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Chapter 1356: Seal

Then, that elder realized that Jiang Zhiyuan’s face seemed paler. He couldn’t help but ask concernedly, “Zhiyuan, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Zhiyuan pulled at her lips. “I-I’m fine… It’s just that my body isn’t very comfortable…”

With her current disheveled look, it was indeed quite hard to feel comfortable.

“Rest at the side first then.” Initially, he couldn’t be bothered to say that either, but who told Jiang Zhiyuan to be Dan Qing’s most favorite disciple?

When the two groups met and Dan Qing saw Jiang Zhiyuan in this state, he wouldn’t feel good. This elder had to give this face to Dan Qing.

“Thank you, Elder.” Jiang Zhiyuan spoke as she lowered her head. Nobody knew that her hands were already tightly clenched in her sleeves. The sharp nails dug into her palm, and blood seeped out, but she didn’t feel it at all. How could it be… Mentor and the rest are actually alive?! And they even contacted the people here! What should I do? If the two groups really meet, then… How should I explain it? 

Great nervousness and horror overwhelmed Jiang Zhiyuan, causing her to suffocate.

Nights in the Flood-Desert Northern Region were very short. The crowd only rested for a while before the sky lit up again.

After some rest, they recovered a slight bit of their physical strength.


Elder Hua Feng stood in front of the door and had two hands behind his back as his weak eyes stared at the door tightly.

“Elder, do you not think that after Chu Yue went in yesterday, the force here became much more stable and gentler? Besides, the dragon roar didn’t sound again.” Shi Rui’er walked to Elder Hua Feng and asked softly.

Elder Hua Feng nodded thoughtfully. “You discovered it?”

If not for this, they wouldn’t be able to wait here stably yesterday. However, this calmness made them even more worried about the situation behind the door.

Such a long time had passed, but no noise was heard.

“We can’t just keep waiting here…” Shi Rui’er muttered. Then, she suddenly thought of something. “Oh right, Elder, does Rong Xiu know that you came over?”

“I don’t think so.” Elder Hua Feng thought for a moment. “Before we came here, Rong Xiu didn’t seem to be in the academy. What’s the matter?”

Shi Rui’er shook her head. She just felt that perhaps Rong Xiu would have a way if he was here. After all… he had an extraordinary relationship with Chu Yue. According to his personality, he should have a way of dealing with this situation. It’s a pity…

“Forget it. Let’s just take this time to rest ourselves. If there are still no noises later…” Elder Hua Feng clenched his teeth.

Chu Liuyue naturally knew nothing about the situation outside. All her energy was focused on cultivation.

After some time, she finally opened her eyes slowly. “Ancestor, do you know what time it is now?”

In a daze, she felt that a long time had passed. In such circumstances, Shangguan Jing would normally always remind her. But this time, she waited for a while and didn’t hear her ancestor’s reply.

“Ancestor? Ancestor?” Chu Liuyue called twice in her heart.

Shangguan Jing’s voice slowly sounded. “About… a month.”

Chu Liuyue was shocked.

On the one hand, it was because of how long it had been. She thought that only a few days had passed, but who knew that it had been a month?!


On the other hand, it was because her ancestor’s voice sounded especially weak. Chu Liuyue had been with Shangguan Jing for so long, but she had never heard such a weak voice from him. It was as if all his force had been exhausted, and he was only hanging onto his last breath.

“Ancestor, what’s wrong?!” asked Chu Liuyue hurriedly.

“Nothing… I’m just tired…” Shangguan Jing seemed to want to perk himself up, but it was to no avail.

In actual fact, he faintly felt tired after entering the gully. But he was just a scarce remaining part of his soul, so he logically shouldn’t feel such a thing.

Together with the various dangers in the gully, he didn’t tell Chu Liuyue about this at all. However, he didn’t expect that this feeling wouldn’t subside over time. Instead, it even became worse. This was especially so after entering this area—all the feelings of drowsiness almost drowned him.

If Chu Liuyue didn’t call him, he would’ve directly slept, and nobody knew what time he would wake up.

“Ancestor, are… you okay?” Chu Liuyue was still worried. Since we met, I have never seen Ancestor in such a state. 

“Could there be something wrong here?” She felt that it wasn’t obvious and that it was similar to the cultivation training areas. But from her ancestor’s reaction, it didn’t seem so.

“Nothing… I’m just tired. Everything else… is fine…” Shangguan Jing’s voice became weaker. “You don’t have to care about me. I’ll be better after I sleep for a while…”

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows tightly. “Then… If you feel any discomfort, you must tell me immediately.”

Shangguan Jing acknowledged it softly.

The surroundings became silent once again.

Chu Liuyue looked at the nameless tombstone before her.


A crisp sound was heard, and a tiny crack appeared at the top of the nameless tombstone.

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat, and she quickly took two steps forward.

In the crack, there was only a deep dark color. Other than that, she couldn’t see anything.

There was no force movement, but Chu Liuyue couldn’t calm down. This tombstone that appeared in the Flood-Desert Northern Region should’ve been here for at least a thousand years. So many years have passed, and this tombstone is doing fine. Why did it suddenly break when I just came for a while. 

Chu Liuyue stretched her hand over and instantly felt a sharp aura crazily exuding out!


Chu Liuyue rapidly set up a barrier before her!


The barrier instantly shattered! Then, the terrifying aura attacked Chu Liuyue and caused her to fly toward the door!

Chu Liuyue’s body glowed with a golden light, and the pure gold armor immediately appeared on command! The next moment, the force harshly struck Chu Liuyue.

Her chest was shocked, and her body instantly flew backward! She fell to the ground harshly and slid a distance.


Her back made a sound at the door!


Chu Liuyue spat out a mouthful of blood!

At the same time, the crowd waiting bitterly outside the door heard this commotion and looked at the entrance in shock! “There are noises inside!”

Elder Hua Feng felt elated and wanted to rush over. As long as there is noise, it can basically prove that Chu Yue is still alive. 

But the moment he took a step out, two strange noises came from the sides.

He stopped in his steps and looked up at the gully in front.

The two mountain walls at the sides started cracking in unison! A mountain rock then fell from above!

Shock flashed across his eyes. “Everyone! Retreat immediately!”

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