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Chapter 1409: You Took Action?

Didn’t this door disappear? Why did it… appear here? Chu Liuyue was dazed for a long time before she finally accepted this fact. She adjusted her breathing and maintained the expression of everything being normal.

Gradually, the outline of the door and the lines became increasingly clear. Finally, it just appeared before Chu Liuyue’s ‘eyes!’

If only this door could open… Just as this thought flashed across her mind, Chu Liuyue realized that the door really opened!

At this point, she realized her consciousness seemed to be controlled by some force, which formed into a tiny figure.

That tiny figure was exactly the same as her, and it could move according to her wishes. Just as she was thinking of going in, that figure entered the door!

The scene before her ‘eyes’ changed, and something seemed to rapidly brush past in the surroundings! It brought a gust of cold wind with it!

After a while, the surroundings slowly fell silent.

Chu Liuyue opened her eyes. Then, she held her breath in. I really entered this door! 

It was still the same squarish space with messy lines engraved all over. And… the density of the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force seemed exactly the same as before!

The invisible force that tumbled around started gathering in Chu Liuyue’s body at high speed!

On the highest floor in the pagoda.

Within the quiet and empty room, an elder in a blue robe sat cross-legged. His hair was white, and his face had many wrinkles, which were the traces of the years that passed.

His aura was ethereal, and he seemed like a fairy.

The empty air before him floated quietly. The surroundings were so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Suddenly, his brows moved.

“Hm?” A low and hoarse voice came softly from his throat.

The next moment, he opened his eyes—it was a pair of extremely clean and pure gray-colored eyes! Like the purity of a newborn, his eyes also seemed like they had experienced many waves and were deep and filled with tolerance.

If one’s gaze met with this pair of eyes, it seemed like all the secrets in the world would become visible.

At this point, he was looking at a door not far away.

That door seemed to look at him from afar, and the duo was in a stalemate.

Deep thoughts flashed across Elder Meng’s eyes. There seems to be… something wrong with this door? But upon closer inspection, it seems rather normal, and I can’t specify what is wrong. Am I thinking too much? 

Elder Meng calmed his heart. Recently, I have been tortured enough by this thing. Previously, it was rather unstable, and I spent a lot of effort moving it from the first floor to the top floor. I put it in front of me so that I could personally look at it. Nothing can happen again. 

After staring at that door for quite some time and confirming that nothing was strange with it, Elder Meng then closed his eyes again. However, he still felt quite troubled.

“This girl… Does she really not want it anymore? Hmph… If I catch her when she comes back…” He muttered to himself before he meditated again.

Only that door floated quietly.

Chu Liuyue thought for a long while and was uncertain about what kind of state she was in. Am I inside the door, or… has the door entered my body? My body and everything in my surroundings seem so realistic, but I recall that I’ve stayed at the same spot from start to end and didn’t do anything. Additionally, if there really was such a big movement, there is no reason why Elder Meng wouldn’t come out… 

Unable to make heads or tails of it, Chu Liuyue swiftly stopped thinking. Time is precious. I have to take all the chances I have to cultivate! After all, it’s not easy to come here. 

Calming herself down, Chu Liuyue started to focus on cultivation. I’m now a beginner stage-nine warrior, so my cultivation speed is naturally much higher than before. Besides… After coming back from the Flood-Desert Northern Region, I’ve realized that my aura seems to be undergoing obvious changes every day. 

It seems like I’ve absorbed too much force in the tomb in one go. Now, it is slowly being released and is merging into every inch of my bone and veins. Therefore, my abilities are naturally strengthened. Besides, after I broke through to become a stage-nine warrior, there were way more changes.

Chu Liuyue thought for a while and ‘looked’ at her dantian again.

On the water droplet, the nine bright and eye-catching lines were energetic. Although the last line seemed to pale in comparison, it was also very clear.

And that black pyramid was now filled with cracks like a spiderweb—especially in the middle. There was a crack that went down from the tip of the pyramid, almost cutting right through it! Only the last portion of it connected the item together.

At first glance, it seemed extremely frail as if a random touch could totally break it!

After Chu Liuyue woke up, it was already in this state. Faint light seeped through the cracks with a few hints of illusion.

Even Chu Liuyue herself didn’t know when the last part of the seal would be broken, but she could already feel a strong sense of familiarity.

Without a doubt, that was indeed her soul! Inside, there were naturally the memories she had forgotten!

Chu Liuyue suppressed the temptation in her heart and crazily absorbed the surrounding force.

Like river water that rushed down, it harshly passed through the dry riverbed. The dry ground met with spring, and everything was filled with life once again.

Chu Liuyue felt that perhaps the day of her soul returning wouldn’t be too far away!

Jiuheng Peak.

Rong Xiu came back from Fengmin Mountain. The moment he reached the door, his expression changed, and his gaze paused on the tightly locked entrance.

After a moment, he pushed open the door and entered.

Dugu Mobao was waiting in the room. Hearing the sound, he turned around.

His exquisite and extravagant purple robe was stained with blood!

Rong Xiu knitted his brows. “You took action?”

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