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Chapter 1303: Punishment

Every word that Dugu Mobao said caused Chu Liuyue’s heart to beat intensely. In the end, her face was slightly hot, and she seemed embarrassed for once.

Tuan Zi in her hands was clearly cold, but it somehow felt like a hot potato at this moment. If it weren’t because it was her own fiend that she had an agreement with, Chu Liuyue would almost lose control and pass it up, allowing Dugu Mobao to do whatever he wanted with it.

Suddenly, a bright idea popped up in her mind. “So that means you were the one who helped me… when Elder Bo Yan and the rest called me to go over?”

Dugu Mobao snorted. “I had already instructed you previously not to go to Million Wine Mountain. Did you roll it off like water on a duck’s back?”

“Big Baby, I knew you were the best!” However, Chu Liuyue couldn’t hold herself back and rushed up to hug him. “It’s all thanks to you today! If not, I’d be finished!”

Dugu Mobao’s voice sounded from Chu Liuyue’s shoulders with much difficulty. He sounded upset yet extremely dangerous. “If you don’t let go of me, I’ll let you know what it means to be finished.”

Chu Liuyue hurriedly let him go. She examined him closely and realized that Dugu Mobao’s hair was already messed up and looked like a bird’s nest. With his cold and small face that was seething with anger, it was the perfect combination.

Chu Liuyue coughed and carefully stretched out to help him comb and tidy his hair. “Ahem, look, your hair is already messy…”

Dugu Mobao stared at her, and there seemed to be a demonic light glowing in his purple eyes.

Chu Liuyue sensibly retracted her hand and politely explained, “It’s all because I couldn’t hold Tuan Zi back in time and let it run in. After that, I was busy refining the weapon soul, and I forgot about it. When I recalled it later on, Elder Bo Yan and the rest had already sealed the mountain… If this really can’t do, t-then…”

As if she had made a huge decision, Chu Liuyue placed Tuan Zi on the table and pushed it toward Dugu Mobao. She spoke in a tone like she was withholding the pain of sacrificing her love. “You can punish it however you like!”

Tuan Zi—who was still in a drunken sleep—moved uneasily, as if it knew that it was being heartlessly abandoned.

However, Chu Liuyue couldn’t care about it anymore. With her fingers intertwined, she smiled at Dugu Mobao with a pleading look. “Big Baby, don’t be angry…”

Dugu Mobao turned around. Every time I see her in this manner, I will very easily become soft-hearted. This time, I definitely can’t do it! 

After calming down, he said, “There’s something that Bo Yan said was right. If you don’t learn your lesson and continuously cause trouble without fear, you’ll get into big trouble one day.”

Chu Liuyue looked pitiful. “T-then, how do you want to punish me? Play chess with me, or… fight with me?”

When Chu Liuyue said the last few words, the corner of her lips twitched. That really can’t do…

Dugu Mobao coldly said, “For the next few days, other than peacefully cultivating here, you’re not allowed to do anything else. I’ll set up a barrier here. You can leave whenever you solve it.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed. “But the academy is going to the Flood-Desert Northern Region tomorrow!”

Dugu Mobao glanced at her coldly. “I told you that you can’t go. There are many students and elders going from the academy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t go.”

Chu Liuyue then realized that Dugu Mobao was serious. He is really doing it! 

“But…” Chu Liuyue was conflicted. “I’ve already made an agreement with them previously and passed the test. If I give up now…”

It wasn’t because she wanted to search for some treasure or obtain some precious destined item. She was purely worried.

The real Heavenly Square Cauldron was with her, and some mastermind meticulously planned such a huge scheme. If she didn’t go…

But Dugu Mobao’s attitude was very persistent. He whipped his sleeves, and a gigantic silver Xuan formation suddenly appeared in front and quickly filled the entire room!

Chu Liuyue still wanted to convince him. “Big Baby… If you want to punish me, I’ll accept it. However, can you wait until I return? I—”

“I won’t stop you when you solve this Xuan formation.” Then, Dugu Mobao’s figure instantly disappeared from the room.

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

After quietly sitting inside the room for a while, Chu Liuyue finally realized what had happened. She glanced at the unconscious Tuan Zi on the table.

At this point, the amount of water on Tuan Zi’s body had decreased, but one could still see the silver lightning bolts flashing across.

The pair of playful and mesmerizing eyes were tightly shut, without any signs of waking up.

Chu Liuyue rubbed her brows and found it weird. I have known Dugu Mobao for so long. Although he regularly gets angry from my teasing, he won’t truly rage most of the time. Even if he is occasionally strict, he will only behave in that manner when he teaches me cultivation. Yet… his reaction was indeed different today. 

Could it really be because Million Wine Mountain has a grave secret, so he behaved in this manner? But if it really is so, he doesn’t need to intervene at all and could allow Elder Bo Yan and the rest to punish me. Now, Dugu Mobao brought Tuan Zi over and erased all the traces, yet he locked me up here… 

Chu Liuyue thought for a while and put Tuan Zi away. Then, she tried to walk out.

Everything was normal when she walked around the room. Then, she pushed open the door and carefully walked forward.

After walking 20 steps, Chu Liuyue felt an invisible force stopping her.

She stopped in her tracks and turned around to look into the room, vaguely seeing a few rays of lights shining on the ground. That was the strength of the Xuan formation he left behind.

Chu Liuyue tried a few times and realized that she really couldn’t forcefully barge her way through, so she swiftly gave up.

Returning to the room, she closed the door and windows. She started to study the Xuan formation on the ground with much focus.

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