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Chapter 1357: Dead End

Hong long long! 

The earth-shattering noise was heard as the rock rapidly fell and smashed against the gully! Then, without waiting for the crowd to breathe, increasingly more rocks fell from the surroundings and fell toward the gully!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless rocks hit against each other!

“No—” Elder Hua Feng widened his eyes. Following that, he watched as the road was sealed completely by the messy rocks gathered there!

And one couldn’t see any gaps behind all these rocks!

Elder Hua Feng panicked and immediately wanted to rush over. But before he could move, more and more rocks started falling toward him!

Helpless, he could only move back again and again!

The crowd behind him wasn’t in a better situation. That was because the same thing was happening on their side.

Someone suddenly gasped. “This gully is about to collapse!”

At the same time, Chu Liuyue—who was behind the door—wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and supported herself to stand up. Perhaps it was because the pure gold armor was protecting her, but she wasn’t severely injured.

Standing here, she could still hear the chaotic sounds outside.

It seems like… the gully is in trouble? Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other tightly. She then turned around and took a look.

The door was shut tightly and didn’t show any signs of it being opened.

After a while, the commotion gradually stopped.

There seemed to be something hanging in her heart. I wonder what’s going on outside… 

After a moment, she walked toward the tombstone again.

At this point, the attack had already disappeared. The surroundings were quiet as if nothing had happened.

Only the cracks on the nameless tombstone reminded her of what had happened here before.

She stood in her spot before again. Suddenly, she was shocked and looked toward the surroundings. The density of the force here seems much higher than before! 

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes to feel it in detail. It Is indeed so! 

She glanced at the tombstone in shock. Could it… Did the force spread out from there? What kind of secret is hidden inside? 

After thinking for a long while, she still decided to continue. With my current skills, it is rather difficult for me to come out from here. I want to see how this situation will develop! 

The drastic movements in the gully finally stopped.

The messy rocks piled up, and dust flew everywhere. The red sand spread across the skies, and one couldn’t see anything.

Everyone was gathered in an empty spot that was forcefully made as they were silent and speechless. Many of their faces had scratches, and they looked very disheveled.

Thinking of the previous scene, some people were still stunned.

Who would’ve thought that the gully would suddenly collapse out of nowhere?! Everything happened too quickly! And the more important thing was that the road to the door was tightly blocked!

If one wanted to open the door, they had to clear the rocks gathered outside first. But how was that possible?! Even if all of them worked together now, it would be impossible to do it!

Elder Hua Feng stared at the front dazedly, and hopelessness gradually filled his heart.

A few wounds had appeared on his face and body as fresh blood kept flowing out. A few spots on his clothes were broken, but at this point, he couldn’t care about himself. In actual fact, his mind was completely blank upon seeing the scene in front. How Is Chu Yue going to come out in this situation?! 

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