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Chapter 1464: Fight Again!

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As she was nervous and scared, she yelled this in a hurried and quick manner, even tearing her throat. It seemed like a hurried cry for help—it sounded like someone was strangling her neck.

Quite a few people chuckled and had faces filled with mockery. Just this? He really can’t be presented. It seems like Baili Chun is really old and silly. Besides, Rong Xiu’s previous words have deep meaning. Clearly, the two people with the highest status in the Sky-Cloud Empire have a large difference. It isn’t even an exaggeration to say that they are on completely opposite sides! They just haven’t torn at each other’s throat yet. But perhaps that day won’t be too far off…

Chu Liuyue nodded in satisfaction and glanced at Yao Bin. “Lord Yao, may I know if you’re satisfied with this competition?”

Yao Bin stared at the scene before him with a complicated gaze.

In a short period of time, the situation changed completely. Originally, he thought Chu Yue said that to give an excuse for himself to get out of the situation, and it was even very ridiculous and outrageous.


Piak piak!

His face was slapped. Meeting that pair of dark and glowing eyes, he felt that his face was fiery.

However, he had no choice. Before the results came out, who would believe that Chu Yue would win? But not only did he win, he even won it beautifully!

“You…” Yao Bin clenched his fists and loosened them again. In the end, he could only sigh. “I believe your previous explanation, and I’m willing to uphold my promise. From today onward, I won’t suspect that you have any strange relationship with Black Demon Hole!”

Yao Bin spent quite some time accepting reality, but he did it swiftly and sharply. Then, he took a step forward and cupped his fists toward Chu Liuyue. “Previously, I had many misunderstandings toward you. I’ll apologize to you now.”

Chu Liuyue tilted her head and smiled. “Lord Yao, you’re too kind. I know that you did it to investigate the truth. Coincidentally, I also took this chance to prove my innocence, so it can be considered a good thing. You don’t have to take it to heart.”

Previously, Yao Bin kept forcing her because he was certain that Chu Liuyue had something to do with Black Demon Hole.

Purple Light Prefecture and Black Demon Hole had deep grudges, so it was normal for him to have such a reaction.

The rare thing was that he apologized in public after knowing his mistake. He had completely put down his stance and was rather honest about it.

Chu Liuyue had a good impression of him. If I have to deal with Black Demon Hole in the future, I might be able to have an alliance with them… Of course, this is all in the future. 

This thought just flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind and was quickly suppressed by her.

She raised her head slightly and flicked her wrist!


The longsword was sheathed!

A bright light flashed across, and the Chi Xiao Sword returned to her hands.

Quite a few gazes from the surroundings landed on the Chi Xiao Sword.

Chu Liuyue’s gaze flickered slightly, and she snorted in her heart. I whipped out the Chi Xiao Sword today, and this will definitely bring about some trouble. These people are temporarily controlling themselves now because they are giving the academy face. However, it might not be the case in the future. 

“She’s just relying on the supreme Yuan instrument’s power…” A low voice that was clearly suppressing something sounded.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly and glanced at Jiang Zhiyuan, who had just turned around and was about to leave. She took a step out and blocked the other party’s path. “Hold on.”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart skipped a beat. She looked at Chu Liuyue, and panic flashed across her eyes. “W-what are you doing?”

“I should be asking you that.” Chu Liuyue smiled. “You know the logic of admitting defeat, right? I’m still here. What do you mean by the thing you just said?”

The crowd looked over again.

Jiang Zhiyuan was extremely nervous.

The terrifying experience when they exchanged blows had left too big an impact on her. She almost had no courage to go against Chu Liuyue again, but she was still indignant.

Avoiding Chu Liuyue’s oppressive gaze, Jiang Zhiyuan lowered her head. “I didn’t say anything.”

“It seems like you’re not very satisfied with the results of the competition?”

Facing Chu Liuyue’s interrogation, Jiang Zhiyuan collapsed slightly.

She had lost and was originally in a bad mood. Everyone was praising Chu Yue and defaming her as if they were worlds apart.

However… that isn’t the case! If I had a supreme Yuan instrument as well, how would I lose? Hence, Jiang Zhiyuan hesitated for a moment and still chose to admit it. “I-I was just speaking the truth!”

She gritted her teeth. “If you don’t use that supreme Yuan instrument, it’s unknown who will win or lose between us!”

The surroundings fell silent for a moment. Everyone could hear the teasing and challenge in the tone.

Baili Chun opened his mouth and wanted to stop her. However, an idea popped up in his mind, and he swallowed those words again.

In actual fact, he thought so as well.

He could tell that Chu Yue was stronger than the average cultivator of the same level, but he wasn’t so heaven-defying. The key was still that supreme Yuan instrument!

Chu Liuyue looked at Jiang Zhiyuan calmly and suddenly curled her lips up into a smile. “Since you want it so much… shall we compete again?”

Once she said that, the crowd was stunned!

Jiang Zhiyuan suddenly looked up at her in disbelief. “W-what did you say?”

“If you’re not convinced, then I’ll change to another method and fight until you are!” Chu Liuyue smiled, but her words were sharp, and every blade pierced Jiang Zhiyuan’s heart!

Coincidentally, it was her nonchalant attitude that caused Jiang Zhiyuan’s blood to boil. The other party has a supreme Yuan instrument, so I can’t beat him. But if we exchange blows normally, how could I not win? 

“But if this is so, I won’t restrict my cultivation level any longer,” added Chu Liuyue.

Stage-nine warrior? Jiang Zhiyuan didn’t care!

As if she was afraid that Chu Liuyue would go back on her words, she immediately said, “Okay! That’s a deal!”

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