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Chapter 1411: Purple Scale

The Liang family rushed to the Sky-Cloud Empire at the fastest speed and coincidentally met Jiang Hetian, who was about to leave.

When enemies met, their eyes would turn especially red. Due to Liang Shaokang’s death, Liang Yiye and Liang Xiaoxiao now treated everyone from the entire Fairy Water Mound as their enemies. This naturally included the Jiang family head, Jiang Hetian!

Seeing them come ferociously, Jiang Hetian had mostly understood what happened. This was because before they came, he had already made Jiang Zhiyuan tell him in detail about whatever happened in the Flood-Desert Northern Region.

Jiang Zhiyuan also knew that her father was the most dependable at this time, so she said everything. That included Liang Shaokang’s incident.

“Master Liang.” Jiang Hetian cupped his fists in a very polite manner.

However, the other party didn’t fall for this.

Liang Yiye surveyed his surroundings and realized that only Jiang Hetian was here without Jiang Zhiyuan. His heart sank. “Where’s Jiang Zhiyuan?!”

“You’re asking about my daughter? Oh, she has just followed 36 Respected Elder Ming and Respected Elder Yu Jing into the Sky-Cloud Empire to accompany the clan leader at Wan Zhong Mountain.” Jiang Hetian described it relaxingly. However, his words had another meaning as he revealed an important piece of news—Jiang Zhiyuan now had the Sky-Cloud Empire protecting her!

Liang Yiye and his daughter had a slight change in expression. We quickly rushed over as we were afraid that such a situation would happen. We didn’t expect—

“Hah, that’s really weird. Jiang Zhiyuan has already been expelled from Ling Xiao Academy. Logically speaking, it’s not very possible for the Sky-Cloud Empire to accept her at this time, right? Why… would they let her in?” Liang Xiaoxiao didn’t have such good patience, and she directly spoke coldly.

Jiang Hetian was displeased, but as the other party had a higher status, he could only hold it in and laugh. “Even though Zhiyuan is my—Jiang Zhiyuan’s daughter, she has grown up in the Sky-Cloud Empire since she was young and has a close relationship with the clan leader. The venerables in the Sky-Cloud Empire also treat her as their closest junior. What’s so strange about this incident?”

Liang Xiaoxiao sneered. Even that Jiang Zhiyuan is worthy? The Sky-Cloud Empire’s clan leader is still in seclusion. It is impossible for him to stand up for Jiang Zhiyuan now, not to mention that the current situation isn’t like before. The Sky-Cloud Empire now has a true and legitimate princess consort around! How could Jiang Zhiyuan trample around like before? I really don’t know what kind of tricks that b*tch used…

“Master Liang, if you want to see Zhiyuan, it’s not impossible. You can directly ask the guard to announce your arrival. However… Zhiyuan came all the way here to accompany the clan leader until he is out of seclusion. I’m not sure if she can come out.” Seeing that this matter was settled, Jiang Hetian was much bolder.

“You—” Liang Xiaoxiao was enraged and was about to go forward.

“Xiaoxiao,” Liang Yiye was still calm and boomed after her.

Liang Xiaoxiao then forcefully suppressed the fire in her heart.

“Since she has already entered the Sky-Cloud Empire, we shan’t disturb further.” Liang Yiye was very decisive. The Sky-Cloud Empire won’t be ignorant of the consequences of doing so. Yet, they still did it. There must be a problem! 

“Father—” Liang Xiaoxiao was filled with indignation.

Liang Yiye glanced at her with deep meaning before he turned around to leave.

Liang Xiaoxiao stomped her feet and could only rapidly follow.

Looking at their backs filled with failure, Jiang Hetian’s uneasy heart finally relaxed. No matter what… At least we managed to avoid this rather big problem. With the Sky-Cloud Empire, our Fairy Water Mound… will be fine! 

“Father, why did you stop me just now? I want to ask if the people from the Sky-Cloud Empire are crazy! Why would such a b*tch be worthy of their protection?!” On the way back, Liang Xiaoxiao was still enraged.

In comparison, Liang Yiye was much calmer. “If you know all of this, why do you think the people from the Sky-Cloud Empire don’t know?”

Liang Xiaoxiao was dazed. “You mean—”

“The Jiang father-daughter duo clearly has more trump cards, which caused the Sky-Cloud Empire to give in. But I don’t know… what exactly it is,” Liang Yiye muttered and was very confused. “Xiaoxiao, you were on good terms with her in the past. Do you know?”

Liang Xiaoxiao chuckled. “That person does everything for herself, and she’s very meticulous. If she really has such an amazing trump card, do you think she would let me know about it?”

Liang Yiye knitted his brows tightly. “If that’s the case… it will be hard to cause trouble for her. Who knows when the Sky-Cloud Empire’s clan leader will come out of seclusion? And when he does, what should we do if he protects Jiang Zhiyuan even more?”

Liang Xiaoxiao kept quiet for some time before she said, “That’s strange. At the end of the day, Jiang Zhiyuan is just a subordinate in the Sky-Cloud Empire. How does she have her current status? I heard that the Sky-Cloud Empire’s clan leader doted on her a lot since she was young and specifically brought her to the Sky-Cloud Empire to raise her up. If it weren’t because of this, she definitely wouldn’t be in the spotlight.”

Liang Yiye shook his head. “I’m afraid only they know the secrets behind this mystery.”

“Father, what should we do next then? We can’t just let her off like that, right?!” No matter what, Liang Xiaoxiao wasn’t willing to do this.

Liang Yiye thought for a while. “First, send someone to investigate and see if they can find any evidence. Also… there have been quite a few people checking Chu Yue lately. Do you have any understanding of him?”

“Chu Yue? Doesn’t he have a good relationship with Rong Xiu? As for the rest… I don’t know either.”

Even though Chu Yue was quite famous in the academy during this period of time, his background was still a mystery.

“It seems like Rong Xiu wants to protect him… However, I heard that Chu Yue broke through as a stage-eight warrior to become a stage-nine warrior in the Flood-Desert Northern Region in a mere few days. Then, he was even brought away by a group of mysterious people. You need to know that quite a few aristocratic families have suffered a loss there this time…”

Without obtaining the Heavenly Square Cauldron, how would they be convinced? Perhaps this trouble would land on Chu Yue in the end.

Liang Yiye thought for a long while. “Go back to the academy first and see what exactly is up with that Chu Yue. I’ll go and ask the other aristocratic families and see what they’re planning. Perhaps… I might be able to get some clues about Shaokang from them.”

Even though Liang Xiaoxiao wanted to settle Jiang Zhiyuan immediately, she knew that with the Sky-Cloud Empire around, this wasn’t something that could be done in a day or two. Now, the only thing she could do was to restrategize.


Ling Xiao Academy.

Dong Huang Clock Tower.

Elder Bo Yan sat in the room alone and held a thick booklet in his hands.

Ever since the director left, the academy’s booklet was in his charge.

This booklet recorded the names of every elder and student in the past 10,000 years of Ling Xiao Academy. Of course, there were the directors as well.

He stared at the booklet’s totem for some time before he took a deep breath in and chose to open it.

On the first page were the recorded names of every director.

Elder Bo Yan’s gaze swept past them one by one and finally landed at the top. There was no name there, only a purple scale.

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