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Chapter 1354: Life and Death

Chu Liuyue’s body was instantly dragged in!


The door closed heavily behind!

At the same time, Chu Liuyue was also hurled to the ground by a great force. Her entire body felt like it was about to collapse, and it hurt.

She supported her body to stand up and looked forward.

This was a very spacious cave. There were fist-sized pearls on the red and gray mountain rocks, exuding a faint light that illuminated the surroundings.

A tombstone was erected on the spacious ground.

From a distance away, Chu Liuyue could clearly feel the heavy suppression coming from the tombstone. She held her breath in and surveyed the surroundings.

There was nobody. Other than her, there was nobody here.


The entrance was tightly shut.

Nobody else came in? Chu Liuyue knitted her brows.

She waited for a moment at the spot quietly, wanting to hear the noise from outside. But other than the sound of her heartbeat, there were no other noises.

This heavy door seemed to separate everything from the outside directly.

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment, lifted her legs, and went forward.

She stood about five steps away from that tombstone.

It looked like an ordinary tombstone. It was entirely grayish-white, looking ancient and traditional.

It was about Chu Liuyue’s height, but the surface was empty, and there wasn’t a word on it at all.

Other than this tombstone, there was nothing else here. The back was flat.

Chu Liuyue stared at the tombstone for quite a while but didn’t see anything strange about it.

Just when she was confused, the water droplet in her dantian suddenly moved slowly! The previous ripple came from this surface.

Very quickly, the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force started surging toward her surroundings and quickly entered her body.

The storm outside stopped. Everything calmed down.

The crowd trapped in the red sand was thrown to the ground.

The next moment, Elder Hua Feng was the first to recover his senses. He rested for a while, stood up, and looked around.


Even though some people were injured, their lives were basically not in danger.

After looking around, he immediately noticed something amiss. “Where’s Chu Yue?!”

Upon hearing this, the crowd was stunned.

“Chu Yue? Wasn’t he just here—” The moment the elder spoke, he shockingly discovered that the figure indeed disappeared from his side.

Upon a closer look, everyone was around except for Chu Yue.

“The door opened just now. He seemed to have… been dragged in.” An uncertain and soft voice came from the side.

The red sand spread all over just now and trapped everybody. They couldn’t even ensure their own safety, let alone look at what other people were doing. Thus, not many people personally witnessed what happened earlier.

“What?!” Elder Hua Feng’s heart sank, and he turned around to take a look.

That red door was tightly shut. If it weren’t because he did hear the sound of the door opening and closing earlier, he wouldn’t believe this as well.

“How can this be…”

Everyone has survived this, but only Chu Yue was dragged in! What should we do now? 

“Why must it be him…” Even though Chu Yue still wasn’t his disciple, in Elder Hua Feng’s heart, he had long doted on him like his own disciple. Now that he was in danger and his fate was unknown, he would definitely be very worried.

“He’s the only stage-eight warrior out of all of us. Would he…” At the side, Jiang Zhiyuan—who had just stood up—carefully wiped away the dust and bloodstains on her face and tried to ask softly.

“You’re saying that Chu Yue only ended up like this because his capabilities are too low?” asked Elder Hua Feng with a low voice.

Jiang Zhiyuan could hear the dissatisfaction in his voice, so she immediately shook her head and nervously explained, “Elder, I don’t mean it that way! I was just worried. After all, so many of us are fine, but only Junior Brother Chu Yue… One can’t help but suspect…”

If it isn’t for this reason, what else could it be?! Those who can come here are either very talented or have exceeding capabilities. Only Chu Yue—who is only a stage-eight warrior—actually came along! It’s fine if he came, yet he still directed everyone as if everyone should listen to him. How could he?! 

Now, even the heavens couldn’t watch on and directly locked him in! Who knows what kind of hellish place is behind the door? Whether Chu Yue can come out… It is still unknown! 

Elder Hua Feng sneered in his heart. He knew Jiang Zhiyuan’s thoughts as clear as day. Jiang Zhiyuan has already restrained herself greatly when it comes to this incident, considering that she didn’t laugh out loud at Chu Yue’s misfortune. In her heart, she would love for Chu Yue to be in trouble.

“Even if he’s only a stage-eight warrior, his abilities and capabilities can’t be compared to an average person. Without him, we’d probably still be chased by that group of nine-tailed green crows!”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s expression froze. With this sentence, it was undoubtedly as if Elder Hua Feng had slapped her in public!

“Everyone, let’s rest on the spot,” Elder Hua Feng commanded before he walked toward the entrance alone.

Shi Rui’er immediately followed him with a solemn expression. “Elder, what do you plan on doing now?”

“Think of a way to open the door and bring Chu Yue out.” Elder Hua Feng’s reply was simple and direct.

Shi Rui’er knitted her brows and glanced at the door. I naturally want to do that too, but the key is—how could it be so easy to open that door?! Just by getting close to it, I can already feel the immense suppression from it! 

Without trying, Shi Rui’er could guess that they would have no way of opening the door. But if they didn’t care about it, Chu Yue would stay trapped inside!

Thinking of the previous terrifying storm, Shi Rui’er had lingering fears. I wonder what’s the situation with Chu Yue inside… Judging from the previous commotion, it is probably not easy to deal with. 

“No matter what, we just have to try,” said Elder Hua Feng deeply. Then, he walked to the door.

After a moment, he took a deep breath in and raised both his hands.

Countless rays of light flew out and intertwined rapidly in midair, forming a large silver Xuan formation. As he was just injured, forcefully circulating his force caused him to vomit.

He slowly and determinedly swallowed the blood spreading throughout his mouth as he stared at the door in front closely. I have to break open this door today! 

Right at this moment, a loud holler was heard. “Who’s there?!”

Shi Rui’er was dazed for a moment and turned around to take a look.

A group of people was walking toward here from the gully. It was those Lingyun Mountain people that they had just met.

Shi Rui’er’s heart skipped a beat. Left and came back… They clearly said they wanted to leave previously, so why did they suddenly come back?! 

“So it’s you guys!” The elders recognized the incoming people’s identities and immediately became alert. “Why did you come back?!”

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