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Chapter 1302: Drunk

“Then, I’ll go back first.” Chu Liuyue respectfully bowed and bade them farewell. She didn’t turn around the entire way back.

Seeing her gradually departing back view, the remaining three elders had varied expressions.

“Bo Yan, it’s not very appropriate for you to do this.” Shang Yulin stroked his chin. “What if this child has some trauma after this?”

Elder Bo Yan coldly grunted. “He’s not that weak.”

“Then, you shouldn’t have concluded this without confirming anything first.” Shang Yulin looked much more serious.

Elder Bo Yan was dazed for a moment and shook his head. “This matter is indeed my fault.”

“Actually, you can’t completely blame Bo Yan for this. Yulin, you don’t know, but the fountain was completely silent previously. Bo Yan and I observed it for very long before deciding to ask Chu Yue about it. Who would’ve thought that when you came, it—” Elder Ouyang knitted his brows and couldn’t figure it out.

“Perhaps Chu Yue had affected it to some extent when he refined the weapon soul? But at least it’s repaired now, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.”

Even though Shang Yulin hadn’t been here in a while, he believed that Ouyang was stating the truth. After much thinking, they cared too much about it and were a little overboard.

Elder Bo Yan stroked his beard and sighed helplessly. “If it isn’t because that kid kept causing trouble previously, I wouldn’t have—”

Shang Yulin was stumped and felt that it made sense. “Anyway, all the problems have been solved. You don’t have to be so nervous anymore. If you’re still worried, you can observe it for a few more days.”

Elder Bo Yan nodded. “Then, we’ll wait until the day we leave for the Flood-Desert Northern Region!”

“You’re going too?” Shang Yulin was rather shocked. “You’re not staying in the academy?”

Elder Bo Yan had always been in charge of the academy when the director wasn’t around. Even if something happened, he would basically send the other elders over.

This time, Elder Bo Yan actually planned on bringing people over personally, which was rather shocking.

“This matter is important, and there are a lot of people going. It’s safer if I go. Besides…” Elder Bo Yan knitted his brows. “I might be able to find the director’s whereabouts if I go this time.”

Chu Liuyue returned to Qing Ming Square again.

Quite a few people looked over curiously and had varied expressions.

Chu Liuyue seemed calm and ignored all of them as she walked straight back to Luo Shishi and the rest. Then, she realized that the trio’s expressions were amiss.

“What’s going on?” asked Chu Liuyue strangely.

Zhuo Sheng sighed heavily. “I didn’t get selected.”

Luo Yanming said, “Me too.”

Chu Liuyue found it very strange. “…What about Shishi?”

Luo Shishi pressed her lips against each other. “I passed, but…”

But facing such a result, she really couldn’t be happy. They originally decided that the four of them would go together, but it definitely wouldn’t work this time.

Chu Liuyue suddenly realized what had happened. It’s no wonder the atmosphere around the trio is so sad. 

“Hey! Actually, it’s fine! Previously, I felt that it might be a bit hard for me. There are so many outstanding students in the academy, so it’s normal not to be selected!” Zhuo Sheng was the first to pick himself up. He looked at Chu Liuyue and broke into a smile. “Chu Yue, you must perform well this time! Make me proud! When you come back, I want to take advantage of your spotlight!”

The regret and disappointment were real, but the results were out. There was no use in being sad and depressed about it.

Even though Zhuo Sheng was very loud normally, he had a good point as well—he was light-hearted! After being sad, he could still eat and drink as usual, and he wouldn’t take it to heart.

Such a person would instead live a more comfortable and honest life.

Luo Yanming sighed in his heart. Actually, he still couldn’t get over it, but there was a more important matter that he had to take care of. “Chu Yue, I’ll need to trouble you to take care of Shishi later on. She rarely goes on distant trips and doesn’t know a lot of things. If she causes trouble for you…”

“Definitely,” interrupted Chu Liuyue with a smile. She said seriously, “Shishi is my friend. Of course, I’ll protect her.”

Luo Yanming then felt more at ease.

“I’ll go with you.” At this point, someone suddenly came from the side.

“Fourth Brother?” Luo Shishi, Luo Yanming, and Zhuo Sheng were all surprised to see Luo Yanlin, especially Luo Shishi. She directly took a few steps forward, grabbed his arm, and asked, “Fourth Brother, are you going too?”

I didn’t hear him talk about it at all previously! 

Luo Yanlin laughed. “I should be the one asking you this. How long has it been since you arrived at the academy, yet you dare to take such a huge risk? I’ve already discussed it with my friends. Shishi, you and Chu Yue can just travel with us then.”

Luo Shishi looked at Chu Liuyue to ask for the latter’s permission.

Luo Yanlin saw it and felt stifled.

“Thank you then, Senior Brother Luo.” Chu Liuyue smiled and cupped her fists.

Luo Yanlin didn’t want to bother with Chu Liuyue anymore, but due to his sister, he could only say, “The academy is planning to leave tomorrow. Go back today and prepare yourselves adequately.”


Chu Liuyue went straight back to Jiuheng Peak.

When she reached her room and locked the windows and door, she held her chest with one hand and exhaled deeply. Luckily! Luckily, It was just a shock! If I showed any signs of a mistake today, I wouldn’t have been able to come back. 

“You still know how to be scared?” Dugu Mobao’s voice suddenly sounded.

Chu Liuyue was taken aback and then realized that Dugu Mobao was already in the room at some point.

He was much stronger than Chu Liuyue, so it was as easy as ABC for him to hide his aura and traces in front of Chu Liuyue.

“Big Baby, you gave me a fright!” Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and comforted her wildly beating heart. Then, she froze in her actions and looked opposite her in half-belief. “You… know about it?”

Dugu Mobao didn’t speak and threw something over.

Chu Liuyue instinctively caught it.


It was soft to touch and was still wet.

Chu Liuyue focused on it, and the corners of her eyes twitched. “T-Tuan Zi?!”

Who else could the palm-sized ball be if it weren’t Tuan Zi?! However, the fiend currently seemed to be asleep as it buried its head in one of its wings, allowing Dugu Mobao to just throw it around casually without showing any signs of waking up.

It was covered in water, and even its feathers were currently stuck close to its body. It seemed… bald.

Of course, there was an even more direct word—ugly.

Other than the bolts of lightning that flashed across Tuan Zi’s body from time to time, which made it look extraordinary. Chu Liuyue didn’t even want to admit that this was her fiend.

“It was submerged in the fountain for too long. It’s drunk,” said Dugu Mobao coldly.

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

“Normal people won’t get drunk when they drink the fountain water, but it’s inevitable for fiends if they drink too much. Not to mention that… it has absorbed so much lightning strength.” Dugu Mobao looked up at Chu Liuyue. “Do you know how much lightning strength—which has accumulated in the fountain for so many years—it has used? If I didn’t pick it up in time, it would’ve hibernated there for a long time.”

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