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Chapter 1410: Out of Seclusion

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“I met with some trouble,” said Dugu Mobao lightly.

Dugu Mobao spoke lightly, but Rong Xiu knew that it was definitely not a small matter that caused him to do this.

“I’ve already sealed the news and used some methods. Within a short period of time, there should be no problem,” continued Dugu Mobao.

Hearing him say this, Rong Xiu swallowed his remaining words.

“Where’s Yue’er Girlie?” Dugu Mobao paused. “She seems to have already broken through to become a stage-nine warrior, right? It shouldn’t be long before she breaks through and reaches the Apotheosis Realm, right?”

Rong Xiu nodded. “She’s at Fengmin Mountain.”

Dugu Mobao squinted his eyes and didn’t speak for some time. There seemed to be a faint light glowing in his demonic-like purple eyes. “She wanted to go there herself?”

“Yes. You guessed it.”

Dugu Mobao didn’t seem shocked as if he had long expected it. “How much did she recall?”

Speaking of this, he looked up slightly at Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu’s thin lips slightly curled up as he walked over in a seemingly smiling manner. “Um… I don’t know for sure. She was still unconscious for a period of time before. After she woke up, she said she wanted to go to Fengmin Mountain. Other than this, everything seemed normal. As for how much she has recalled and what she has recalled… She refused to reveal it, and I can’t guess either.”

He naturally knew that Chu Liuyue had recalled quite a few things. If not, she wouldn’t directly request to go to Fengmin Mountain and ask for his help in such a confident manner. But… She seemed like she didn’t want to reveal all her cards.

He swiftly did not ask.

Dugu Mobao kept silent for a moment. “Let her be. There will be quite some trouble during this period of time, and she can coincidentally avoid it.”

“That’s what I thought too.” Rong Xiu nodded. “With the academy supporting her, I believe those people can’t cause any trouble, but… Are you sure your situation is fine? If not—”

Dugu Mobao knitted his brows.

The chubby and white face revealed a stern and serious expression, which made it easy for other people to act out of character. But luckily, other than himself, only Rong Xiu was here.

“No need.” Dugu Mobao picked up the teacup from the side. “With this journey to the Flood-Desert Northern Region, Ling Xiao Academy has suffered quite a bit, and there will be trouble afterward. Look after them more.”

“You don’t have to worry about this.” Rong Xiu smiled slightly. “No matter when, the Sky-Cloud Empire and I will stand by Ling Xiao Academy.”

Hearing this, Dugu Mobao felt more relieved. Even though he was always very picky with Rong Xiu, in comparison, Rong Xiu was already the more dependable one out of all these people.

The room fell into temporary silence.

“I need to make a trip back to the Red Moon Desert,” said Dugu Mobao. “There seems to be some problem with Diwu.”

Calculating for a moment, he had already been out on this trip for quite some time. It was time for him to go back to take a look.

Dugu Mobao could almost imagine how Lan Xiao scolded him behind his back.

Originally, he was quite worried, but now that Chu Liuyue had gone to Fengmin Mountain, she probably wouldn’t come out for a while. He could take this chance to make a trip back.

“Be careful with everything.”

Rong Xiu nodded and asked, “When are you going?”

‘Today.” Dugu Mobao had always been a very efficient person.

Rong Xiu paused. “Then, as for Elder Bo Yan’s side… He seems to have detected something.”

Dugu Mobao sipped on his tea and nonchalantly said, “Let him be. You don’t have to care about him.”

Anyway, they won’t be able to find out anything in such a short period of time. 

Hearing Dugu Mobao say that, Rong Xiu didn’t ask further. “Then, be careful with everything.”

Dugu Mobao placed his teacup down and walked forward. When he walked to the middle of the room, he stopped.


A small spark suddenly burned on his clothes! Everywhere the fire passed, the bloodstains disappeared, and the robe became as good as new.

Under the accompaniment of the spark, the scale-like light shone faintly.

In no time, he had already recovered his normal appearance. Then, he raised his hand and drew.

The empty air shook, and a crack appeared in the air!

Dugu Mobao turned around to glance at Rong Xiu. “During this period, I’ll leave Yue’er Girlie to you. You must take good care of her.”

“I am responsible for her and won’t shrink away from my duty. I will do my best.” Rong Xiu smiled. I naturally need to dote on my own princess consort. 

Dugu Mobao grunted coldly and stepped in. His tiny figure disappeared from the room.

The space crack quickly recovered, and the energy ripples in the room were quickly appeased. Everything was still peaceful and quiet as if nothing had happened.

Rong Xiu stood quietly at his spot for a while. Just as he was about to turn around, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He raised his sharp brows slightly and looked at the window. Extremely faint and cold smiling intent seemed to flash across his eyes. “Interesting…”

It seems like those people have gone to the Sky-Cloud Empire and plan on… letting us be scapegoats together?

“Xue Xue,” yelled Rong Xiu suddenly.

Xue Xue—who had automatically disappeared for a long time—finally appeared as it stuck its snow-white head out from behind the screen.

“Make a trip back to the Sky-Cloud Empire first.”

Xue Xue’s gaze, which was originally filled with intense hope, instantly darkened. Go back? What’s so good about going back! My dear Yue’er is here! Even though I can’t see her, I should at least be in the same place as her! If I go back, who knows when I can see her again? 

Rong Xiu glanced at it, and his gaze turned slightly cold. “The clan leader is finally coming out of seclusion… We must show some form of appreciation.”

Shock flashed across Xue Xue’s eyes. Coming out of seclusion? Back then, didn’t—

Meeting Rong Xiu’s gaze, Xue Xue suppressed its inner doubts, sneezed, and obediently went away.

When the fiend’s figure disappeared, the corner of Rong Xiu’s lips then curved up slightly. He could actually come out of seclusion… That’s… even more interesting. 

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