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Chapter 1423: Give

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Dugu Mobao looked down slightly, and his long and thick lashes cast a faint shadow below his eyes, causing one to be unable to see his emotions.

Diwu Zhangze could not help but sigh. “Since this has already happened, there’s no use if you say anything else. Let’s think of how to handle the remainder of the situation. Big Baby, have you already sealed the news?”

Dugu Mobao nodded. “Within a short period of time, there shouldn’t be any problem.”

“One can never be too careful.” Diwu Zhangze thought carefully for a moment and said rather hesitantly, “For safety precautions, it’s better if you continue staying at the Red Moon Desert. For the God Residence Realm’s side, don’t go back first.”

Dugu Mobao knitted his brows slightly. “Then, Girlie Yue’er—”

“Didn’t you say just now that Rong Xiu is there? With him looking after her, you can relax.”

It was rare for Diwu Zhangze to be so insistent. Normally, Dugu Mobao was the core of their trio, and most decisions were made by him. Occasionally, Lan Xiao would chip in a little.

Diwu Zhangze was the neutral one that papered something over.

But now that Dugu Mobao had taken action in the God Residence Realm, those people would definitely discover it and investigate it. Additionally, Lan Xiao was also severely injured, and he couldn’t fight.

At this point in time, he naturally had to stand up.

Dugu Mobao didn’t say a word.

He naturally knew that this was the best way in the current situation, but… He still couldn’t relax regarding Yue’er Girlie’s side.

“Originally, I wanted you to bring Hongyu to the God Residence Realm. Now, it seems like I have to think of another way.” Diwu Zhangze stroked his beard.

After interacting with her during this period of time, he liked Mu Hongyu very much. Even though this girl wasn’t old, her personality was active and very determined. No matter how much she suffered, she would never say that she was tired.

With her personality, her future would definitely be bright.

“If she goes to Ling Xiao Academy, she can be a good partner with Yue’er Girlie.”

Dugu Mobao paused for a moment. “I’ll send her there.”

The night sky slowly faded away, and a spark of golden appeared in the skies.

Mu Hongyu slowly opened her eyes. Her surrounding frost melted rapidly, and the temperature started to rise again.

The sky slowly turned bright. Everything was the same as before.

She stood up and stretched lazily. The next moment, her figure instantly disappeared from the ground.


On a sand ball in another part of the Red Moon Desert, a black crack appeared in the air.

A thin and tall figure flashed and appeared within—it was Mu Hongyu!

“It seems like I’m not too far from teleporting 50,000 meters…” She smiled. Senior Diwu said that once I broke through and reached the Apotheosis Realm, my abilities would be greatly strengthened. I wonder when that day will come… 

“Hongyu.” A low and familiar voice sounded.

Mu Hongyu was stunned and looked over.

There was nobody in front of her, but the yellow sand started flowing slowly.

“Senior Diwu?” Mu Hongyu was rather confused. Is this another test? 

“Today, I’ll send you to the God Residence Realm’s Ling Xiao Academy. When you’re there, you can directly take the admission test. Yue’er Girlie will be there.”

“Really?” Mu Hongyu was surprised and elated. I have waited too long for this day! 

A ray of light flew over.

Mu Hongyu hurriedly caught it with both hands. She looked at it and then realized it was a palm-sized jade box.

She hesitated for a moment before opening the jade box.

A roll of paper was lying inside quietly.

“This is the map to Ling Xiao Academy. After you go there, just follow the directions on it.”

Mu Hongyu wanted to pick that roll of paper up, but after she approached it, she felt a strong suppression!

“There’s a layer of barrier on it. It will automatically open when you reach the God Residence Realm,” explained Diwu Zhangze.

Mu Hongyu nodded continuously and glanced at it curiously before she carefully put away the box. At this point, she then realized that the yellow sand in front of her had formed a huge Xuan formation!

A thick, cold, and strong aura slowly exuded from within!

Mu Hongyu was stunned.

“Hongyu, go on.”

Mu Hongyu nodded and walked over step by step.

The moment she stepped on the special Xuan formation, she immediately felt that she was wrapped by some force. But luckily, this force seemed to be controlled, so it didn’t affect her greatly.

She walked to the middle, and a spark of light suddenly reflected in her eyes.

She squinted her eyes, looked over, and then realized that there was a tiny purple scale in the middle of the Xuan formation below her feet.

At first glance, it was very ordinary. Only after approaching it could one feel that the purple was very pure. Under the reflection of the sunlight, it revealed a charming brilliance.

This gigantic Xuan formation seemed to be controlled by this scale.

“Oh right, Yue’er Girlie has changed to another identity in Ling Xiao Academy; she’s called Chu Yue. You’ll know when you get there,” reminded Diwu Zhangze.

Mu Hongyu was rather surprised, but she still nodded seriously. “I understand.”


The next moment, purple light suddenly exploded from that scale and wrapped Mu Hongyu!

The Xuan formation had a heavy sense of suppression! Very quickly, the surroundings started to collapse!

The wind howled crazily!

Mu Hongyu’s figure rapidly disappeared!

Ling Xiao Academy.

After those people left, the academy seemed to have regained its usual peace. As if everyone had made an agreement, nobody brought that incident up anymore.

They didn’t even talk much about everything that happened in the Flood-Desert Northern Region.

When Yan Qing reached the academy, he felt that the atmosphere here seemed different from before. He guessed that it should be related to recent events.

After all, such a huge commotion was made, and almost the entire God Residence Realm knew about it.

He didn’t ask further. After stating his intentions to the elder standing guard at the barrier, he looked down and waited at the side.

All the elders basically knew that Yan Qing was Rong Xiu’s confidant, so their attitude was very polite.

In no time, someone reported to let Yan Qing in. The person in charge of bringing him in was a student from the academy, and he was brought directly to Jiuheng Peak.

“According to the rules, outsiders can’t stay in the academy for more than a day. Please—” That student was very courteous toward Yan Qing.

Yan Qing immediately said, “I know all of this. Don’t worry; I’ll leave immediately after I’m done.”

That student heaved a sigh of relief. “Then, I won’t disturb you further. Go ahead—”

It was very hard for people not from Ling Xiao Academy to enter. But with Rong Xiu around, it was smoother for Yan Qing.

After that student left, Yan Qing looked toward Jiuheng Peak in front. Just as he was about to speak, the barrier before him opened slowly.

Yan Qing flew in without hesitation.

After coming in, Yan Qing saw Rong Xiu playing chess in the room.

He immediately kneeled down and greeted, “Greetings, Your Highness!”

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