If he had any rationality left, he wouldn’t agree to the second match. 

Shouldn’t he realize that Chu Yue can’t be compared to an ordinary person the moment he suppressed his cultivation level to that of a stage-eight warrior and still be able to wield the Chi Xiao Sword?

Seeing Elder Hua Feng’s expression of anticipation, Elder Bo Yan found it rather weird but felt more secure as well.

He turned around and planned to see how things would progress.

Jiang Zhiyuan took out a pill and swallowed it.

A gush of warm and gentle force instantly spread to her limbs and bones. This made her feel much better.

Dragging a body filled with injuries, her combat ability would definitely be reduced greatly. However, she wanted to win too badly!

“What did he eat just now? Why do I smell the Delusional Fragrance Pill?” Elder Wan Zheng’s nose twitched, and he knitted his brows slightly.

This pill was very precious, and only supreme medical physicians could make it. Its use was also very special—this pill could cause a cultivator to temporarily forget about their injuries for a short period of time and unleash their greatest force! Sometimes, it could even allow a gravely injured person to showcase capabilities that were above their normal standards!

However, the side effects of this Delusional Fragrance Pill were also very severe! That was because it was equivalent to exhausting the cultivator’s strength and energy. After half an hour, the condition of the person who took the pill would rapidly deteriorate!

If one wasn’t treated in time, it would leave behind irreversible damage. Hence, one would normally only be willing to use such a thing when on the brink of life and death.

This was just a match, yet Jiang Zhiyuan did this. One had to say that she was risking it all.

“That’s indeed the Delusional Fragrance Pill,” said Rong Xiu lightly.

“This is just a match, not life-and-death combat. What exactly is he trying to do?!” Elder Wan Zheng knitted his brows even tighter. My disciple has a good temper, but it doesn’t mean he should be bullied! 

Rong Xiu looked at the match.

Chu Liuyue’s back was straight like a tree. After seeing Jiang Zhiyuan take the Delusional Fragrance Pill, she raised her brows slightly as if she found it weird.

Rong Xiu looked down slightly and hid the smiling intent that flashed across his eyes. Her acting skills are so good. She was clearly waiting for the other party to do so, so why is she still acting shocked? It seems like… she’s determined to handle the other party! 

Chu Liuyue indeed did it on purpose.

It wasn’t like she had nothing to do. Just to prove that she was stronger than the other party, she went for a second round and even willingly gave up on her supreme Yuan instrument to deal blows with the other party empty-handed?

The other party was brainless, but it didn’t mean that she was as well.

She took a step back to make progress. This was simpler than ever.

The other party wanted to beat her too badly. At such times, if there was any bit of hope of winning, the other party would clutch it tightly.

Chu Liuyue thought to herself, Amitabha, I have always been kind, and I hate to see other people suffer. Seeing that the other party is going crazy and only wants to seek death, how can I bear to watch it? I should be kind and help him do it all the way! 

“Go ahead!”

As if hearing the surrounding people talk about the Delusional Fragrance Pill, Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly and looked rather nervous.

Jiang Zhiyuan clenched her fists. Her wounds didn’t hurt anymore, and force continuously surged throughout her body and gathered in her dantian!

This force was rich, and the feeling of improvement in combat skills was one she hadn’t felt in a while!

Even though the Delusional Fragrance Pill had side effects, Jiang Zhiyuan felt certain that she could definitely settle the other party in half an hour! And… she might only need one move!

Jiang Zhiyuan’s confidence was greatly boosted as if she had already imagined the scene of her winning. She was filled with agitation and excitement, almost unable to hide the expression on her face.

She didn’t want to hide it either.

The next moment, she crossed her arms, and force gathered over!

The aura around her was greatly boosted!

In no time, someone gasped in shock from the crowd. “Why is his aura still strengthening? Is he going to break through to become a true god?!”

Right after this was said, light appeared on Jiang Zhiyuan’s brows!

A totem was clearly seen, and the suppression on her body officially broke through to become that of a true god at this moment!

Relying on the Delusional Fragrance Pill’s force, she temporarily elevated her cultivation level!

Quite a few people’s expressions changed, and they couldn’t help but shake their heads when they looked at Chu Liuyue. Even though this behavior is very risky, it is very useful. A true god just needs to use one hand to crush a stage-nine warrior easily, right?! 

The pain of being shredded came from Jiang Zhiyuan’s body—it came from forcefully elevating her cultivation level. However, she didn’t care. As long as she could win, what did this count for?

“Die!” She hurled a punch out simply and directly!

At such times, strong force could crush everything! It was better than any showy moves!

The shadow of the punch was heavy, and it went straight to Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue did not move.

“Why is Chu Yue not moving? Is she stunned?!” Quite a few people secretly knitted their brows.

Even if he can’t beat Xiao Liu, he should at least run! Why is he there in a daze?!

But just as that terrifying force was about to crush and swallow Chu Liuyue, a clear scream reverberated throughout the area!


Red-golden light exploded from Chu Liuyue’s body and glowed! Following this, a gigantic figure appeared in front of Chu Liuyue!

Its entire body was bright golden, and its suppression was shocking!

“Red-gold heavenly phoenix?!”

Everyone was taken aback! Some couldn’t even suppress their urge as they directly stood up! They looked at the ancient legendary fiend that suddenly appeared with their eyes open and mouths agape!


“That’s Chu Yue’s legendary fiend?!” someone suddenly yelled at the top of their lungs hoarsely, and his voice trembled.


Tuan Zi flapped its wings, and the heavy punch shadow suddenly dissipated!

Jiang Zhiyuan was also taken aback. Her entire body turned cold, and deep terror overwhelmed her heart! Red-gold heavenly phoenix… When did this happen?! 

“Tuan Zi.” Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Give this person a good spin.”


Tuan Zi rushed down and clutched Jiang Zhiyuan tightly! Then, it flew up!

Chu Liuyue stroked her chin. Half an hour… It will pass after spinning two rounds. 

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